Black Poetry : HE SAID: This begin funny try win money this morning a brisk warning That I may get lucky but can’


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May 11, 2006

This begin funny try win money this morning a brisk warning
That I may get lucky but can’t let CHUCKY in, I’m not adorning
His role in CHILDPLAY but it is a wild day went to that store
So boss and complete here across the street is ACREDALE SADDLE
I try prevail rattled like a snake paddle canoe on lakes in SEATTLE
My car motor hot I need a soda pop now a Toyota stop I adore
Folks wait for tickets we conversate and kick it too hot to ignore
My motto is hit the lotto if I can one gift I understand and soar
To rich status I itch for apparatus like BENZ drop tops to adore
Have to apply myself and try for wealth so I’m on KEMPSVILLE
AND INDIAN RIVER ROAD try deliver a load of luck and try build
My pride and be chilling with a million, nuts will back up off me
I could grab a cup of coffee and chill, they killing me softly
With hate at a bossy rate, I write clear quotes that hit near
The throat but don’t fear folks no severe choke Holts so fear
Don’t exist but hope do, this cause no defects in speaking
Direct in seeking a chick my mainframe freaking, brain leaking
When in a plane keeping my seat belt fasten this task earn
Buckle up safety, in the car drive without collision and learn
To arrive at decisions like committees in cities and try turn
Things around, it maybe crazy dumb and corrupt but I’ve come
Up with a bold answer to a pole dancer be a romancer from
Another world let your butter swirl booty and breasts a cutie
At best your duty is to caress a boy’s mind and like HOOTIE
AND THE BLOWFISH lonely and “only wanna be with you” boo
Infidels chill, well-skilled with verse but the sex work of an expert
Could change the picture and rearrange fixtures of complex dirt
Now see a chick and I have to be quick a girl with butt just tore
My world up the love facts I prefer must get in contact with her
Can’t put this off her foot steps and kiss so soft tonguing will occur
Toast in my vicinity wanna be in close proximity of her lips in
Case a kiss take place be in reach of cake and lace juice drip then
She’s a daughter in perfume and in order to resume in the store
Need some love talk, have a divine itch at a time which a bore
Is not accepted butter is domination in further conversations
Sex is a mental start and an essential part of life in combinations
Want sex galore and the ENTERPRISE is next door remember
I rent a car and went far hugged up wit a chick last December
She had on a mini-skirt with plenty flirt she had booty and breasts
A cutie with the rest of the world behind her our wheels burned
Some ground I turned on some sound chillaxing and maxing learned
A lot in other words she had mad butter absurd can clutter a nerds
Eyes praise to the phrase “I love you boo” her thighs open the birds
Sing tweet tweet to the world wow this is a sweet girl with a unique
Curl in hair and now she say “oh I’m so hot down there” jest heat
Ok boo we gonna stop somewhere and eat but really need bed sheets
To be complete this would go well to a hotel she can fix men with
A mix blend of love and kisses and grant thugs wishes very swift
Lips red in a wet skirt I wanna spread her network like TV channels
Hope to be able to handle the feedback and proceed facts and candles
For the dark in the car start by kissing her lips not missing the drips
Of honey there it’s funny but aware of juice splashes riding in whips
Shackle in bling enough to tackle a king and boo got her thighs
Open and pies smoking I lies hoping to get some for real realize
It’s not easy although her pies hot and greasy like fried chicken
I’ll take pride in licking her KFC biscuit mission twisted watch ticking
A TIMEX a guy for sex needs a ROLEX a cutie with a kiss whose
Duty is to assist with this I won’t miss her lip aim straight cruise
In my ride hot and in love not above going crazy a thug and hear
Flowing gravy and knowing maybe it’s my time to get some clear
It’s an all night condition and I’m in the right position to get sincere
Love, “ok boo we can go to the bar or whatever but now we in the car
Together I trust you know what we must do the lust is overdue we far
From home we not alone we have each other let me reach for some
butter” “ok you can rub my thighs because I love the vibes we cum
To have a good time and could wine and dine so I got my big thumb
Up, my panties are wet doe and ghetto wanna get to know about sex
’m dumb If I don’t, I think you want some” “aw girl I need your vex
Do-nut I’m about to blow up having twisty dreams and like KRISPY
CRÈME they’re delicious but somewhat suspicious, really you a frisky
Girl body swell and dope and like a telescope my sights are set I bet
You tight and wet sweaty and ready to make a slight bet that you yet
To get a boyfriend” “ok I have a boyfriend but he don’t devastate or
Produce need someone to regulate my juice, panties be wet in the car
The plain fact is my main lack is sex, when at home shook but stable
Book on the table for hours loco for sex photo next to the flowers able
To hear got a buttered bagel sincere the dog bark in the fog and dark
Catalog to order parts, broken love and smoking hugs clog my heart
Body set ablaze a party wet and amaze I get to praise sex like a dart
It sticks in the target and some chicks like it on the carpet not smart
To duck the bed, I’m smart and cute never spark a dispute jest
Brown sugar and some love that black coffee no cream chick the best
Convince my lover that we can’t go against each other, well my breast
Tells a lot I dress well stay hot suggest we stop somewhere quick
I convince with butter can’t go against each other I’m a real chick
A wet female and I best set my sails to float my boat and hope
To escape with dry panties which is hard to do really no antidote
For that, love is an extreme potion a girl use cream and lotion and
A boy can put her machine in motion got a keen notion and plan
I REMEMBER I was in the club and the deal that night it feels like
I need love to proceed in the club wearing a mini-skirt all type
Of boys looking they were cooking up something jest strut butt
And be cool, down there a wet flow and this boy let me know up
Front that I was a very fine girl and my mind swirl to stuck up
Immediately, my cake a winner and beauty make dinner as boys
Feast with their eyes never cease with pies to offer so they enjoys
Some have a jive plan but here a live band plays a tune I’m amazed
And soon to take a seat been stuck up this boys pays ten bucks
Buy me a drink I try think my pie is pink inside he want some but
Hold up wait a minute, in the club never missing a beat twisting
My feet and like a fishing fleet stuff swimming away so kissing
Can trap a girl and boys rap worlds into a girl’s ear, yes I’m queen
With esteem my character excite here in America tonight extreme
Cream prevail as dreams sail through my mind got a glass of true
Wine toast my attract skills as the facts build my acts spill and do
Hollywood up, now a boy tells me my butt and breasts is a cut
Above the rest mind devastated from the scrimmage need some luck
And a sophisticated image so I knew I have boss pies so I crossed
My thighs and he jest tossed lies in my ear but this could really cost
It’s a play of words and some stray verbs that show action and flow
With satisfaction, oh down there the juice spins and that make me go
On loose ends for boys that produce a win because my lips jest glow
So tomorrow you wanna hear a phat tune at noon and that can soon
Lead to other things try get butter wearing bling so really ka-boom
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It’s a play of words and some stray verbs that show action and flow
With satisfaction, oh down there the juice spins and that make me go
On loose ends for boys that produce a win because my lips jest glow
So tomorrow you wanna hear a phat tune at noon and that can soon
Lead to other things try get butter wearing bling so really ka-boom
With love words a guy can trap now this boy try rap I maybe doomed
I toss toys so many LOST BOYZ on streets in them “Jeeps, Lex Coups
Beamers and Benz” a girl’s pride is world wide and it cums in groups
Boys wanna blister the streets like MISTER CHEEK’s “lights, camera
Action” every night it’s stamina and satisfaction not from Alabama
HE SAID “boo my task is bold and like a casserole you got flavor
And behavior, make a major girlfriend sweet like the beep of a pager
Your every muscle is my very hussle, the cake from a dame is great
strain on a fake brain it could take aim on a boy’s heart and make
Him go nuts and blow up, have butter thighs and otherwise that test
My strength and your breasts has convinced me to stay and your dress
Fit well so I git to smell your perfume, got class and sweet and your
Last sleep was a beauty rest you a cutie at best and your booty soar
Like birds in the sky so I have to use words fly just to converse with
You don’t know what on earth to do I thirst for you it’s worth a gift
Or two so my mind drift boo,my eyes feast on your skirt girl you
a piece or work never cease with the flirt rocking jewelry pearls too
find quotes that blind folks recognize your goals are in specialized
roles will wreck pies on scrolls to be written on then protect thighs
with NOXEMA girl you a fox and a dreamer so let me sing lullabys
to you boo, this is true tradition must renew my ambition a wet
date would set me straight because I’ll be able to get cake “bet
you by golly wow” like the STYLISTICS ,we could be rising to fame
like an advertising campaign,recognizing my brain is the mainframe
we could have the hottest fun and it could remain a modest one
jest let me take you home get cake ride on chrome then talk a ton
of jive on the phone you wit me boo? We can be a legit crew boo
panties on the dresser arouse my soul and like a professor’s house-
hold a girl can learn a lot and confirm a spot in my heart as spouse

