Black Poetry : HE SAID: She's a fine queen her lips shines with a gleam got hips body jest steams there be a wrinkle in the skies but she have a twinkle in her eyes


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID: She's a fine queen
her lips shines with a gleam
got hips body jest steams
there be a wrinkle in the skies
but she have a twinkle in her eyes
“so like the blue glitter of sea
I want you boo to consider me
as your boyfriend, what you say?
Girl you got cake and smart
I will never break your heart
I'm starting my lyrical
with sparkling materials
like a train I move on rails
then groove with females
just to show tall love prevails
Haters come as debaters and not creators
I see alligators with more skill Dorf Vaders
even know this
NAW PLAYER SHE SAID “according to plan
I'm avoiding your hand
up under my dress
thunder best express
this situation, I'm a RED-BONE
could be led wrong
by a boy's rap they like to toy and crap
and zap a girl's eardrum with love talk perhaps
I'm light skin
and that ignite men
emotions causing oceans
in my underwear in potions
“my panties are hot
a lot but I don't drop them jest not
gonna give it up I keep the right stuff
and my body on sight is enough
to run boys loco but its a no go
when It comes to the bed they know
too much, body curves in the groove
and you observe every move
you have the nerves to try prove
your love to me huh? And lube
my tender lips with a kiss
that's splendor I won't miss
now I'm all hot and small drop
of juice in my panties so stop
don't talk sex I rather jest shop
at a Virginia Beach store now
this is Black Hip Hop that somehow
grow strong and go long on microphones
so my dress is down at home
boys call me that's where I roam
chrome whips pass by
I be alone they want fast pie
this is a butter alert
along with other desserts
oh he jest kissed her lips
reminisce grips her waist chips
and dip on the way stop!
That make me hot I'm not
gonna do this in shock
oh he jest got her tongue
looked at breasts so sprung
she was moving her thing around
he was wearing bling being a hound
HE SAID: “girl don't move your thing
like that, dang ring the doorbell ding
dong girl you a queen make me king”
“SHE SAID “my panties are wet doe
but wow lets go
before something else happen

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