Black Poetry : HE SAID: never bother the scorn, father was born far away I'm in the car today Americanize and fight

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    HE SAID:

    never bother the scorn, father was born far away I'm in the car today Americanize and fight this characterize my writes so recognize the hype used here, on the streets distinguish will speak English I seek to bring this in BLACK HIP HOP so grab a book and have a look my vocab shook folks, let me make this clear SHAKESPEARE was great, so I wear hood bandanas and have good manners and would bananas be enough for lunch with Hawaii punch? so wind on my wings and then the bling make me a fly guy so girls I want pie to fry, ok true no doubt and throughout my speech I pause because I try to teach and pause to reach Santa Claus wanna a MERCEDES BENZ for Christmas, now it's OCTOBER over in KROGERS to buy Folgers to have a cup of joe tomorrow and a corrupt flow bring sorrow, so BLACK HIP HOP is the gravity of the situation, now I'm in VIRGINIA BEACH rapping reach slapping whack cats yall feel me? my plan very soft and like cranberry sauce goes good with turkey so it's finger licking while I'm a singer kicking a verse eat chicken first no doubt today I'm out to play, when I sprinkle vibes it's like the twinkle in eyes it add to smiles and get mad wild, got features and task blooms and like teachers in classrooms got homework and my dome perk like STARBUCK'S COFFEE have knowledge from college sidestep the garbage, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH, got hype and features and like teachers accept flowers and that help empowers the force of learning in stages while turning pages in textbook taking a complex look at society shook in a variety of things, so look I'm in a hocus pocus dimension trying to focus my attention on HIP HOP but my mind flip a lot like them pancakes at IHOP, I try write and highlight the ups and down with cups of brown sugar, this scripture is rap hot and show a picture and snapshot flow fact use my Kodak but no whack words, have scrimmages with foe and the images show smoke in the background so don't joke use gloves to smack them around, now see a chick have to be quick like jack jumped over the candlestick she phat and fine and at no time should she be without a boyfriend, LOOK BOO got plenty bling and stealth and that's different from anything else so in words I'll say that deserve cake today, see a sweet can't retreat so we meet right here in VIRGINIA BEACH, thick lips round slick hips wanna make quick trips down town while she move her thing around this cutie a beauty from the ground up but will need a pound of luck to smash shawty got class oh lawdy, she's from the VIRGINIA BEACH side and with each stride her thing get wetter and better, wanna take part in a race that gonna involve cake and lace, sweaty and ready to compete for a sweet from the street, applied friction jest to get a specified position in your heart boo and start to make love, got them sweaty black thighs so boo I got a drop in the parking lot and when I'm on wheels I get strong deals get a girl with strong sex appeal and boo that's you NAW PLAYER I travel over gravel and you wanna unravel my bra strap so far your rap is on time like a ROLEX WATCH it's quick and don't tick so set the time I'm wet and fine you may get to rhyme in my ear and hope wine appear it can get asinine in here, you carry quotes and like ferry boats they float in water don't have my dress up don't need my breasts sucked best to duck this onslaught can't trust this jive and must strive to better myself, and find the right romance and tight pants are hip hugger can get stripped by muggers if you in the wrong place, like the market and shopping strikes a target, see wimps galore get with chicks quick and attempt to score some pimps tore my skirt but I survived in a t-shirt and now be alert, they see a mini-skirt and plenty work in the making here in VIRGINIA BEACH use BLACK HIP HOP, so boys be seeing butt while being struck by beauty and booty it's their duty to try and get some wow I'm a wet one let thou will be done, this HIP HOP true cultures only a few structures can withstand the weight, bold men are like cold wind, froze in my tracks need to smell a rose to react, oh I blush when a rush of wind blow under my skirt oh that feel good to cool off my thing, have to hurry and go a flurry of snow may come and today some boy tried to kiss my lips I said nope oh he hope to get some, a girl must avoid swirls of dust from love talk, well anyway plenty to say at PROVIDENCE SQUARE convinced the air is fill with love enough to thrill a thug walk across the floor butt soft galore and off shore a storm lurks not out to charm jerks boys utter words because I got butter that's unheard of, some stutter with verbs don't talk clear have to listen close while they kissing most of the time jest be twisting my mind, have to live with a choice true and give voice to HIP HOP oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH have to be on my P's and Q's to even mess with these dudes with hood stats which stood at going no where but the flow is there as love words hit my ear may git to appear on TV, oh gosh my panties are wet this boy car get closer, I remember me and this boy was walking enjoy talking had all sorts of butt I strut he wanted take a