Black Poetry : HE SAID: In an affair see white walls standing bright and tall and they // Shock my crew and block

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    HE SAID:
    In an affair see white walls standing bright and tall and they //
    Shock my crew and block our view its a game of victory hey //
    Points are scored as this anoint the core of hearts so OK //
    In order to hang around fools one need ground rules words //
    May disturb the laws of Christianity and lead to brisk insanity nerds //
    Step into loads of episodes all wordy trends on dirty weekends //
    My height average but tonight I’m savage from bottom to top //
    With a rotten crop of haters that wanna be creators but hey stop //
    VIRGINIA BEACH is a local town with a vocal sound a choice of policy
    With voice quality my brain is fast and like stained glass folks can’t //
    See through my thoughts sip brew and fought idiots they don’t paint //
    Picture with words my scripture is unheard of this stuff make kings faint //
    Have all type of fun and like the sun I rise and set go behind clouds and //
    Shine loud now this is BLACK HIP HOP grab an ax and rip shop no plan //
    Like boats these type quotes float on lakes and drown clown dang they ran //
    A drastic call for a theme I need a basketball team so i can slam-dunk punks //
    And do look aways, shook these days dribble these little cats that talk junk //
    Now see a chick and have to be quick no doubt affection without direction //
    My mind adrift this girl’s body is fine i sniff perfume this is a reflection //
    Of my hormones sincere butt is tradition and clear cut ambition to //
    Special aptitude I rap and elude rejection, I’m hot within and the blue //
    Top on my ink pen melt a lot the heat is sweet when I write love letters //
    “LOOK BOO you true and fine as thoughts ran through my mind its better //
    If we jest date I love breasts and cake with intellectual capabilities I’m able //
    To duck sillies, get clever with time and never mind the opinion polls stable //
    My emotions but boo consider what happen through bitter rapping a hard //
    Hitter trapping with words, you a dame that tower with brain power, retards //
    Run away we can have fun today I’ll be stun to lay with you boo so girl your //
    Lips glow red and that deliver a blow to my head wanna go to bed and soar //
    With kisses strangle and entangle in your love ropes, you got butter from //
    The true south utter words and butter verbs through your mouth that come //
    From your heart you give me some I’ll never depart this is all vapor and like //
    Wallpaper you have to glue it up and girl you have a true butt keep me hype //
    So boo my part is witty right in the heart of the city which is Virginia Beach” //
    The facts are romantic and HIP HOP is black and Hispanic girl you’re a peach //
    “NAW PLAYER I splash on perfume be fly and kaboom a boy lie and try reach
    And get some his flow be nice but no dice i jest give some advice and walk //
    Away some wanna talk all day and my thing be wet they look at my brown //
    Sweaty thighs and be ready for pies, like Betty Boo my body fries so renown //
    from a large town and know how to dodge clowns they wanna do foreplay //
    come to my doorway sudden and quick to unbutton this chick dress and say //
    They love me my ear listen during the sincere kissing never missing my lips //
    Boys lust for me and i must see my way through this one true kiss could flip //
    My pancakes and a plan takes time you can ask IHOP, cake on a plate could //
    Be great for a boy, I strut softly they dream order a cup of coffee should //
    Add cream, mad steam swarms the cup so the hots continue even though //
    Not on the menu, boys too fast and wanna splash my juice and then go //
    Crazy on it, just a huge romance in shoes and pants girls give dudes //
    A chance to hit it and git a little bit, sweaty want cake and a kiss I elude //
    Boy ready to take risks boys expose to love bring a rose to the club //
    I grab my breasts and sniff but my dress don’t get lift amazed and prepare //
    To raise this affair to a higher level boys wanna pick up this chick on the air //
    Like radio programs from 9 til midnight fine these boy kids can write //
    Love letters so I’m above the ground love all around in the club tight //
    Music pound my eardrum when I hear some my panties get wet a lot //
    I got class nobody compare like a mass of air this surrounds the hot //
    Earth and I’m brown and boys thirst wanna go downtown and rehearse drop //
    Some tongue, my whole night spin when a slight wind blow under my skirt //
    It refresh to see my breast cool off so smooth and soft really wanna twerk //
    I dress unique my breasts are sweet and my flesh not even weak jest flirt
    In the street, don’t know why boys seduce girls and sex juice hurls in //
    The bed room, it’s all proper to call a doctor end up being your girlfriend //
    Breast and body serenaded and built got graded A milk so my world spin //
    Like a whirlwind and I won’t be your girlfriend, boys have planned kisses //
    For future dates it’s a world symphony as they hurl empty lines that misses //
    The mark this twistses art in the form of love talk, shook and wet holding //
