Black Poetry : HE SAID: I write with pride and ride a white dyna super glide very // Rare this twin cam begin to sl

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    HE SAID:
    I write with pride and ride a white dyna super glide very //
    Rare this twin cam begin to slam dunk other it carry //
    A 88 cubic inch, try be legal and fly like an eagle //
    This is BLACK HIP HOP with facts at the tiptop legal //
    Got hot class and not abashed by classmates wear fast skates //
    So I move roll and groove bounce like lil BOW WOW get dates //
    Soft words and boss verbs are used on chicks amuse with flicks //
    Panties hot and torn while eating popcorn so i got some tricks //
    Look at the math on my footpath I smell athlete feet “kick the can” //
    Like SCATMAN CROTHERS have a phat plan for butter kiss girls hand //
    Stuck between duty want luck and cream from a cutie i stand //
    Alone with a plan that’s strong enough to rip paper and demand //
    Better links with clever instincts never stinks so dogs just bark //
    Got a kick stand need a quick plan bike is parked //
    Strike with art a key style see wild turnabout sparked //
    Burnouts that’s how we do smoke tires and have dope //
    Desires for chicks SO LOOK BOO I get attention and hope //
    My suspension hold up, it’s been strong plus a spin on oil //
    My day to up and have a blow out, no doubt not my intention //
    Now girl tonight you sweet and i write neat with blue ink and your //
    Thing is a true pink inside so lets ride here in VIRGINIA BEACH hardcore //
    You a phat hot boo and if that not true tell me different your perfume //
    Smell magnificent, I see friction in a depiction messing up my tune //
    And prediction so boo it’s tradition that we date each other so let //
    Me reach for the butter you sweet oriental yellow and Korea boo //
    sprinkle some Soy Sauce, twinkle in our eyes enjoy boss really true //
    Eating up in here, on a hot day we can eat some Chop Chee you should
    Let he hug you and we can go to the club boo girl you all that and a bag
    Of chips but my doo rag ripped from thinking about you my pants sag //
    A little your lips red class royalty and that's steadfast loyalty won’t brag //
    Caught in an affair and thought my hair would never be the same again //
    You’re a dame that spin my head you lips a thin red so be my girlfriend //
    I write love letters with blue ink your thing is true pink look into my eyes //
    They do wink hips hot and round have to jot down a few notes about pies //
    So let me scribble a little at best and in the process fiddle with your breasts //
    Wanna say much as we stay in touch you hot and fine so I drop a line test //
    Our love, so go ahead and split your thighs git on my ride lets cruise on my //
    Harley V Twin, concern me, turn the key hit the button and git to putting pie //
    Things are twisty so far keep my sissy bar handy, in case we may scoot off //
    You’re cute and soft can’t dispute your boss yellow thighs wanna kiss, toss //
    Your panties in the air with oriental candies to spare I need some tongue //
    Boo to contend with love you been to the club feel me? I’m a boy sprung //
    On getting some feel me? Girlfriend make my world spin you Korean hung //
    You can become my divine spouse and we can’t find a house we had better //
    Advertise, be clever and wise before i take you across the threshold never //
    Kissed in the living room this is giving bloom to an affair for real so from //
    Taegu this is a day to remember in January and my plan very straight some //
    Try anticipate my move but boo cake can improve my position be up in it //
    Any minute to win it playing smash games need class dames that are legit //
    To give me a little bit and let me fiddle with that oriental yellow thing I am //
    The fellow with bling, you stem hot we can eat kim pop and candy yams //
    Boo need your toast in the room my hormones on a growth boom dose //
    Of your perfume leave my nose froze for those sweet kisses can’t hose //
    This off need your Korean tongue girl I’m sprung give me some //
    NAW PLAYER your facts are nice but I only act on advice its dumb //
    To do otherwise with yellow butter between my thighs, my words //
    Stay on a societal course but a lack of vital force so read the verbs //
    In the Source Magazine my voice hoarse ad your doo rag is clean //
    For some reason you wanna be fly with stats try be an aerobat so hats //
    Off to that, yoo hoo a true illusion due to confusion like winged bats //
    Got a lofty nest and softly my breasts poke boys impress and hope //
    For a stronghold on my waist at home i fold my lace my body jest smoke //
    Have pride and crave and boys ride my waves like surfers and that’s no joke //
    Online written complete, hidden my sweets from crime ridden streets //
    Korean girls in VIRGINIA BEACH go through a lot even in the leather seats //
