Black Poetry : HE SAID: Rap to nations of flaw give them an application of law that's raw // enough to change struc

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    HE SAID:

    Rap to nations of flaw give them an application of law that's raw //
    enough to change structure and bring about a culture that say naw //
    to drugs, but see a girl with sweet pie I have to keep an eye on right //
    here in Virginia Beach she got fine legs and my plan is hot and it's like //
    sitting on the edge of a sandbox I'm ready to play, sweaty everyday and //
    I bet her name is Mary Jane girl got crazy game her gravy is my aim plan //
    to go down town also, must have advice supreme, boo you want some ice //
    cream and your life seem fantastic so give me a chance to live a spice //
    romance with just us two and we must do some kissing and stuff feel me? //
    for luck kept a rabbit foot the help my habit I'm shook from head to knee" //
    I smell perfume and it's time for a hotel room and your body well tune //
    for some licking I'm fast to go up in it please don't wait to the last doomed //
    minute, now I wear bandanas boo and about to go bananas over you //
    the crazy is revealed you not a shady deal maybe my Mercedes do //
    zero to fifty I'm a hero with nifty words so alll my ladies are true //

    NAW PLAYER: I got red lips and be thinking while my ship is sinking into //
    your bed but you may drown when you go down town kinking your menu //
    you wanna be finger licking my tender chicken when it's all said and done //
    my romantic news is a titanic to cruise on, I think you want some bad one //
    kiss and that's all she wrote jest see my boat sail out-of-control and no doubt //
    a bold discovery , I'm dame never wicket but need plane tickets to fly out //
    of town Virginia Beach girls got pie to pass around wish on fish and fry trout //
    it may go further than intended because my butter is blended free //
    of grease like PARKAY not far away from margarine and that's a large scene //
    in the love world and boys wanna hug this girl as kisses swirl, dodge the lean //
    ones doe, don't want to be tucked in bed because that where my luck head //
    after that, boys be up to bat a homerun then try get some my hormones are misled //
    like lost boats when boys toss quotes in my ear I can hear bedsprings, oh well //
    I'm brown down town my breasts renown but i don't mess around you can tell //
    I'm ride or die chick got pride boys want pie quick so they lie be slick I got pie //
    you got bling and now you wanna try your wings in bed huh? and really fly //
    high up up to the sky? so really gonna leave this place before you squeeze my //
    waist and try please my lace and a tease is a waste of time, boys be shook in //
    romance and look for the chance to drop a love line and pop the top and then //
    wine and dine but it all begin with fine love talk, it's so hot and cahoots how //
    boys wanna knock the boots, as boys boast on while I postpone dates and now //
    tapped in Virginia Beach while this boy's rap reach my ear drum and fear come //
    in small packets like sweet-n-low I'm unique and he know that strong like clear rum //