Black Poetry : HE SAID: got slapped in the face because I rap at a fast pace right


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID: got slapped in the face because I rap at a fast pace right
here in VIRGINIA BEACH see a girl a legit lover but had to hit an onsite
mugger over the head wit a sick stick trying to be slick and snatch my
bread try rob in a public place the subject is lace so it's time to try
for some pie, a baked dish after some naked ish make it my wish to lay
you down now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH pivoting to stay
right because crime scare the living daylight out of me, happens everyday
up around my way HIP HOP shifting but not shoplifting a plot drifting away
in my head got feeble fact behind a legal act even an eagle will track prey
“OK BOO in view of the facts that's here it's phat and clear boo you real wet
it cost much when I lost touch with reality yet wanna trap your lace get
a map and chase latitude, pinpoint and begin to anoint location no threat
this flow is wet girl you boss and sweet with soft cheeks like TRACEE ROSS
SHE SAID: “freaks try make me their girlfriend the world spin at a crazy lost
on the farm flowers no doubt bloom while I storm out my room wearing
red silk panties, have to chill and think just spilled ink on the carpet sharing
written words along with hidden verbs boys look at well built fannies caring
a PHILIPINE brown one boy wanted my lace and all and like baseball had to
duck no doubt because I struck out and a boy almost got some, he took me
to a baseball game my breasts were right everyone dressed like a sprite see
a pitcher come out that look a lot like LEBRON JAMES we thought he was gonna
throw a strike but he threw a sprite delicious we had to do the right thing wanna
go home and this brown Soul Sista with red hair stood up and cheered so surprised
we left this be deft I could see myself cheering for this hot event not frequent my pies
be this wet a kiss can set them off oh PHILIPINE chicks go through a lot right here
in VIRGINIA BEACH” HE SAID “OK boo I had just witnessed a car crash to be sincere
now at the bar with cash to buy a beer cop with a radar passed, headed that way fear
was in the air ready to begin an affair with a chick quick, my program is slang and
like a door this slam with bang for breakfast I drink that **** tang so really I'm a fan
from “Dusk til Dawn” like GEORGE CLOONEY now boo you PHILLIPINE I've seen
what you can do and what you no can do, I got pride like URKEL which is a wide
circle of family matters and the calamity scatters like a disease so please my ride
awaits us boo give your trust to me we can travel to the ranch in a jeep and slide
on a avalanche I repeat,” “NAW PLAYER I see a lot and like a peacock I strut through
the grounds walk stiff talk swift you got phat facts at the back of your grammar
they attack herds of whack boys,not gonna ride think you wanna slide and hammer
my thing and be yelling and stuff, one boy did oh my thing was so hot then he jest
went crazy oh a PHILLIPINE girl go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH and the best
way to put it is duck your head or get stuck in bed I jest strut off and my butt so soft,
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May 11, 2006
so soft, my aim is to twerk with my body framework I became alert that luck
can fail boys see this and can't resist throw a kiss at my lips even king TUT
understand this, the club is a resident for butts, must have a confident strut
with a fine swagger don't let the wet wine stagger you into drunkenness a mutt
barks up the wrong tree at home I be chilled and fill with love so my cup-
cakes are sweet as my butt takes to the street, watching my plans and quotes
and like a marching band and floats, I parade play music and persuade folks
remember I was at ADVANCED AUTO to buy parts and try start my car smokes
under the hood something is wrong, had on a mini-skirt sweaty PHILLIPINE
thighs contact lens displayed green eyes my breasts renown I mess around dream
and touched my own thing, a boy saw that it's a raw stat, panties in a dimension
an leaking today in an attention seeking way oh this could be a sex convention


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May 11, 2006
n leaking today in an attention seeking way oh this could be a sex convention
there's a army of harmony in HIP HOP nod my head and make a odd pledge
speak discovered flow as the streets was covered with snow you came for lace
game remain in place love hovered above like helicopters this boy has taste
and chase my underwear a girl must face the thunder down there can't replace
the love of a PHILLIPINE CHICK she become a queen quick these facts smack
and like a backpack the vapor perk on the paperwork and roll like a Cadillac
my quotes simply floats gently in a boy's mind and there are toys online that attract
SANTA CLAUS, my true pie is like a brilliant blue sky wet and float boys get boat
ride try fish with a pie wish close my thighs, political math in my critical path hope
for digital wrath, my thing is a boss pink wanna soft drink with a scoop of ice cream
and a group of dreams lets boy shoot hoops extreme and score like STELPH team
and CLAY on a take away, you a brute in here and like root beer I got flavor that's major
like a plate of cake on a date, disaster on the streets hard like plaster or concrete behavior
take center stage my EBONIC affair unraveled and like economic travel my plan duration
can be founded in transportation my PHILLIPINE breasts are brown and my dress situations
is a down to earth mini-skirt a thrilla out of MANILLA boys try for pie and it's a sexual high
post EBONICS that's too close for economics eating toast never ironic to make mornings fly
I feel persuade and like a steel blade it cut through stuff when I strut boys wanna huff
and puff now this is BLACK HIP HOP at your feet while I shop on the street it get ruff
when a girl have to duck boys for real” “HE SAID: “ok boo cake help me take steps to fulfill
the character of rapper and be thrilled here in AMERICA need a chick to really build
my ego when we go on a date and strong fate would get me there so girl let me chill
for a minute before I go up in it and smash while juice splash on the dash and like LEFT
EYE LOPEZ this could creep on me deep like TLC and phone and bells be ringing deft

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