Black Poetry : HE SAID: look boo we can play around or simply lay down girl it's a wild day in the world a child at play may use a stick as an airplane wit a chick i


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID: look boo we can play around
or simply lay down
girl it's a wild day
in the world a child at play
may use a stick as an airplane
wit a chick in an affair that's lame
a smile play about her lips
think awhile no doubt she got hips
“NAW PLAYER she get static when she flirt
because her hips do dramatic work
a yellow Soul Sista from day one
he's a bold kisser of her lips play,have fun
try write it cold and clever
all the words highlighted in bold
letters, go to SAM'S buy crazy ribs
comeback and rock the baby crib
cook-out a tradition that amuse
put a barb-be-Q grill in position to use
a charcoal fire could crush
first have to use this wire brush
oh she's so hot down there
juice around everywhere
walk to town and flirt
talk to boys jest groundwork
been laid for sex astound with twerk
a yellow Soul Sista stay in the game
and lay the blame
on the wine which is boonesfarm
like JAMIE FOXX and T-PAIN charm
some chicks
and her rhymes a energetic dispatched
and like a athletic match
boys try score
and get pie galore
remember she lie on the floor
and a boy try get some before
he put it in she ran to the door
unlocked it
he wanted her yellow chocolate
try be cool
oh her high school
panties was so hot
oh he almost got him some
oh a red-bone go through a ton
here in VIRGINIA BEACH oh one
day she was in school
she hadn't been fool
by the love talk being stuffed
in her ear she do enough clear
thinking and figure it out sincere
HE SAID: crave for a girl
while trying to save the world
she has brave curls
in her hair and pearls
around her neck perfume
play to the tune
a player thirst
is like a layer of earth
it need water and a burst
of luck, his attitude drop
need food and crop
to grow muscles
and flow with hustles
like strategy of TERRENCE HOWARD
got energy battery powered
NAW PLAYER: she was wit this
boy at AUTO ZONE wind so crisp
ready to think make a bold choice
wow wanna pink rolls Royce
its shock in the street
and like a flock of sheep
ready to pull some wool and keep
the shirt on her back
and be alert of the whack
he's proud she got true pie
clouds float across a blue sky
while knocking the boots
like H TOWN rocking the cute
she got hot lace
but this not the place
for her AUTO ZONE nice
but home life is better OLD SPICE
cologne is smelt on boys
societal goal
play a vital role
car exhaust powering the sound
as car parts towering around
car dash has digital styles
headlights visible for miles
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