Black Poetry : HE SAID: my mad duty is to add beauty to rap but a cutie zap // my eyes right here in Virginia Beac

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    HE SAID:
    my mad duty is to add beauty to rap but a cutie zap //
    my eyes right here in Virginia Beach and now trapped //
    this girl's butt convinced me to an intense degree //
    she shake booty want the cake of this cutie she //
    really got me, having a mad rush and will be glad //
    to crush that so plush and phat need her at my pad //
    but first things first and my thirst the worse so let //
    me check the place before i wreck some lace may get //
    stopped but this girl is wet a lot should let me hop on //
    her bandwagon I'm fan of dragon love she can't shop alone //
    here at FOOD LION and that just my two cent out front //
    is FERRELL'S PARKWAY have to rap to this chick and stunt //
    asap or quick my cap is the trick because it's turned backward //
    so I'm a cool dude in a school mood but must elude scrubs //
    in order to have an attitude of love and my car move on dubs //
    sex is a wet act a redbone can't accept setbacks plan can get jacked //
    during a love talk conversation have to walk with domination and fact //
    now see a redbone with cake can't keep my head on straight i bet her //
    boyfriend get to toy and spin her panties around his finger jest wetter //
    display cream in my day dream thought corrupt, and caught up she jest //
    sit on the bed lips are legit and read boyfriend wanna hit the bread //
    and make it bake like PANERA tonight not an error in sight, her body fed //
    super thoughts to his head and the computer caught it all in red as the bed
    awaits her panties so hot and soft the thought they were gonna drop off
    on farm doomed in a warm room they both could dose off a rose is boss
    in a situation like this, sit on the bed yellow thighs open, she please with flirts
    and these shirts i wear are sweaty her boyfriend very smooth and muscles alert
    like TERRY CREWS he flow at a party but no body likes CHRIS THAT HURTS

    SO LOOK BOO: who likes to party we do so boo be true you mellow yellow and //
    I'm the dude in the mood to get some for real no dumb deal we kiss and plan //
    aw girl you got cake and pride lets take a ride don't make me hide //
    got so much love to give let you search my crib take it in stride //
    you in a mini-skirt and there's plenty work to do girl want your body //
    on top of my body that'll be a hot party, so bring the confetti lotty dotty //
    your thing is ready my bling is sweaty around my neck girl gettin ready //
    to go down town and wreck your panties, with tongue sprung I'm FREDDIE //
    JACKSON and "You are my Lady" we be in the car like crazy all hugged //
    up sitting close and me gitting toast a kiss is fitting most of the time rub //
    your sweaty yellow thighs all the fellows and guys wanna do this and love //
    you a wishing treat and like a fishing fleet floats with boats and a net after //
    a mermaid that's wet but sometimes meet a giant wave and that's a disaster //
    for me I like swimming in bed linen spinning in the head using Mennen //
    cologne so give me a kiss i can' t live with this my hormones are never ending //
    sending sex messages to brain about a redbone dame wet dreams are soul mending //
    you have yellow cake to no end you wanna take a spin around town boo? I've begun //
    to have fun with you, boo jest need some tongue to proceed sprung and be on the one //"
    "you may have URKLE BRAIN and that's just PURPLE RAIN let me circle your flame //
    with a ring of fire there are things you desire like my body and stuff then the love came //
    WELL I DON'T know about that, let a boy have some tongue and he wanted some after that //
    had to pushy him away oh my thing was gushy to say the least I was surprised the phat //
    happening that rapping can bring about boys come over to my house to find out stuff //
    life for a shorty is rough boys be naughty wanna huff and puff but not up to snuff //
    they salute me at BONESHAKERS and talk about THE LAST POETS they blast //
    lines but i know it leads to the bed so they feed my head love lines I have to trash //
    their words and be aware of nerds can get trapped in bed i took a nap and read about //
    things boys may say to chicks they stay quick with the love talk so my ears open //
    and I'm right here thing smoking, I fear choking a boy with my tongue a redbone //
    is just like that I REMEMBER I was at another FOODLION and i had my head on //
    straight and boys be on the break on dawn for cake girl must be awake slick words //
    can bring some quick birds around your nest and they all down for some breasts heard //