    A booklet giving details to living females pivoting on trails while I’m folding //
    My panties keep my mind stable like a timetable and be able to concentrate //
    Shortly after a kiss disaster is brisk but must master this emotions dominate //
    Then my dress fly up see a guy best duck aw shucks! he wants to smooch //
    Now what’s a girl to do? Path divine and bath time ended in a flood pooch //
    Got wet a hot pup but not up to snuff had enough put it outside, so life //
    Begin cute, boys in pursuit I strut galore but have to shut my door advice //
    Is needed because boys be lying a lot and I’m trying not to hear that //
    Now the flying hot rumors exist cause brain tumors a risk and fear stats //
    Fall short with all sorts of flaws in my arithmetic comes to my skirt boys //
    Wanna lift quick but my mind drift as a chick boys sniff perfume, toys
    And lick my body, boys search for some to touch with tongue, you speak
    To dancers and seek answers to body English party can bring this to a peak //
    Got hips, lips my ship prevail and sail high seas boys try squeeze my waist //
    See will butter come then utter some dumb stuff like baby boo need a taste //
    I know my pie be great and boys try locate a date but I XSCAPE that chase //
    By “Just kickin” my game shiny and be fly like TINY AND TI it a reality show //
    For real
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    I know my pie be great and boys try locate a date but I XSCAPE that chase //
    By “Just kickin” my game shiny and be fly like TINY AND TI it a reality show //
    For reaL” “REMEMBER I WAS at ADVANCE AUTO need a romance plot doe //
    Love in a specified direction, hide my affection so on this piece of ground //
    At Least I’m brown, this is a rhyme campaign online with brain I’m down //
    In a mini-skirt, wearing hot lace but shock to face boys with opts to taste //
    My thing it’s a chase that involve bling love talk flaws whack can cause an // impact or rude awakening with attitudes taken apart like puzzles understand //
    Feel surprised to reveal my pies on the back seat while a whack beat //
    Is playing on the CD, a boy end up staying with me for the night the heat //
    For a slender man with a tender plan untamable passion flammable fashion //
    In vested suits, there swooped a group of boys downward like eagles rations //
    available some boys got powdered flows along with a set of outer clothes //
    Same fabrics and they carry a lame tablet to jot down some hot nouns those //
    Which turn a girl on quotes be hooked to a notebook and they hope to look //
    Under a girl’s dress and hurl mess in her ear, this stuff is dope and shook //
    My thing is true and pink and boy needs blue ink to write a love letter //
    They play so much and try stay in touch with me, a freak act I better //
    Keep my eyes open because my pies be smoking looking at my thighs //
    And hoping to get between them so to them it’s fun and thrill to girl’s eyes //
    It’s run-of-the-mill when it comes to skirts boys lift these like a stiff breeze //
    Then sniff and tease our bodies, that being so their stats grow with ease //
    My ambition and friction increased in size to find peace is a surprise please //
    I’m the main attraction and not a chain reaction sex may happen if a boy //
    Stay rapping and saying the right stuff but the likelihood is vague so enjoy //
    I’m in ADVANCE AUTO boy walks up with A romance flow his chance to glow //
    VIRGINIA BEACH BOULEVARD out front a wide street my pride unique don’t
    Ride with any freak maybe drop top or Caddy maybe a hot shot really want //
    To be my baby daddy to the right a traffic light really a graphic sight WITCH //
    DUCK road Intersect the Boulevard and RALLY HAMBURGER is closed itch //
    For them Chut Ching commercials, RESTAURANT DEPOT across the street //
    SOUTHSIDE HARLEY DAVIDSON behind that time to chat there with the elite //
    Mechanics can’t use street antics to repair a bike, have to have knowledge //
    They’re technicians with correct visions, they must study and attend college //
    I’m in Advance Auto boy walks up with A romance flow his chance to glow //
    And really my sweet pie is right in his eyesight no dream or trance this go //
    As extreme romance it’s just healthy cake at a wealthy estate boys try flow //
    HE SAID: “boo tonight you win wanna take delight in getting you hot while //
    You letting me hit the spot, I dream home and keen on this love jone wild //
    That I have for you, my thoughts and images, caught in scrimmages during // sleep, could be a nightmare with the right to stare and this be insuring //
    That i get to your bedroom I fall from great heights want cake tonight” //
    Need a girl or chick to hurl a brick at me in the form of love that’s tight //
    Boo I hope to stroke your dope thing no joke it’ll bring good luck and hype //
    Like a note this is a short letter can get quotes and all sorts of clever writes //
    We can hike go on a long walk and do some strong talk gonna need bottled //
    Water, prevail with quotes, like sail on boats it propels. bikes get throttled //
    wear all type of bandana and like a banana this stuff grown strong in central //
