Black Poetry : HE SAID: HIP HOP desire writers and like firefighters outten flame while shouting // my name got a c


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May 11, 2006

HIP HOP desire writers and like firefighters outten flame while shouting //
my name got a crew of these new species call themselves true MC'S mouthing //
on microphones, you roam like jerks should do your homework go to class learn //
how to flow fast oh and pass my PBJ sandwich today manage my life and turn //
bad into good this mad menu from the hood not working dawg, my phone lost //
time to make a stone cross and pray to find it time to admit VERIZON cost //
a lot, like the power of a flower my mind blooms and I assign rooms like //
hotels oh well then go smell perfume on a girl, they wear hot laces hype //
must allot spaces for parking got a drop top coming up in here on dubs //
stone thug, caught in paraphernalia no thought of failure it's all love //
put some HIPHOP juice in this to reduce the risk, Detroit communities //
exploit opportunities living on the verge driven by the urge of goonies //
face oceans of rejection but come with notions of perfection but need //
magic potions for protection, in the car swerve it to wreck streets proceed //
like race car driver with perfect technique, having a fat desire is like //
a flat tire no air in it,


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May 11, 2006
a flat tire no air in it, have all type of luck and like trucks or motorbikes //
drive along highways as a guy strong these day like four wheel drives in mud //
spin my tires and pull through support a full crew when going places where love //
stems above the rim like 2PAC come with true art, its drastic yall and like //
basketball drove the lane and scored now home in a robe with a dame I adored yikes! //
look went to the supermarket founded out my computer is a target had a friend //
at TARGET in a Limo got his info high jacked he try act cool, business in the wind //
look rap to a girl had a map of the world try jive but my vocab took a sky dive //
forgot my words my mind went astray I coughed tried to play this one off still alive //
in BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH saw a chick need a raw trick to pick her up jive //
alone won't get me to her home somewhere in VIRGINIA BEACH yo tighten my dew rag quick //
reached into my bag of tricks to pull out some love talk, want quiet lace and cake bought a place on the lake I can jest taste her lips great, LOOK BOO got pride yo and like a slide show flash pictures and fast scriptures this is VIRGINIA BEACH BLACK HIP HOP and it rip shop, girl you facts and perfume lets talk in the back of the room I'm from a jive block and like livestock it's beef in the street have to be brief to complete a mission I got street vision and make sweet decisions and thirst for chicks while wearing converse kick have to tie my shoe strings want pie got true bling so I try do things, a master at scroll and don't eat casserole it's a side dish but I have pride so I eat fish on plate and boo wish for a date NAW PLAYER my panties renowned and soaked want my tongue down your throat my skin brown but nope boys wanna hound and rock my boat, begin with showers of my twin towers which are my breasts if I get in your car know the rest you'll have my thighs spread like rye bread in that backseat oh a BROWN SOUL SISTA go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH, hot and sleazy but not easy to get my wet thing in bed but keep trying and deep frying my body is hot so stop playing and delaying my fun dun, find it swell but complex to let my mind dwell on sex, remember I was wit this boy began to worry need a plan in a hurry and being a fan of CURRY


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May 11, 2006
need a plan in a hurry and being a fan of CURRY you wanna layup, I REMEMBER one boy told me wait up got a great butt we need to talk" I proceed to walk down the street being brown and sweet we were bound to meet my lips stay glowing red gonna delay going to bed he wanna say words to mess with my head but I can't be misled by this he's gonna try kiss my lips after some brisk scripts when I walk I twist hips, you come with sweet facts galore try sneak in my back door, now we here at BIG ALS'S so you maybe a crazy true hustler with a new muffler with an oil change you spoil this is strange
PRICESS ANNE ROAD out-front, "amazed and adorn no doubt but a page is torn out your love talk book and behind BIG AL'S is a motorcycle shop, think you wanna put the smack down in the background and my snack is brown when boys go downtown, got game and flirt with body framework I came alert to meet boys they speak and enjoys they don't wear toy hats they rap in caps turned backward, stumbling through here waiting for the coming of the new year, you flow with class but don't go so fast oh and my past is great so your task is to get cake, I'm a girl wet and alone you wanna get me home and shatter my cake no matter how late well it's time to postpone home even though you have a love jones for my skin tone and like KELLOG cornflakes boys they're great, now this is black HIPHOP in Virginia Beach at BIG AL'S and dig this got boy pals and gals, prevail with a load of facts and like railroad tracks I'm a female with a code that attracts boys, love school is a dope academy and you hope your strategy will get you wet dates, you cry out for pie no doubt and my skirt needs washing because when I flirt I'm squashing cherries, boys cry out about pie no doubt, shook when it took to much time to search my mind everything turned dope and had to learn the ropes to a love affair, with sex in the culture this could build a complex structure so I'm chilling in a building here at BIG AL'S have a desire to flirt but that require work in an affair need plans and like bare hands your gloves off because love is soft like dove soap and the suds is dope my need a hug to cope with this for real, flirt in romance and that never hurt my chances with boys, flirt in showers then exert powers to bring about love OK, my honey smoke and that's not a funny joke every dummy hope they can get this LOOK BOO my aim renown and like JAMES BROWN I'm in a cold sweat and my goal is to get some quick, but don't want a dumb chick or a stuck up one my luck will be done corrupt no fun, now my drop top in the parking lot sparkling and hot just like your body boo we can go party to drink Bacardi you and me, accept your view need help boo before I step into an affair with you, read a list of details then kiss females this tactic prevail as my style, fought and duck as this stuff is brought up at meetings with chicks, so look got sick game with a nickname but need a chick or dame to complete this a sweet kiss would help, I flow galore and go ashore like ships got hype scripts girl you dodge the block like its a large rock hard to camouflage your hot body it get sweaty quick and like a heavy stick it beat boys eyes out and they want pie no doubt, the hood need a good deed so would you read my story while I proceed to the laboratory to experiment with new words and now a few birds fly above, girl let me take your cake to my hiding place so I can be sliding in lace while my words be gliding in the space of your mind so pour the wine boo and we can dine too at OUTBACK no doubt snack on some steak this all real and like a small meal this consist of burger and fries, girl wanna carry you to bed your lips are very red, I go to school at bars sit on low stools and know cool stuff, use plenty of rhymes many times the hot type but some not ripe like green peaches on extreme beaches in Virginia comes to girls they're full of fun so I pull one to take home cake alone don't make a man strong I may stand alone if my plan fall through boo finish with the hood streets and spinach is good to eat can be a hot guy like pop eye you got pot pie like KFC girl so boo lets sit in the whip may git to strip you, cake I enjoys so I make noise on bedsprings because my head ring like an alarm clock on farms a lot
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May 11, 2006
Vocab is great but I want some crab cake so let me grab a date
with you boo we can go to the dollar store pop tags I hate
to leave empty handed, this is BLACK HIP HOP to inflate
in VIRGINIA BEACH like economics all type OF EBONICS
used hooked on phonics and cruise in drop tops gin and tonic
in my glass look I speak swell slang but can't leave until the bell
rang doors closed in the classroom my task soon is to get home well
I'll wait, my style not fake but want some wild cake” SO BOO
you know some true stuff my crew up to snuff it's time to go do
what we came here for, boo I need a phat peach at the beach
that could be you, we can swim above the rim with pie I try teach
you the breast stroke the best smoke come from bed springs reach
for the panties you know how I do

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