Black Poetry : HE SAID have true ability galore like a utility store but now in a facility door closed have to work


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May 11, 2006

have true ability galore like a utility store but now in a facility door closed have to work on this see a girl flirt want a kiss, need extreme luck so I can team up stare at a queen's butt, wear bling true and clever and that bring together the fury of jewelry but I’m above the rim at home girl wearing gemstones on my own like PATTI LABELLE my fiancé need to talk to Beyoncé and JLO learn how to wear a halo, not a hood predator just a good editor could better my standings in VIRGINIA BEACH as I reach numerous folks with humorous quotes now this is BLACK HIPHOP served on a plate with words great and the verbs take a new position and that's true tradition, brain filled to capacity so I spill nasty verse haters should chill and try build a rhyme don’t try kill mine
brain filled to capacity so I spill nasty verse haters should chill and try build a rhyme don’t try kill mine, now I'm at HARRIS TEETER and things get sweeter got a tweeter account on my computer got pride at hooter when I ride my scooter factually rapping what actually happen this is BLACK HIPHOP IN VIRGINIA BEACH now see a BLACK SOUL SISTA with sweaty black thighs now the facts flies like birds RHODAN from JAPAN "SO BOO can I hold your hand, if I get married I'm going to JARED and put a ring on it while I wear bling doggone it, boo your cake pure I wanna make sure a date can cure my hormones it can also allure a love jones, SO BOO lets be honest with each other you got peach butter and on VIRGINIA BEACH boy's utter love stuff in your eardrum it's clear they want some", "YEAH PLAYER I know they do but won't stay true they smash splash and dash leave the lips of my thing so hot don't know what to do oh a BLACK GIRL in VIRGINIA BEACH go through a lot, AND I knew a few THOTS, FOOD LION to the right my attitude like iron here tonight in front is a gravy WAWA thinking about LADY GAGA got a shopping cart today out-front is the whopping FERRELL PARKWAY and INDIAN RIVER ROAD runs behind and this boy got fun in mind his luck explode as he bring a truckload of love up in here and wanna hit the skins all legit men are that way, so here's a complete romance and we meet by chance jest a sweet glance into an affair and my plan is to air out my panties they hot, my lips red and he came equip for the bed some of his love script I've read somewhere and has become aware that he want some and my panties get wet a lot, you flow soft but jest a show off wanna throw and toss my panties up huh? when it comes to love you thought whack and was caught in the act fought back and lost a date can't toss cake that way here in VIRGINIA BEACH it's nice in affairs but the price of repairs could be expensive and intensive start with flavor then parts and labor total cost could be a whole lost, I flirt and strut soft but my booty works it butt off and boys see that and be at my pink cookies they think like rookies, terrific cuties perform specific duties wear perfume in the groove so back up need room to move the music tune lube my ears and as thoughts mingle in my head you want me in a single bed, should behave nice why crave for ice you think bling can save your life? I think not there must be a kink in your plot leaving ink spots on the paper but some strong vapor in your love letter that got me brainwashed juicy stains squashed my panties for real, tonight my thing be right like MCLYTE "Cold Rock A Party" with my bold hot body and be witty like P DIDDY "Upside Down You Turning Me, turning me" stay legit never play the hypocrite not a day I'll quit go to the beach and git lit like a cigarit, the juice collect and produce an effect on my underwear it's thunder down there for god sake some odd cake exist" "AW GIRL YOU got black sweaty thighs ready to receive pies can't believe my eyes lets go sit in my whip mind git to trip over your beauty what you say boo, I wanna squeeze hope's hand and tease dope fans seize a rope and plan to tie your world and get some wet pie girl, got an active crew attractive to HIPHIOP so lets lip lock while the sugar drip drop and some tongue can be thrown in I'm known to win in bed, come to cars almost bought a two seater became a true reader but lets leave HARRIS TEETER? girl save your butter I behave as your lover and no other can write like this oh my thing had a wet flow feed cats words my stats like birds they jest fly away I need pie today just to try stay say said "OK LETS GO you behave as my lover and crave for my butter and no other can write like this who yall fooling? wow your love talk rap get like caplets promoted and devastated and coated to facilitate swallowing, here I am following you to this car don't think a kiss is far away, once we step through the double doors trouble galore he jest kissed my lips right in front of HARRIS TEETER oh my panties was so wet then he may get to spin his rims taking me home he's making a strong stand on this, pathetic and strong like an energetic hormone he get wet credit for trying to take me home so this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot and we do get to drop our panties on certain occasions but this not one just a hot kiss for fun but he had another trick in mind my butter thick and fine like PARKAY this is a bizarre day he want me in his car anyway got a plenty to say doe