    about hot a redbone can get, so MY HIP HOPPING SMART while pushing a shopping //
    Cart, a boy stand with attitude I was checking the can food now a janitor start mopping //
    the floor so clean this boy can't ignore my cream, I mean his bling was kicking and the juice //
    in my thing thicken but I'm not a spring chicken if his rap sickening I'm gone no excuse //
    for boring love talk, your lines flame and you play a fine game of cat and mouse try produce //
    milk like MARVA so like DEBRA LAWS forever no flaws I'm "very special" got class //
    tonight and like PARLIAMENT have to use a "Flashlight" to find my ear ring folks pass //
    and don't look down and there could be a crook around but I found it lyin on the floor //
    but anyway got a plenty to say while in FOOD LION redbones you adore galore //
    so this boy walks up I'm nervous in hopes it go well and like service at a hotel //
    no sooner said than done he looks at my red lips as fun a redbone know swell //
    stuff, HE SAID "girl you from the hood and fine would you mind if I hold your //
    hand?" I have a hot flow to go and I not a no show but a lot to know really adore //
    you boo sweet and fly like the first week in July wanna keep an eye on you right //
    here in FOOD LION, you in Virginia Beach with breasts and I'm speechless tight //
    skirt plus the right flirt want hot cake fast but not a snake in the grass i write //
    love letters, your panties leaky and wet make sneaky bet that we go on a date //
    my love game shook and deft and like books on a shelf my pages turn I hate //
    to wait for cake so boo bake me a slice and make my dice roll you been my honey //
    lets win some money, down there it's about water and your thing not out of order //
    you can throw your panties in the air and repair this affair, girl i want even broader
    kisses from your lips, girl you phat and fine at this time keep your sweet stats online //
    while I wear hats designed by STETSON so boo lets get together I got a strong mind //"
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    wow at FOOD LION it's butter and wine at another time my feelings //
    no doubt mixed and must get out of this fix I'm about to twix someone use to dealing //
    with this because my red lips could get kissed and a wet mist would be on them after //
    that, my cake is phat so take off your hat to that as my doormat is used love letters plaster //
    my mailbox, oh so many boys have spoke jive jest to keep hope alive and my breasts poke //
    as I strive to shake it off while my cake is lefit and soft wow ready to runaway no joke //
    amuse with cake but refuse to date I get wet and hot a lot being a REDBONE but I manage to stay //
    up, I got breasts as a girl but you want the best of both worlds this could damage my day //
    a cutie with a menu that perk as my beauty continue to work, boys talk sweet wanna smack //
    hit it while wearing a cheap jacket should keep that racket behind closed doors, they wanna //
    check dames and be like direct trains run down tracks but no fun clown acts if you gonna //
    date me, us redbones are particular and boys wanna take us home quicker so they talk //
    slicker, my ear listen as I fear kissing boys rap absurd and trap with words I jest "walk //
    on by" like SYBIL, I'm wet and fresh you get to test my patience I'm hot down there //
    not aware of what could happen after the good rapping, thing be so hot don't even care //
    since I'm a redbone you think I have true cream like the SUPREMES it's "Stoned Love" //
    you try be right like THE CHI-LITES TALKING ABOUT "Oh Girl" lets jest club //
    a little, I stand as a dame and have to fan the flames my panties on fire a boy's love //
    and strong desire make one wanna suck my tongue have to duck some wanna rub //
    my mellow thighs lot of fellows tries for my yellow pies so good-byes to the hugs //
    I got mad stuff bad enough to trap a boy, images in clubs lead to scrimmages in love //
    but the good news is they could be used to explain affairs a boy's aim is to repair //
    his hormones quick whiles he's home alone with chicks, can't throw my panties in the air //
    chancy romances lead to fancy chances as rap enhances lap dances and perhaps glances could //
    be love first sight and the worse night he jest grabbed my waist and kissed my lips so good //
    his Ebonics perfect like an electronic circuit so ironic not worth it doe oh no I must leave //
    my plot narrows think CUPID shot an arrow can't afford to fall in love my waist seized //
    boy wanna take me to the vegetable section and make an incredible selection and get //
    the fruit of this cute REDBONE, in the hot zone and so not alone a real sex threat //
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