    Blue drop top, now I’m Korean a hot chick throwing up the chopsticks wow //
    A section of my heart need protection from the start rejection will somehow //
    Spark my emotions and blow my skirt up can’t flirt with my luck get thrown //
    In the bed got class and boss perfume ready to dash off to my room Gone //
    With the Wind flirting and certain songs spin my emotions end in oceans //
    Of sweat everywhere and wet down there so I stay aware of words lotions //
    On my oriental yellow legs, we’re connected with fun and kisses along with //
    A ton of reminisces thunder flying and underlying any art many boys drift //
    And spark a conversation in their dark imagination desire sex and try lift //
    My skirt I’m alert “oh stop it” Korean girls go through a lot right here in //
    VIRGINIA BEACH boys hit the skins, git you in cars while the wheels spin //
    Been at hotel's thing go well but the rules changed over to RANGE ROVERS //
    The advice thicken when go down and do nice licking then eat rice clover //
    And chicken boys be lying and crap trying to rap up on some for real end //
    End of story, there must be some mistake trust me this boy want a kiss
    REMEMBER a boy seen me from afar wanted me to come to his car from //
    The streets and new wanted to speak to me a boo and sweet not dumb //
    A hot honey bun it funny how some boy chase my lace they can jest taste //
    My thing it seem, legit scene body stable and smoking by love talk chased //
    Able to be spoken I’m a Korea sweet boo that he wanna speak to jest erase //
    the other stuff he wants my butter to huff and puff on, polite in conversation //
    could ignite a situation he wanna talk fly, I’m gonna walk on by domination //
    He probably have a bold code this whole episode could end in the bedroom //
    But first the backseat he thirst to a whack beat on the CD panties are doom //
    My perfume costly, he assume falsely that he can get some a bossy goon //
    HE SAID “boo you walking around we have things to do so sit down a tune //
    On the CD looks at my Korean body, really want some mind went kaboom //
    The wind breezy at best I want easy access to your breasts and the stuff up //
    Under your dress, oceans preferred, emotions stirred you flirt enough butt //
    Twerk so revealing that work on my feeling for better or worse I bet boys //
    Forever thirst for a chance at sex but romance is complex so many enjoys //
    So true and clear and boo you are here and my car awaits we can go to //
    the bar and celebrate, arrive to master and strive after getting that true //
    Love You have to offer quick need a softer chick with right butter and i bet //
    Your wet panties are bright colors at night you utters stuff just to get //
    Your boyfriend hot, I wear a bandana of wisdom and have mannerism in //
    Behavior or speech my flavor should reach you on VIRGINIA BEACH win //
    Your heart then we can start all over again so give me a kiss patience thin //
    NAW PLAYER I smile with breasts that’s my style of dress you use love talk //
    to drop a line in style I’m hot genuine, wild with a ballistic flirt when I walk //
    Got artistic work some stalk, so you need major flavor and plead in favor //
    Of a date, I’m sincere and phat but I can’t hear that so now this is major //
    Twisting my circus you existing for the purpose of kissing my lips behavior //
    Over the top, got wet pies so you set eyes on my thighs I tries to escape //
    A Korean chick have to be on her P’s and Q’s to deal with these dudes cake //
    Melt in their mouth not in hand and BLACK HIP HOP stand alone that’s great //
    Societal course is vital force on a Korean girl in VIRGINIA BEACH a coffee //
    Break would be good, it's pathetic to anoint a crew with an aesthetic softly //
    Point of view I’m a little athletic with the things I do and my lips stay glossy //
    I can jump in a gold hummer and spend a whole summer kissing a boy’s lips //
    Even though you come with funk and fact I’m ready to jump back mind trip //
    Want my divine lips I’ll get off your lap too much soft rap, toss my bra //
    Strap across the front seat, you in search for a dame have to bear much //
    Of the blame on your technique wanna wreck the street but not in touch //
    With reality so your code in the club is to get a load of love, I’m not it //
    But it’s alright to love and go to nightclubs but a slow dance could git //
    A romance to going on up in here gulp a beer and that’s all she wrote //
    But it be dope doe, inside my thing a true pink get love letters of hope //
    In blue ink and I do think about boys and no doubt this toys with my mind //
    And panties a lot thoughts so hot, he jest kiss my lips in front of the car, try //
    Hunt for a bar I guess so far my breasts are holding up he really want pie //
    Now he get my wet tongue wow a Korean girl can get trapped that’s no lie //