    America I’m mental character of BLACK HIP HOP so it’s hope and potential //
    Here at ADVANCE AUTO got a load of nickels involved with road vehicles //
    And BEACH FORD is right up the way need some luck today like Don Rickles //
    This could be funny i don’t own a jalopy therefore not stone sloppy just tight //
    Ride in tall hummers with spokes a small number of folks can do this right? //
    Want cake and a hug boo let me make love to you baby girl it’s dynamite //
    NAW PLAYER you have a late flight won’t fun today on my runway awight? //
    You wanna try kiss but that’s a high risk one guy can twist a girl world //
    We’ll leave it at a touch-and-go too much to know about boys as they hurl //
    Love words and sweet nothings brought about supreme concern when a girl // got cream she learn endurance is major it influence behavior skirt unfurled //
    I’m a cute treasure and boys in pursuit of pleasure my style amaze went //
    Through a wild phase of drunken parties and jumping bodies that spent //
    Time on the dance floor romance soar and spread its wings of love, prevent //
    My plan of escape my cake soft ready to take off, if I see something corrupt //
    A bit I duck it, I don’t drive a rust bucket or hoopty not a groupie by luck //
    My pie crust spins like gusts of wind it blows a boy’s mind quicker affection //
    In a particular direction, guide folks behavior with dope flavor protection //
    Is needed a breeze in my face you wanna squeeze my waist rejection //
    Take effect now fury and friction in my jurisdiction you begin with a rhyme //
    And now wanna spend time want hot pie so you stop by and try find me //
    My pie brisk you wanna try kiss my lips but missed by miles that bring free //
    Crisp smiles but I’m still wet down there, host crew that close to BLACK //
    HIP HOP sex true next to brilliant complex do the math numbers exact //
    Follow paths to hummers and facts summers are back are you a MACK? //
    Convinced healing to an intense feeling can result in naked love and boys //
    Take it to the club make it into a hug with a beg on the end that they enjoys //
    A pricey attitude is like spicy food it’s hot, boys need a boss plot to hit my //
    Soft spot we have wimps in English with attempts to distinguish between pie //
    Good or bad and some from the hood and mad, boys want my cream so by //
    An extreme try after kissing my lips, missing i slip out of their arms have //
    A magnificent flirt but indifferent work when we talking twerk they grab //
    My hand try ride me home use love talk to get inside my dome their vocab //
    Hard to dodge walking in the yard and boy try take me to the garage had to //
    Duck that, like medicine a kiss abate pain boo want my cake to remain true //
    In your bed must use more red lipstick you gonna kiss this off, so what you // gonna do?” “naw what you wanna do?” well I’m gonna pull down my skirt //
    And leave, so OK no way Hosea can’t let you slam-dunk my pie it hurt //
    To flirt off, you love them tim's hand above the rim and throw my panties //
    Through the basket do the fantastic thing, naw no slam dunking my candies //
    Affairs may cause progress to be made when a girl’s breasts are laid to rest //
    In bed the thought could stress her head lips best to be red get fuel at HESS //
    Guess I got juice made from crush fruit so I blush as a cute boy brush their //
    Boots then approach try win as a coach but i don’t play ball at all stay aware //
    Doe, the kisses from my lips comes to grip with love boys wanna a swift hug //
    They embrace my waist and try get a wet chunk of my tongue then they rub //
    My thighs, stay sexual healing that’s a way of dealing with emotions and //
    Love potions rub lotions on my leg, butt round skin a nut brown wow I stand //
    Softly buttered and coffee colored breasts sucked, chestnuts and stockings //
    For Christmas you wanna kiss under the mistletoe then be ham hocking //
    With collard greens ready to holler themes like “JOY TO THE WORLD” //
    When a boy and girl get together thing wet or whatever candy curls //
    Are involved, a fast hustler usually own a gas guzzler carries a load of nickels //
    For his road vehicle jalopy is a carbon copy of a clunker or Junker, trickles //
    Of oil on the pavement in VIRGINIA BEACH, “OK BOO I NEED your lips in //
    My whip girl hop in we drop the top we go by car and try the bar” “begin //
    To kiss my red lips and my head trips wanna go to bed and flip my flapjacks //
    And butter them, all this is legit because what you see is what you git, acts //
    Of sex since cake pleasures you must take measures on getting a knife to
    Slice some
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    Adore quotes take galore notes but even poor folks today would be //
    Considered rich nine hundred years ago this whirl on my mind see //
    The world decline to know this, it’s love and respect at the club get //
    Checked for a club card, need to take a hot bath then plot paths yet //
    To succeed in society read a variety of books come with extreme flows //
    Wearing clean clothes embrace my attitude and taste food so there goes //
    My skills these flows build confidence in a sense now this is BLACK HIPHOP //