Black Poetry : HE SAID: these rhymes lift and move minds like barbells and my car tells story, wheels are dubs prof

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    HE SAID:

    these rhymes lift and move minds like barbells and my car tells story, wheels are dubs profile revealed in the club this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH, my groove is strong as I move along got shoes on some wing tips the bling flip on my neck shine steady and continuous ready and tremendous , now see a girl go from one place to another with lace and butter and the taste clutter my mouth, love come here and from here a road to the bed got code in my head must kiss her lips to remember it, her body hot and simmer a bit wanna head home with this redbone yellow skin I'm the right fellow when it comes to that a true stat, ready for cream and a steady stream of sweat on my forehead have to adore the bed for bringing this about, like a dog I ran across roads with plans and a boss code barking loud and saying nothing, believing in CHEVY and breathing heavy in a drop top chassis which is a HIP HOP classic suicide doors and pride galore ride to soar and pick up chicks with quick luck being slick seeing sick love given, her body excited and wet someone dropped a lighted cigarette caused a fire, paused my desire but flaws require attention, oh somehow this is cake must allow my mind to escape my thoughts, jest wild thoughts wow I need to talk with RHIANNA about this , comes to sex can't postpone as growth hormones are released into the bloodstream and love seem to take place crave for cake and lace "SO LOOK BOO you a YELLOW SOUL SISTA with sweaty thighs I'm ready for lemon pies since we here at VIRGINIA BEACH STARBUCK and my car up on dubs that how I get to bar and clubs, girl you above the rim tonight and you not impolite I'm wearing TIMS feel right, softly the coffee is sipped, girl you butter and the world utter your beauty wavy hair this a gravy affair we'll make a crazy pair of lovers and like DANNY GLOVER this could be THE COLOR PURPLE and like brother URKLE a family affair, I'm a fellow with eyes and you got them sweaty yellow thighs they run me nuts, flow loose and exciting produce a writing wow I drew a map with some true rap a crew of crap on paper perhaps strong vapor still linger in the ink there of, the BURGER KING next door thinking sex galore to take out, bling phat and fun so things must be done, so we date but you got great cake I'll take a slice
    NAW PLAYER I'm a redbone keep my head on straight you got a bed jones for my cake, you wanna kiss females with a list of details and this prevails as your goal, thing wet like an ocean and its set in motion by a kiss, you wanna begin with wine and spend some time together oh whatever never say never, this summer is hot now see a hummer and a drop top on FORDHAM DRIVE oh a yellow Soul Sista go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH, yeah you wreck with funk rapping and expect junk to happen like leave STARBUCK you open a jar of luck while I spread my thighs huh? in the backseat enough room for you to puff my perfume while tune to a cd or eight track my cake is exact like a BETTY CROCKER recipe have sex flirt and tower while you exert power on my panties to bring this about, you stand abash after your plan crash say what you wanna hold my hand and smash me in bed? yes inside my thing pink and true but gonna have to think this through, got love, butter and silly above others in ability, thoughts mingle in my head well I guess all we need is a single bed, he bent over to tie shoelaces I got pie see new faces he do embraces my waist and kiss my lips right there in STARBUCK my lace nice and like an ace at dice boys gamble to try handle my pie they need hard fame this is not a card game so put the deck down and check around, got cake and plan shake hands in appreciation stats fact need a pat on the back, shook and unable to read the book on the table it's shut, this kid up to par wanna screw the lid off my jar almost did in the car but I closed my thighs and a rose flies across my nose I grabbed my breasts and sniff and wow my dress got lift out of finesse my mind drift, wow my lips can get kissed brief in disbelief, my yellow butter is absurd and boys utter words I try not listen but after some hot kissing I hear them, oh my love be tender but have a club agenda which is things try be done you just wear bling and have fun, you wanna kiss females and have a list of details to bring up during a date insuring your fate to the bedroom, but boom! some went wrong and you sprint home without a girlfriend oh the world of men get complicated quick and have devastated chicks, sex and my breasts do express and make known that you want my cake at home so take the phone and call somebody else, this affair is exciting will declare in writing the love airs are igniting the flames got you inviting dames to your bedroom, parade in streets not afraid to speak keep my head straight lips red cake a REDBONE at STARBUCK can have bazaar luck with a boy may have to duck to enjoy this, a hype summer and like a plumber you have a pipeline drink all type of wine, you come with wet words that get on my nerves because you come from dumb steamy streets and I'm extremely sweet like honey, love is like bell leave heads ringing and beds springing red lips clinging to pillow cases," OK BOO lets leave STARBUCK I'll crank the car up lets go boo?" "OK but we only gonna talk OK got in the car he jest kissed my lips before I was ready body got sweaty couldn't go anywhere oh he wanted my REDBONE thing, he wanted sex galore and next door stood FIRESTONE folks get tires threw on there desire are strong for highway rubber , here he try stay my lover oh STARBUCK be thrilling with coffee you killing me softly with love words oh a yellow SOUL SISTA go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH his kiss was jest dope and my breast poke panties was so wet he jest got my tongue right there in the car, oh he rap galore and my thighs like a trapdoor they closed unless a rose come by my nose, in the car he begged and hope my thigh like yellow egg yolk wet and sweaty let me get ready kiss caught me by surprise, oh my gosh getting brainwashed, wow I'm hot but not a THOT his plot is to get my wet VIRGINIA BEACH PEACH" "AW BOO you got some sweaty yellow thighs can't believe my eyes he used BLACK HIP HOP to get his point across, no doubt my mind outlined like and essay is the best way to describe this this moment arrived brisk before my eyes my yellow pies in jeopardy