short cut said ok he spoke in a worried tone should've hurried home oh he jest kissed my lips behind a tree almost blind me couldn't see straight he wanted pudding and cake he wouldn't take nothing less, three kisses a winner not really a beginner at this gave me a fat kiss and utter through his mouth aw girl want your true butter to my house love words do clutter my ears arouse my body he wanted a HOUSE PARTY like KID AND PLAY and he did say girl I love you didn't know what to do said stop somebody may cum aw girl the one gonna cum is us oh my thing was so wet oh I must escape this then he gave a great kiss my thighs jest flew open my pies a token for him oh gosh I could get a baby like this then he gave me a crazy kiss my gravy so brisk down there, it made no sense to me all this could happen against a tree he convince me that it could" so back to KROGERS in VIRGINIA BEACH a whole lot to shop for a cop car just went by with flashing candles, well I guess it make a boy smart to take part in a love struggle and be in the club puzzled don' t know which chick itch to have her tongue sucked he be sprung and can't duck, so for cake he crave and my thing wet like a great sea wave hard to be brave and say no, from the neighborhood street got flavor good to eat like a Hershey kiss, oh inside our things pink no doubt have a lot to think about doe, in the garage a lot boys camouflage their plot and like a large rock have to dodge the block so at the tiptop bang HIPHOP sprang to my defense wearing flip flop dang feet rinsed oh VIRGINIA BEACH boys rap hard in KROGERS there's poetry and grocery up in here, I attract with beach butter we attack each other with kisses a boy never misses a girl's lips be on target this a strong market here at KROGERS, you want my stuff be humble this not a rough and tumble need to talk to KENDRICK LAMAR boys be in it at the bar loyalty is a royalty oh how wet I be need to be set free from sex you get to text me on the phone and next you come home and try bone in the red zone too much around my touchdown I search around couldn't escape oh have pudding and cake is something oh a black girl go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH oh my peach is so wet right now, parade in silk got grade A milk for sucking but I'm ducking this, you can have a plan deep or a man asleep when it comes to sex sent a dumb text talking about you want a little but don't fiddle with my breast I'm stuck in the middle of what's best and what is not, this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH should've thought of this end up getting caught with kiss I brought a list of things with me, boys be evaluating queens and like a calculating machine this stuff add up because I got mad butt, plus I got hype and spin and like the wind you wanna be blowing under my skirt, knowing I flirt a lot must stay alert on the spot, got pie enough and boys really try stuff they lies up to snuff a girl must listen close they be kissing and boast about it,smart true and clever how I put parts together boys wanna serenade my breasts so I made a dress my hair in braids with finesse you wanna get laid and caressed" "OK boo step into my car, want me to erase all my stats and baseball bats are made of ash, wanna parade and smash your cherries, NAW PLAYER OH NO my hips and lips are very soft and you wanna carry me off in your drop top huh?" these are lyrics and rhyme over a period of time equal BLACK HIP HOP and legal fact from the tip top boys kiss my lips a lot and some go for my tongue and be sprung on phonics that's so ironic, societal characteristics lead to vital statistics if I open my thighs you're gonna kiss it, when I walk the crowd get bigger proud of my figure and boys know this they jest blow me a kiss" "OH YOU SO right boo wanna spend the night wit you girl you chocolate tonight and like a rocket flight I'm ready to take off because your cake is soft and that make you boss like DIANA ROSS A LADY SING THE BLUES, and like TRACIE ROSS you could be my girlfriend and we both can be BLACKISH, girl you r lips so red let's go to red promise won't break your headboard but if you jump in my red Ford ain't no telling what might happen, NAW PLAYER you wanna be licking my thing like them chicken wings your plot boss you gonna need hot sauce so stop across the street and buy some at FOOD LION oh gosh my thing is wet like a river ready to deliver jest shiver you winking your eye mean you thinking pie
    my grammar renown and boys wanna hammer down my metalwork try //
    settle my flirt my heart lost and part of the cost oh my //
    contribute to love talk and above a hawk fly wings to sky //
    no lie you try get some right here in VIRGINIA BEACH HERE at //
    KROGERS RANGE ROVERS in the parking lot shined sparkling a lot phat //
    ring on my finger you wear bling are you a singer? far as society //
    I leave that circus to achieve my purpose you wanna do a variety //
    of tonguing and stuff, I won't sit in your lap and git zap wit love//
    and hugs, probably a thug up in the clubs for real and trap above //
    the rim while I eat SLIM JIMS feel me I reveal a sea of wetness yall //
    oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot here at KROGERS make a phone call //
    and walk tiptoe talk and my lips glow juice in my thing drip doe can fall //