    Kissing freshly start touch the fleshy part of my body, my breasts and stuff //
    Was hot, oh this affair grow the airflow under my skirt maybe cool enough //
    Strut butt galore and boys wanna shut the door when I’m in their whip //
    They aware my lips and hips are there to be toyed with so maybe i skip //
    This chapter with love script you after my body for real, oh wow my lips //
    Are being kissed i can feel the wet wind yet again up under my skirt //
    Got butter and proud downtown the CD utter a loud sound I jest flirt //
    Oh my lips are red cake and i got a sex headache this BLACK HIP HOP //
    Gets to me make a Korean chick give up extreme cake quick the tip top //
    Of his game is to lip lock with a dame i can’t explain this breast nips hot //
    About this boy he was ready to shout for joy when i got in the car //
    He slammed the door got all sorts of clever tricks and like a short letter get //
    Read quick, strong talk is like a long walk get sweaty wet and ready //
    After steps confetti get thrown up my panties was so hot and steady //
    oh gosh he went, your quotes fiery like notes in a diary they tell what //
    You have done, he jest kiss my lips on the backseat i jest act sweet but //
    He wanted some bad look down and my thighs open pies smoking looked //
    In my eyes hoping to get my Korean rice cake one slice get a boy hooked //
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    You have done, he jest kiss my lips on the backseat i jest act sweet but //
    He wanted some bad look down and my thighs open pies smoking looked //
    In my eyes hoping to get my Korean rice cake one slice get a boy hooked //
    This boy has desire and charm and like a fire alarm my body in heat shook //
    Over this, dispatch love that’s attached to hugs close the hatch on scrubs //
    No match in clubs but not a thot your plot is hot and it involve back rubs //
    In the tub while my head flirt around thought caught on paper facts above //
    The rim I tried close my legs and couldn’t, he wouldn’t stop kissing my lips //
    Oh my Korean cream is deep, he want me between the sheet wanna strip //
    me naked and take it car parked and convince that this could be dark and //
    Intense it make no sense not to have sex he’s on a complex roll with plan //
    A female prevail with pie against the pale sky convinced as to why he so //
    Out to get this may regret this kiss later down the road, definitely not loco //
    Kisses smooth galore they proved more of a hindrance than a help his belt //
    undone, you use lyrical maps to write with a physical appetite need help //
    Critical tonight nothing political about the hype, thrill and nice to be fill //
    With life can build a relation twice the size and plus I have nice pies spilled //
    Juice on sheets when it skeet, you tight with words and like the flight //
    Of birds this stuff flies the skies, quick luck is like a pickup truck it’s tight //
    How it pick stuff up and take it to a landfill with a plan to kill garbage this //
    Is bits and pieces and the legit increases this is such a trip and now a kiss //
    He touch my hips jest odds and ends oh god he spins my head the love talk //
    So here in the backseat I come into contact with sweet nothings a club stalk //
    Outstretched arms and his sketch alarms because he see me as his phat //
    Lover with oriental butter further down the road with a renown load of stats //
    So you stay a swinger ad wanna lay a finger on my thing the winner here //
    Is that you interfere with my thinking because my panties hot and sincere //
    He jest gave me a VIRGINIA BEACH kiss, got hot cake but couldn’t spot //
    The mistake it’s too late this is true cake it’s gonna be lemon that’s a hot //
    Fact, some boys proceed in a race and need a pace they can make money //
    Quicker, you wear bling and alert and sing like LEVERT talking kinda funny //
    Talking about “Baby I’m Ready” I got gravy and sweaty like my eggs sunny //
    Side up, got honey pride and luck, unexpected emotions, wrecked oceans //
    Down there, and my thing is so wet I go get tissue for this wet issue potions //
    Local and alarming how global warming affect a girl’s body in slow motion //
    Ready to leave here” “oh please dear don’t, he went downtown and kissed //
    my Thing, blew hot air through my panties almost fell off the backseat twist //
    My Korean mind quick eyes walled back a tall act became blind quick when //
    This happen, had to gather myself that was rather deft juice thick not thin //
    Well guess to satisfy a girl’s phat pie kiss with action of the supply of tongue //
    Could definitely get a guy sprung and that fly among the best choices brung //
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    For the bitter worse some compose a twitter verse as the norm //
    Got pride like URKEL then divide a circle into equal parts and get //
    Legal art out of that, look these maybe dumb quotes but some folks //