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May 11, 2006

bizarre day he want me in his car anyway got a plenty to say doe so wrong //
he spoke but like a long cloak his words covered me his home //
not far away and I'm hot today he has a legit car and like a guitar //
it plays a tune while my body displays perfume my flesh built so far //
for fresh silk and my breast milk is grade A and boys serenade say //
it's good they rap wise and their capsize is small yall on this day //
in front of HARRIS TEETER your car nickel and dime lovely a vehicle //
is a fine buggy at your crib time for some bubbly but have get a pickle //
not pregnant props and leverage are like a hot beverage espresso coffee //
lets go softly to your whip but we only gonna talk OK?" OK he seem bossy //
kiss my lips and got my tongue body smoking galore got my tongue before //
opening the door, a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot my hormones soar //
have on a green silk dress steamed milk in my breast I guess a boy can //
make a cappuccino with this, so I sit in his whip he get to kiss my hand //
and lips, this boy's script is extreme and like whipped cream it has flavor //
and behavior, he said "you have a mini skirt boo plenty of work to do major //
my pager going off knowing you soft like pillow talk after we through a new //
day will arrive oh he jest wanna play and jive between my thighs are true //
cream pies is it a must that I trust you with the crust it's just us in //
the car good could never praise these clever days and this boy forever at my //
mayonnaise it's an endeavor that blazes my sexual history a mystery try //
be in it and shook like the appendix to a book,last pages tell the content" //
"GOT A CREW of strife that's true in life but boo it's nice to kiss your //
lips in my whip and hips soft like AARON NEBBLES Telling it Like it is soar //
with truth," IN THE CAR I'm rearranging my laces like CHANGING FACES think //
you Foolin Around" "LOOK I'm EVALUATING MY TEAM with a modern calculating //
machine so I add and subtracts come with mad facts and it's bad to do crack //
it sad not to act like we not boyfriend and girlfriend and the world spin //
around us, shower with quotes and like powerboats this stuff float in //
water, wanna squeeze you girl while you tease out the curls in your hairstyle //
a brisk kiss and this affair is wild," oh he jest kissed her lips a while //
rubbed her black sweaty thighs "girl you got some softy sweaty thighs need //
a girlfriend," not a wimp his flow spoke in an attempt to provoke her read //
the writing on the wall it's exciting and all, thirsty pass the soda not //
a Casanova, desire love and this require a hug he cry out want pie no doubt this is jest BLACK HIPHOP in HARRIS TEETER'S parking lot this is INDIAN RIVER CROSSING it's all about the Benjamin's and tossing panties like birds his luck flies her skirt up her thighs oh he jest kiss her lips and reminisce in the whip, he said "in need of love then we can proceed to the club girl your thing so black and exact now girl its our luck we in a drop top but the top is locked down in shock head going around and around like a spinning top, to flow it exact is an heroic act words glow legit wit fact girl you have a chocolate Kit Kat and I have a rocket for that" "SHE SAID oh my panties are soaked you want candies but nope my emotions stirred oceans occurred and lotions preferred on my legs and boys beg a lot I pledge not to give it up even though my thigh spread got flavor like rye bread I try head for home but now trapped my thighs gapped oh he tries to rap up on some now he gives me a VIRGINIA BEACH PUDDING KISS he couldn't miss my lips they were jest there impressed and aware couldn't go anywhere grab his thumb so he couldn't have none he has fact, class, and very fly and wanted to smash my black cherry pie oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH oh he reach for the panties listening to bizarre beats kissing on the car seat made of best grain leather endure in rain and whatever, my cake pure have to make sure that sex is a great cure put it on a plate and secure it like steak no debate


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