Black Poetry : HE SAID: Have a smooth true affair emotions move through the air // Like winged birds my bling absur


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May 11, 2006
Have a smooth true affair emotions move through the air //
Like winged birds bling absurd a new thing oh word? prepare //
Our travel to love land only on gravel and not sand, feelings are //
Thunderbolt under quote but control by BLACK HIP HOP at the bar //
Need a girl or chick to hurl some quick words in my ear because //
My verbs appear weak right here on the street some sincere flaws //
Exist, a hot affair frying while my hair is flying everywhere so it’s //
Hop scotch to a romance plus the crotch on my pants closed legit //
Wit a zipper so when I git to strippers I’m locked down will admit //
In the house wit smarts use my mouthparts to eat some brief beef //
Feed these cats vocab then they go stab me in the back dang thief //
Act whack while i come with fact and rhyme and sip black wine now //
This black HIP HOP quick on the update so my luck is slick and somehow //
Great see a girl with swell breasts and well dressed can tell I’m impressed //
My heart tower and art has the power to change lives to much strange mess
And jive hang around, remember this girl with cake essential show great // potential boys thirst for cake she was first rate at GEICO lunch with a plate //
Bless with cream had self esteem GEICO a deft team at the bar celebrate //
Well known swell in the zone of home insurance she wore a silver mini- //
Skirt her mind shackle for days hackles raised body tackle and praise plenty //
Boys want some they wanna unravel her gown and travel around in drop //
Top kissing a lot and listen to BLACK HIP HOP anyway plenty to say hot //
They all ate a find day now it’s time to pay on VIRGINIA BEACH love spill //
She reached for the bill and water persuades minds in showers and now will // a cascades of flowers do the trick for this boy later alarmed a boy walks in
with alligator arms he said “woah baby girl I got this his soft talk just spins //
Her head in her mind are pathways and half days as math plays a part //
Outside a chrome hummer he wants her phone number love talk for start //
Had short arms and all sorts of charms not a hater perhaps but have hot //
Alligator raps, her pudding from VIRGINIA BEACH direct but he could not //
Reach the check knocked over the drink trying she started to think relying //
On his love he said “girl your body stats I desire we can sat by the fire tying //
A marriage knot as we kiss and reminisce sis, your butt is round in here and //
I’m ready to gulp down a beer it’s clear a Budlight do a thug right, my plan //
To drink thirstily and think mercifully on a wet date to get cake hold hands //
And stuff eager pleasure could lead to a legal treasure girl you toss pies //
And I’m lost in your eyes wanna be between your boss thighs sexual highs //
Exist after a kiss a alligator boy must master this” “guess after several tries //
Still no can do his plan is to get some now this boy name KEVIN helps out //
Step about picks up the checkbook and pay for the meal and stay real about //
Stuff got a hunch this lunch is gonna cost her, this alligator boy start to rub //
her black thighs they wide open now rubs the lips on her thing fell in love //
Looked at her thing and yelled GOOD CRISPY DUCK start having twisty luck //
So she left but he almost got some, wow black soul sisters go through a lot //
To save 15% with GEICO that was way too close like butter play toast, stop //
To think inside her thing hot pink oh she just left as a wet female, GEICO //
Alligator boy set to sail on her waters in bed, she escape with pie doe //
Well see you later alligator he smile said after while crocodile wow oh //
Her thing so hot down there so wet my cake be had to break free yay //
Oh so wet today needed a getaway a threat if i stay went home so hey //
Came with lace and remain in the same place no doubt a lack of fate //
May go get and OUTBACK STEAK

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May 11, 2006

Black history was a whack mystery backs blistery from getting //
Whiplash hard to grip the past it was a civil right battle letting //
Our pride never stopped and denied a lot as victims of racism //
Like PHILIP RANDOLPH through the labor Movement system //
Made major improvement to realism for black folks he became //
A civil rights leader ahead of the game and led many to fame //


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