Black Poetry : HE SAID Mind has become large it’ll be dumb to dodge reality, hands // In the air I dap at school

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    Mind has become large it’ll be dumb to dodge reality, hands //
    In the air I dap at school and rap is a tool to adjust many plans //
    Arouse by fuss and like house dust this causes allergies man // ...
    Got facts and identity ready to attack the enemy and stand //
    Tall like light poles and write bold, adorn rooms with flowers //
    And scorn goons with rhyme powers and this stuff towers //
    Like Mt Zion can hear countless lions roar then many cowers //
    King of the jungle got bling in bundles, raising to a higher //
    Position above the fiyah and friction tired of them fake liars //
    Ready to advance in profession, chance to have sessions //
    On how to improve and now ready to smooth out the aggression //
    Located in the brain which has donated pain to common sense //
    Pain do damage and I must gain an advantage romance is dense //
    Must advance against like Kelly Rowland need the motivation //
    Gonna lend my knowledge to everyone in college my quotations //
    Are good for your tablets got a hardcore habit of writing scripts //
    Trips to the textbooks gives me complex looks and this strips //
    Loyalty to stupidity and leave royalty in a true city and flips //
    The pages for a new day and my crew say this is good, certain //
    Characteristics are hurting the statistics and leave many flirting //
    And lost in society I’ve tossed a variety of rhymes online the curtains //
    Are closed now like an ending play act now I’m not Shakespeare //
    But fakes fear my comprehension so pay sincere attention up in here //
    This bestow a quality on rap and the flow policy overlaps with clear //