Black Poetry : HE SAID: Hood made want good grades should’ve played foot-ball yall now in the mall to think about t


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID: Hood made want good grades should’ve played foot-ball yall now in the mall to think about this see a girl on the brink for kiss this could be a funny joke or dummy hoax's but I think I love her now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH QUOTES and that’s how I reach folks wrote a speech and spoke i float like a butterfly while smoke clutter the sky sometimes go to Calcutta for pie Then utter and rely on my love talk got word force by design her hair coarse and fine this is phat story in the category of HIP HOP I’m in conversations which lead to dominations in hotels because I flow well being part thug is like a heart drug it pump blood and slam-dunk in clubs and all this junk comes out of love stays lying galore always trying to score with chick and adore a quick pick up and get a slick cup of coffee while rubbing a girls butt softly, write a short letter to get all sorts of clever remarks from girl that starts to twirl my world this is a corrupt spot and now on the up shot of an affair as sex remain and put me on the next plane to VIRGINIA BEACH to sex a tender peach and that’s the splendor of speech no doubt some of the outcome could be wet for real, see a Filipina chick cutie with booty her thing pink and i wear plenty bling and now can’t think of anything jest wanna kiss and stuff got true lips and like blue chips boys wanna invest and gonna test her love oh Philippine girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH boys really try get some “SO BOO I’m stable in street and able to speak you jest a bagel and sweet to eat Philippine cream Extreme with the kisses seem to reminisces dream about your cake in dishes a complete surprise to me how your pies be so wet like that get all type of phat words blown in your ear wanna take you home dear you touch my bandana in such a manner it loose the straps perhaps "NAW PLAYER my panties are hot but not to point a grown pair is thrown in the air wanna go home with love to spare a boy get it all if you let him he get to trim the frosting on the cake while tossing cornflakes like TONY THE TIGER BE TALKING ABOUT They're GREAT oh Philippine girls got dreams worlds, boys yet to tease i get to freeze them in their track not aware of facts what a cutie with booty can do, got cream the proudest and boys scream the loudest trying to get some yum yum and call me honey bun they sit through dinner and become a legit true winner but my patience grew thinner i jest say no they still wanna play doe; "I REMEMBER I wit this boy in a car we didn't go far we was hugged up i had on a mini-skirt he looked at that as plenty work i didn't trust kissing I just say listen "my underwear is soaked and there's some dope stuff you told me already and now I'm sweaty and bothered my thighs crossed and my pies boss a Philippine chick dream quick so no tongue even though you sprung end up wanting some of this one dumb kiss could lead to other stuff and when a boy get butter he huff and puff and can't get enough, you have a hood belief but good grief what am i going to do knowing you wanna screw? excite with wicked suspense like a white picket fence when you around my house you wanna go downtown and arouse oh Philippine girls go through a lot a boy with a true plot is hard to stop, oh he jest kissed my lips right there in the car wasn't aware how far I'm from home we make love he's not gonna cum alone because my Philippine cream steam right now and my panties are burning up while I'm learning about luck, oh my stuff sweaty and his car a little rough and ready but that's what gives it it's charm but I'm a bit alarm


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May 11, 2006
really the best day to start an essay to get my wet Philippine juices to flowing no excuses in knowing what it take to do that got a crew of stats that's sexy and phat where these boys at? now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH if you need a girlfriend don't worry too much jest hurry and search" "ABOVE THE RIM with pride and that stem the tide of being lonely I'm seeing hungry boys come after you boo, I come with facts and serenade a jack of all trades and master of none gonna need a girlfriend after this is done you come with the tongue no doubt and that get me strung out," "MY CAKE IN COLISIONS need to make a decision and stick to it this boy wanna lick a little bit it do fit look I'm on the carpet for service and like the stock market I'm nervous my body temp rise and fall party like the good year blimp surprise from skies of rubber you want my pies as my lover, you maybe the right love but not going to the nightclub and have a hangover the next day and sex could play a part feel me ?" "YEAH BOO I have phat desires and changing flat tires is not my cup of tea I'm a thug but these lug nuts wouldn't budge i bet your wet body is pudding and fudge and here come the judge starring PIGMEAT MARKAM, girl your body hot and nice and can solve a lot of life problems I'm sweaty an thirst a heavy purse can bring about funny money to a honey these facts hot like a jackpot now we rap BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH trying to reach a skill level that will kill the devil so boo you got sweaty Philippine thighs and cream pies don't cross your legs I want some bad" "OH HE JEST kissed my lips while I twist my hips and move my thing he was about to lose his mind in the car it was cruise time I didn't know all that goes on between a girl's thighs in the car I really could've gave him cream pies at the bar oh gosh he wanted to go crazy on it doggone it and put a ring on it spreading a wedding on bedding we heading there for real oh Philippine girl go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH I got on a mini-skirt and plenty alert oh he's gonna get some I must delay the process he jest play with breasts and suck them I can't duck him he say" "girl your breasts poke they bless and dope "the kind of milk that don't mess with you" we go to the backseat CD exact beat, no juice will skeet in the air now my Philippine thing real wet "I'm so hot down there he jest gave her a VIRGINIA BEACH KISS she laid down on the backseat he sucked her breasts she say stop her body stay hot then tongued her navel like it was sprung bagel she was jest moving her thing around couldn't stop it was jest pudding and hot he pulled down her panties and put his sprung HIPHOP tongue right in there she almost fell out the car oh he was going crazy on her Philippine thing she jest run her finger through his hair oh what an affair love in the air she was saying oh baby don't!


