Black Poetry : HE SAID: Stumbling while plumbing try to fit pipe but must git the right chick // Want one with butt

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    HE SAID:

    Stumbling while plumbing try to fit pipe but must git the right chick //
    Want one with butt brown and strut around like a queen and be quick //
    For a date, REMEMBER my part is bold on a platter and the heart and soul //
    Of the matter, this was an invention not to mention her attention was my goal //
    “So look boo I got a Hummer no joke and a number of folks says it’s cold //
    Blooded like BLACK HIPHOP speak facts when I lip lock wit a chick and the poles //
    Show I’m ahead when in bed car got me whiplash and have to come to grips fast //
    My car is fiyah and devastation you may need a higher education just to blast //
    The motor and no boo it’s not a Toyota but has a hot quota and never trash //
    you have hips and class put your lips on the glass I’m buying wine a task //
    While trying to find a mask like ZORRO and tomorrow we can “OH STOP PLAYER //
    You like to fiddle galore with results now it’s a little more difficult you a slayer //
    Of panties and mine are wet it’s time to let the air out of them but not here //
    My dear and of course this is Virginia Beach but I guess your goals not clear //
    You have car the vinyl is absurd but my final words is no date jest go take //
    Some other girl out lets end this boyfriend is waiting that was devastating, wait! //
    She left me high and dry wow wanted some pie no chance, go dance with wolves //



    Went to WALL GREEN a Seven Eleven across Kempsville road //
    no wimps fill the code in Virginia Beach HIPHOP starting to explode //
    many folks deliver Benjamin's by the load out front is Indian River Road //
    SALON ZURI is to my right see ballistic females walking out of ARTISTIC //
    NAILS see dudes in harmony leaving THE ARMORY don’t get it twisted //
    This is the INDIAN RIVER SQUARE I’m here to deliver a pair of ballistic //
    Love words to pull a few chick and must do quick and like CHIC “Le Freak” //
    On the street about to freak out and speak no doubt so shouts out to sweet //
    Girls, HIP HOP from a meaner degree listening to TEEENA MARIE “ooo LA LA” //
    Here ACE CLEANERS my choice, and the Latino Feel brought about the CAMINO //
    REAL Restaurant wanna be in a Plymouth duster with a nice queen left the Casino //
    Eating BRUSTER'S ICE CREAM trying to talk to NIKKI MANAQ using raps hot //
    and the traffic light is a graphic sight because the traffic cams take snapshots //
    Like KODAK it flash if you pass late or turn late a blinding scene folks rap a lot //
    about timing the green-light which seem bright or your rear license plate will //
    become camera bait with stamina and fate to become a ticket not a great thrill //
    When your mailbox prevail hot with a violation having bizarre luck because i just //
    saw a car and a truck get flashed by hidden cams, now see a chick with pie crust //
    and forbidden candy yams so in the course of progress the source is her breasts //
    her dress comes to her thighs oh yum! them pies bet she has had phat stories //
    come to life in mad categories nice in Wall green girls are tall and lean, glories //
    need a legal boo that’s equal to chicks on TV to make me a quick VIP, now here //
    in Wall Green and all I’ve seen are queen go swell this summer with her sincere //
    Cell number an affair could be history with an air of mystery work instructions //
    mini-skirt productions are clothing of love attention totaling to thugs, corruptions //
    Not in the picture, I come to care sincere so I stay somewhere near her it’s clear //
    need her very affection in every direction, shook no doubt, change gears //
    And look about try find it this matter is wrinkle need to scatter and sprinkle some //
    Love like seeds in garden needs to be starting over, raw stuff like sawdust dumb //
    To take it for grant it, need cake on this planet , make it romantic with a kiss //
    Under the moon, her body sweaty these days keep boys in a steady gaze twist //
    Minds wow they wanna kiss online and reminisce sometime her body at risk //
    This all an illusion and a ball of confusion, my brain have become tight and from //
    This height I could fall in love trying to ball in a club right now my lips numb //
    Here at WALGREEN it all seem simple but like a queen in a temple take too much //
    To please her taste but still wanna squeeze her waist maybe a lost love in search //
    Use a carburetor, control my gas and bold past it’s hard to entertain a thought //
    A winner with brain caught into phonics, and my car is blue but we are what we //
    do while at bars or true home turf, own a nerf ball yall play but annoying to me //
    Some pricey butters and like the ISLEY BROTHERS “Don’t Say Goodnight” girl you //
    Styling laces with pies, “Smiling Faces Sometimes” tell lies UNDISPUTED TRUTH //
    Polluted the roof of my brain hard to maintain self control, let this here be proof //
    wanna Hummer, like DONNA SUMMER I can catch “Bad Girls” may have goofed //
    On some doe, now see a girl with lips and hips I wanna grip, her boyfriend //
    Probably tongue her a lot she not a sprung thot now start to enjoy the wind //
    She have on a mini-gown comes to love plenty around he jest kissed her lips //
    In the kitchen she begin itching over the fried fish which was trout, hips //
    Round and brown the downtown route was there and her boyfriend willing //
    To get her tongue quick sprung for a chick I bet they kiss in the bedroom chilling //
    He jest go crazy on it let me snap out of this I must rap to her try building //
    A relationship “LOOK BOO in the bed you fine lips red and divine we can meet //
    The sexual deadline easy, now it’s hot tonight and I try be top flight unique //
    Like TOM CRUISE, boo you have swell hips and I’m well-equipped with elite //
    Loving boo, my car is phat chrome and I be at home shining it with turtle //
    Wax, it’s blinding to scrubs when I’m dining at the club, try to hurdle //
    Them scrubs but need a fertile love feel a girl’s girdle when we hug //
    Excite with phrase write quotes get praise and folks these days just mug //
    Reality, on the computer with a plan boss like LUTHER VANDROSS “ Stop //
    To love” and pop the top on some suds, girl you fine lets HIP HOP //
    And flip the top on some wine, you need a boyfriend
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    Reality, on the computer with a plan boss like LUTHER VANDROSS “ Stop //
    To love” and pop the top on some suds, girl you fine lets HIP HOP //
    And flip the top on some wine, you need a boyfriend this grip not //
    Only your waist lonely at my place so strongly i chase lace and will stop//
    On a dime jest to drop a rhyme, like tight shoes this stuff hurt toes because //
    I alert with flows and the dirt goes away and girl you mini-skirt today pause //
    Cats in their tracks while my stats slap faces and boo you have bra strap laces //
    Got a bold flow and like the hole in toe of a pair of sock this stuff stick out //
    So boo my words soft but I may have swerved off into a ditch like a car no doubt //
    Out of control, staying real and like a playing field I’m saved for the game plus //
    Crave for a dame, so are you gonna be to one to make my day and put pie crust //
    And cake on display? You wanna make further progress with butter and breast //
    That’s jest brown sugar in anybody’s book I went to a party shook my desk //
    Had love letter, I be paddling in canoes and rattling crews that don’t rhyme and //
    Want mine, milk in your breast cause a dairy flirt and like literary work I plan //
    To lead and stand with a creed and prevail on a campaign trail my aim is to nail //
    whackness, folks proud of us gonna leave a cloud of dust in bedrooms phat //
    Bedsprings will break while wearing bling gitting cake so boo let's go on a date? //
    Do a long walk end with strong talk boo you all chocolate and like a small rocket //
    Ready to take off because your cake is sweaty and soft and like DAVY CROCKETT //
    Kill bear but must chill in this affair so boo in HIP HOP you get quick fame with //
    The right nickname despite a sick game, so boo can I take you home and lift //
    Your dress, got a Chevy quick with a heavy stick in the backseat attack sweet //
    Lips with kisses my facts elite never misses the brain act always complete //
    So look boo I came with plain quotes and like USAIN BOLT I run fast had //
    Fun in my past I’m told I git wit you go for the gold