SHE SAID: I’m phat and all that and a bag of chips and boys flip
Script to try get me strip because I got real wet lips so skip
The love talk look I flirt cake and sometime work late but some dumb
Jerk try snatch my clothes off trying to dispatch love flows soft from
His mind, you wanna eat spinach fast and finish this task and take
Some cake home with you right? You got a phat plan at hand make
Me think here in the club and it’s dear love with a capital L and naked
From there on, aware of your strong hug and your chrome dubs take it
Now I’m a hot girl and you wanna rock my world in bed my stats
prevail like a cat’s tail long and you wear hats to nail fashion at
Clubs it’s just passion for phat love, sweet and brave it’s a heatwave
Like MATHA AND THE VANDELLAS got a plan for them fellas behave
you might get some, romancing to a beat and “dancing in the street
got a true thirst and like NEW BIRTH I want a “wild flower” to creep
in my vase just to keep in my place and I sleep in lace that’s deep
so Mr “dream Merchant” what you gonna do “naw what you wanna
do?” My butter expedient with other ingredients such as kisses gonna
let you know I got a wet flow but may regret if I go to bed stuff may
follow like a baby to burp after some crazy work sexually I can’t stay
oh must start to depart “let jest kiss and say goodbye” MANHATTANS
would love this scene we’ll just hug kiss and dream love is LATIN
and very distinguish in English and our lips bring this to the forefront
your plan is great but like pancakes you need butter so don’t stunt
a boy finds a girl to align his world and buy her all kinds of pearl
for real time to be true grime on my shoe it’s a crime to jest hurl
kisses and not fall in love and it starts with a hug and candy curls
This is the bomb have to duck fragmentation but stuck in my imagination
a weapon against reality, dialect is distinguish learned correct English
but whom I'm gonna speak it to? Now seek a legit crew just to bring this
Society please bring a variety of cheese for my sandwich so I can
do damage to bread then bandage my head then manage to spread my plan
out on the table no doubt able to cut through red tape so look yall I stand
and hold a bowl of cornflakes scold and scorn fakes while street thugs
die over some turf they don't even own yall come on now try some love


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