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May 11, 2006
kiss and hug Philippine chicks we scream quick oh my cream thick I jest started to say stuff
off top of my head the backseat if hot like a bed and this boy drop top is red I'm so hot down there I jest moan and talk
oh an interview and dinner to
you want a kiss as a winner boo
it's a main meal and you came real
around midday like kid&Play the deal
is a house party and you arouse somebody
to a dumb house party so it's lotty Dottie
like to nibble yall and dribble basket ball
then lay up like CHRIS PAUL it's an assist yall
your facts and flow alert you like to snack
on yogurt while I go flirt it's a booty act
sometime you come with wine and munch
a chicken wing while licking my thing lunch
is a thing of the past you got bling and class
somehow known that you wanna chow down
on my love, nipple milk that be my breasts
I detest boys that suck them I duck him mess
with stuff under my dress won't settle nothing less
than a tongue kiss come to reminisce I guess
i'm hot queen but not to be seen i'm a fine desire
but in the line of fire when it's a boy's love talk require
listening to and kissing this boo if you wreck haters
and talk to spectators then you on deck with sex favors
comes to music funk is the best HIPHOP has shrunk to less
talk a lot of junk and mess and say nothing that's bless
this is black HIPHOP with facts to rip shop oh soon
we're gonna liplock no flip flops in my room just perfume
after the facts today ready to back away got tricky cake
and like RICKY LAKE this is hairspray this affair will take
time, wrote in blue ink but quotes are true pink like my
wet thing inside so boys bring their ride try pick me up try
get some,because I'm a wet one a Philippine brown so I
hide, oh panties thrown to the roof I'm shown proof
of sexual affair with this boy in the car up in smoke poof
OK my thoughts collided and I've decided to give you some
I'm having dumb luck so come up unzip and let it rip from
oh you went down town now time to come up and get some
head to toe you can strip me lips free to kiss and taste
you want lace and we face to face
oh taste my love lick without a trace
move my thing around no joke
you groove with bling my thing smoke
oh cream pies between thighs listening
and kissing to Philippine vibes and twisting
my pride I cry dog have a dialogue with boys
I prevail strong you want this female at home
so you trial along with the love talk unknown
oh you have a butter plan
so you have the upperhand
your pride intact I have the inside track
your ride color is black my butter is exact
oh so wet I be and got to get free
should close my thighs jest let it be
oh boys wanna take cake on the spot
use love talk a lot to get panties to drop
oh you merely tinkering
while I'm sincerely thinking
saying boo and you clearly winking
your eyes wanting more pies and
will tell hardcore lies thats the plan
oh groove in the house and use a mousse
to find an app then design rap to arouse
girls, flow proper go to the doctor know
my prescription don't flow in Egyptian oh
hieroglyphics on fire when you sniff it blow
smoke don't be a slow poke no hope in flow
on the extreme edge cream between my leg
oh it's a Philippine pledge ain't too poud to beg
you get mad cream after a bad dream it sad
to lean toward an escape with cake really had
that in mind but you say I'm Phat and fine had
to reconsider on the brink of a cliff have to think
swift my thing pink perfume get sniffed use ink
to write a love letter in the club or where ever
never say good-bye stay in the hood try a clever
Marriage like BEYONCE and JAY z no lemonade
will be made plan will flow with a banjo serenade

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