    I’m a Virginia Beach girl and reach worlds of boys when I strut butt, ate //
    A hershey bar to improve my chocolate lips and rocket hips because they take //
    Off when I walk so I have cake and math and boys wanna make a path to it //
    With love words they buys me a rose and still my thighs close but love don’t quit //
    Boys want a little bit, I’m a Virginia Beach girl with wet shores so therefore I get //
    More kisses, so I’m in a mini-skirt blue with plenty work to do, but no regrets //
    Your flow is raw can’t be slow on the draw I could go but naw I’m stuck here //
    Without a particular purpose turning quicker into a circus with lions and tiger //
    Your plan is dope, run like an antelope with spiral horns through the river NIGER //
    Have cake and cream and great esteem your words like a bad symphony mad //
    empty no music i can’t use it, oh so hot down there juice around everywhere //
    Didn’ t know a boy can do all this in WALL GREEN talking soft I was so unaware //
    You have stats rude and i have an attitude so I’m stuck up like trees with leaves //
    It’s all proper don’t call a doctor should buy me a tall whopper to try and ease //
    I think you want some tongue jest to get sprung i bet it’s a threat to put tongue //
    Hung down your throat, in my home vicinity boy’s strong tendency has rung //
    Girls doorbell and scored well got more to tell from the love standpoint among //
    Virginia Beach girls, hormones somehow flame smoking so i allow my door to //
    Remain open could be a dame choking for love one kiss and love tore through //
    A plastic bucket too drastic have to duck it even though your dress up a bit in //
    This mess love is legit and oh yes at the club we can split a beer will admit gin //
    Opens a new frontier and you may have crew here and folks do fear that's been //
    Ghetto before, now let go of more love, look boo I shower then it’s the power //
    of the pen a love letter is about to occur no doubt this stir up thoughts tower //
    With love talk, hood made get good grades in street knowledge I peep garbage //
    And ignore much do a galore search for answers, write a short letter for college //
    Get all sort of clever knowledge, like ships I go ashore my lips glow even more //
    Have cake and be brave, like a great sea wave my thing on Virginia Beach galore //
    I dodge the block like it’s a large rock boys beg a lot, put sweet words in my ear //
    words peak like a bird’s beak, heard freaks that don’t say the right stuff in here //
    You wanna be sliding in lace guess the car is a hiding place be riding at a pace //
    A kiss is all real and like a small meal it has flavor, jazz and behavior with taste //
    Think you wanna pull up my dress and do some corrupt mess think my luck best //
    Describe this one jive kiss can set it off and cause wet soft memories and test //
    My hormones while home, now my lips are very red and boys wanna carry me //
    To bed I’m the hot type but not ripe like a green peach extreme on the beach see //
    Me swim and be above the rim like 2PAC with true art jest to keep my head up //
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    In Virginia beach try write the gospel because it is quite possible //
    I have eyes in the back of my head and see widespread fossils //
    But where’s the charcoal? I got some unique junk they call a dang //
    Heat pump it’s a you can’t stop a TRANE, we freeze in the winter bang! //
    Sneeze during dinner catch a common cold and it’s a phenomenon to //
    Hold dice. Win the cash and then dash and been flashed by chicks, yo boo //