    in love after one kiss my pie crust hot and I must not give it up so easy //
    the wind blow breezy under my skirt it's a thunder alert feeling so cheesy //
    like corn chips born with lips to kiss oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA can get wet and //
    hot in VIRGINIA BEACH "OK BOO I stay true and run across roads with a van //
    carrying a boss load of love in a dump truck and girl you got rump and butt //
    so you got junk in your trump need a date the car awaits us, so are you up //
    for this kiss? in a hardcore way my emotions soar today so "Lay Lady lay" //
    across my soft bed lips a boss red, like cracks in wall,facts fall so hey //
    like leaves I whirl in the wind so I need a girlfriend and my world depend //
    on love boo, a rising friction at the surprising apparition of cowboys in //
    New York City a monstrous phantasm exists muscle spasms with kiss, enjoy //
    winds of change and begin a strange relationship this information rips toys //
    apart got bold fame but like an old game has lost appeal so let me toss your //
    real panties on the rear view mirror being sincere this era kisses forevermore //
    so boo you here wit pies and you appear wise, so let me put my rocket in your //
    chocolate, NAW PLAYER I'm fat and fly and you wanna satisfy my body to a bed //
    party, wet forever we could have a get together and just discuss some unsaid //
    stuff jest being in the bed is enough for me the huff and puff is keener on //
    the back burner, you wanna rub my sweaty black thighs huh? all night long //
    flirtation never hurt a situation but alert to the devastation of a glass //
    of lemonade have to throw shade like Beyoncé, oh my panties are wet a lot //
    oh how they get hot but I'm yet to drop them boys beg but no way not a thot //
    I remember I was wit this boy the facts revealed is that we had a packed meal
    we eaten outdoors awight drinking a stout Coors light we at a picnic the deal //
    is on, this boy wanted to get some we sit in the car hear guitar music playing //
    oh this boy crave for my honey he said look boo "we can save money by paying //
    GEICO OK so we'll git that now these clown pigeon looking down on civilians //
    from a light pole yell "fire at will" I yelled "that's not his name" millions //
    of folks bought GEICO after that oh the lips on my thing was so phat that day //
    a burst of fame is like the first game of foot-ball season it's an appetizer //
    to rap wiser and perhaps a visor on my cap will fit this occasion you have risers //
    on you Harley handle bars, this is BLACK HIP HOP IN VIRGINIA BEACH up to snuff //
    some corrupt stuff and this boy want me in his car backseat real bad so enough //
    playing around no whack rocket going in my black chocolate you wanna huff and puff //
    playing around no whack rocket going in my black chocolate you wanna huff and puff //
    this could get rocky quick and like a slap shot you can score if you rap hot ask //
    PAUL NEWMAN, so I'm up-to-date with luck and cake got strong pride alongside a task //
    which involve beauty and it's your job and duty to try get my wet pie in bed right? //
    I got beach butter, love each other reach to utter love words in my ear I remember playing ping-pong a big KING KONG balloon was tied down the pride of the town in my law saw a blonde get in a red VOLKS WAGON TIGUAN red like the smoke from a dragon at dawn the KING KONG balloon broke the rope just to follow her around town and admire her car JESSICA LANGE would be proud of this KING KONG would give her a loud kiss the thrilla of a GORILLA exists on brisk levels, boys want cake to feast it bring their mind to a state of peace a plain dame from the beach restrained in speech and your aim is to reach my panties, while serving boys bed make a disturbing noise it squeak a lot," say little but my thing stay brittle, he grabs my waist on a phat tease I'm at ease about kissing no doubt missing my lips sometime manage to duck some but his luck come at somewhat of a surprise his drop top in a parking space and now he's here barking at lace jest a puppy hound in an uppity town oh as a black chick she must act quick oh he jest got her tongue in the VIRGINIA BEACH KROGERS black sweaty thighs she couldn't believe her eyes, "this a kid act but you did in fact kiss my lips negotiations on location here at VIRGINIA BEACH KROGERS the SEVEN ELEVEN up on the left and there PHILLIPINO chicks work and they quick with flirts jest blow a boy's mind, I remember a boy tried to get some, he jest kissed her lips over the counter, her body got so hot on the spot, oh he didn't come to play lotto had a hot plot doe he was so sprung oh he got her tongue right there in the VIRGINIA BEACH SEVEN ELEVEN it's a party act we enjoys how her body attract boys his rap devastated as he's captivated by her beauty a cutie with love on the ball wanted a hug yall, her body got so hot all of a sudden a breeze blew said boo let me squeeze you she wanted to say please do but didn't her feelings hidden oh he jest got her tongue right there in the VIRGINIA BEACH SEVEN ELEVEN now this is BLACK HIP HOP this boy chilling from the street she was unwilling to speak the TOWNE BANK across PROVIDENCE ROAD the FAMILY DENTIST in front, she has tender breasts and render less difficult to suck, her skin a