Black Poetry : HE SAID have class and bright but last night had stats an car at the bar in a mini-skirt with plenty


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May 11, 2006

have class and bright but last night had stats an car at the bar in a mini-skirt with plenty alert boys will try get some, my lips red and junk saw a boy dead drunk made a boss pledge then cross my legs must be humble and sit down can't stumble around and cause a panic, pause on romantic occasions boys come with TITANIC persuasions try sink my boat they think and hope they can get some, try beware that pie is everywhere and boys really want some I jest can't throw up my dress for a do-nut test a boy will eat that up so at the end there's wine (HAD THIS FRIEND OF MINE met a boy that begin online she told him don't fake he said he wanted a cake she said OK but if it was me no way she was shook alone he jest took her home he came wit the rap after she sit in his lap and snap he jest kissed her lips right there on the sofa, looked at her yellow sweaty thighs almost lost his mind she say its fun flirting but an uncertain outcome exist after a kiss no girl has been able to master this part she said now I'm a redbone and should head home but she's trapped in his arms just because he got raps and hot charm not the norm can't stop a storm of kisses, she was trapped and sitting and his rap gitting serious for real she say he wanted to go crazy on it oh gosh she say she was hot down there, her yellow pie renown witty and swell like a high ground citadel oh she try leave his place but he squeezed her waist she couldn't stand it was just a pudding plan oh gosh she realize a YELLOW SOUL SISTAS go through a lot here in VIRGINIA BEACH it's been shown that boys fall in love with my skin tone and then grown into an affair she say he gave her a VIRGINIA BEACH kiss and her pies was smoking and her yellow thighs flew wide open plus her breasts were poking he wanted to suck some she say she couldn't duck none her luck was done her body was just pudding yum! yum! far as leaving she was receiving everything she say she'll always remember the thirst on DECEMBER the first SANTA AND THE ELVES best go to Atlanta take care of themselves don't need SANTA holding his big Jimmy sliding down my chimney yelling HO! HO! OH NO he's coming to town to get some jest toys that boys enjoys, she said she try leave and couldn't her body was just squeezed pudding she told him she had to pea that's how she had a nice escape he almost had a slice of cake her thing was so yellow and wet brisk she won't forget this he was rubbing the fat lips on it , that was close he almost got some for real"-THE END) "OK LOOK BOO I go to the hood and feast you should at least let me try your wet pie let me have fun with butter then we fall in love with one another, truth and charm is like the roof of a barn it's solid, this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH energetic got cream have pathetic dreams like an athletic team exercise have an embedded scheme to sex your pies, jump in the car ride with plan tried my hand at foot-ball searched around couldn't score a touchdown or field goal this revealed my soul, look boo I rhyme swift but here to climb a cliff time to sniff perfume girl you smell good and should oh well it's hood, boo your breasts be a new recipe so don't test me you can get laid like wet lemonade, ok boo wrote a few rhymes and drew lines across paper and toss vapor in your ear in the form of love talk, my menu is fact into contact with your lips, got my shoes on as the world spin let the news be known that you are my girlfriend so dealing with the path of math let X equal Y and wet sex be legal pie in AMERICA the eagle fly, when spinach is involved must finish the job boo your doorknob do turn
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