Philippine brown a queen crown at the SEVEN ELEVEN she has a soft flirt got off from work, this is a page of domination engaged in conversation wanna take you on my doormat at home we can chat on the phone, wanna give your waist a cute squeeze and shoot the breeze in an absolute tease now you a Philippine queen boo right here in VIRGINIA BEACH her panties smoke and love is a antidote for loneliness she's only bless with body and stuff, "ok boo my car at the store and parked we can go to the bar before dark wanna sniff the rest of your perfume and lift your dress to a tune in the backseat" she has on a seven eleven mini-skirt with plenty flirt flavor and phat behavior and that's major, they went to the car puzzled in mystery struggle in victory tragedy checks out it's agony in doubt she sit in the car a Philippine dame fine but not of same mind, her lips smoke and like a trip on a boat her love float on rivers as he hope to deliver the right words along with tight verbs that show action and flow to her satisfaction his voice keen she make a choice between two things extreme he wore bling oh PHILIPINE GIRLS go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH her body is a gift and shook if this was a book it'll be a page of strife in this stage of her life she has sweaty PHILLIPINE THIGHS and cream pies and a boy dream flies off into the sunset she so much fun and wet, a survey exists he wanna play and kiss plus say this boo I love you he jest rubbed her thighs really want some, "OH LET me snap out of this OK I'm a BLACK SOUL SISTA at the VIRGINIA BEACH KROGER and this boy wanna kiss and enjoy my lips
    "OH LET me snap out of this OK I'm a BLACK SOUL SISTA at the VIRGINIA BEACH KROGER and this boy wanna kiss and enjoy my lips and this fly story occupy territory in my brain oh glory don't blame the system this stuff flame with wisdom boys have to have game and wisdom to rap quick and trap a chick and perhaps lick her body with tongue and party some while doing it and baby booing a bit, in the car romance is far advanced at the bar this enhance a boy's chance, this is a great test because I have cake and breasts boys rap and make progress with words it'll take the best verbs along with absurd ability heard at a facility that house a microphone I be aroused when home alone, don't trip you want your lips to touch mine boys got strange pride in bed and the change is widespread like a new style I do smile at that while your stats pull chicks huh? concerned no doubt this could turn out to be an affair with enough room to spare and your perfume is airborne boo smell good you could excel in HOLLYWOOD your panties become sticky quickly nothing tricky about this, hey a note is a short letter I got all sorts of clever words to fill your ear they will appear as love talk so look a hike is a long walk hear all types of wrong talk look smash mean crush cats that talk trash should hush boo you got class make my blood rush I'm in love don't blush, now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH KROGERS and boo you got black sweaty thighs and butt galore lets go to the car and shut the door," "OK but we only gonna wanna talk" like Doctor DREA it's proper to say I'm wearing Cally bling made the valley ring when I shouted like TARZAN calling a caravan of elephants really want a wet dame like Jane, don't trust December and again we must remember SANTA CLAUS and RUDOLPH but on the other hand you have butter I plan to git if your thing hot then fan it, so if I have a nice touch I can get twice as much love from you boo," oh she looked down her dress was up her thighs, she may get her breasts sucked time flies this boy having the best of luck tries to get some, "OK WE in the car you got game goal so far unexplained wanna slide between my thighs into the cream pies and jest go crazy on my gravy while I scream and cream and I hear music it appear you use it to get a girl's thing hot
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    my brain perk in the club because there's a frame work of love standing
    before me a fine chick with a mind that click is have to play slick in demanding
    a kiss at least, now this is HIPHOP CULTURE I'm at the tiptop of the structure
    chilling in a building and this thrilling folks because I'm spilling quote my sculpture
    should stand as a reminder, right here in VIRGINIA BEACH, look came from a perfect
    nation but need a frame of interpretation so folks bow down and make this worth it
    so i can enclose the glamour of grammar and hammer it into textbooks so folks can
    take a complex look on how we do stuff OK? so I'm in the garage fast with words demand
    a large class of verbs that show action and flow to satisfaction "SO the candy man
    can" like SAMMY DAVIS JUNIOR, look i mingle with unique scripture forming a single
    complete picture for a series of movies, these rhymes are in loco flames so jingle
    bell got photos in frames got snapshots and rap hot and use a map a lot to untangle
    my location, so I see Korean girl with red lips equip with love and my head trips
    thinking about stuff, she's bless and equip with breasts and hips and her dress grips
    her body like she was melted and poured into it, strut coast to coast with the utmost
    beauty, my pride is sweet even on the side of the street "BOO you fine but don't boast