Black Poetry : HE SAID girl your body is a smoking brown and I'm hoping to be down with

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    HE SAID girl your body is a smoking brown and I'm hoping to be down with
    you the CD is a spoken sound that's how we do a kiss can brew very swift
    girl you the hot type and you not ripe like green peaches but you extreme
    on beaches and it seem leeches wanna cling to you boo, girl you need a team
    of love affairs, my facts on a ge like BIGGY this is outraged dignity yall
    ready to fall in love and ball at the club, your thighs sweaty pies ready and all
    eating spaghetti call for sex girl meatballs treat all my hormones nice so at home
    a nice slice of pie goes great somehow and my flows take a bow, boo nothing wrong
    with a little “bump and grind” after I've drunk some wine and your rump is fine
    new tune in America, assume the character of POET and know it stuff on my mind
    flow it then grow it as a crop for HIPHOP stuff drip drop like rain and this remind
    cats that my divine stats are right here in Virginia Beach on the side of the road
    stay legit and don't have to play the hypocrite of one not able to rhyme in code
    need cake and help ready to take steps to get some let go of my thumb honey
    bun you wearing a blue skirt and I came to work, boo you behave a funny
    and certain way by flirting everyday so don't close the curtains on the display
    recognize your pies are fun and nice but may need a ton of advice so hey
    let me rub them thighs they sweaty and stay ready like milk chocolate
    melt on my tongue knelt to you I'm sprung and hung on phonics drop it
    on a plot git legal for pie and like eagles fly high and land on trees with a plan
    that sees open thighs and smoking pies have arrived right here on the road hand
    me a piece boo my decisions combined with collisions in the mind watch
    Television sometime see chicks fine need slick lines in order to march
    ahead to success and get bed rest kissing and stuff then the huff and puff
    follows that, terrific art play a specific part in my heart too much sex can rough
    up a wet dream wake up wet as a jet stream have to let the steam out someway
    boo you attractive and nice lead an active life bu there in the car so far “lets stay
    together and say whatever like AL GREEN and I use Virginia Beach Valvoline
    oil in my car because viscosity leads to velocity never play on a foul team
    look boo I'm a Soul Brother and a bold lover I see toast and we both,
    in Virginia beach no stunt the ocean front is right up the road that growth
    you host kisses on toast not gonna boast about that, this is a brown overdose
    of that black exact soul loving, so my car pulled over on Colonial road most
    of the time we could toast if we had wine, but now looking at your sweaty thighs
    and ready for them pies, you phat and fly boo and I can satisfy you hear the vibes
    I fear your eyes are entrapment, girl you cross them thighs because you have boss
    pies just thrust the crust aside I want the inside stuff like the NBA so gone toss
    me a slice I lost my dice can't gamble, but I rub your thighs and love your pies
    boo in Virginia Beach on roads with dames got enough love to load cranes tries
    but wet juice gonna cum if turn loose my that's for real no lullaby boo
    car parked I'm blinging the CD start singing once extreme hood with mad crew
    didn't know the difference between good and bad boo now you make my body brew
    like coffee” she's somehow amazed as her eyebrows are raised he realized the detail
    she's a wise female and surprise to prevail in this situation a kiss in a relation can fail
    if true love not there, oh a lot of girls be so hot but as for her legit love when they
    hit the club but right now a bit above what she expected and sex could wreck it, hey
    it's on right here in Virginia Beach, “oh boo your thighs so soft and pies off the hook
    look jest let me touch it, I advance upon towns and romance a ton of brown chicks
    I'm gone down town quick with a lot of hot tongue the crazy gravy gets thick
    firing kisses at lips desiring she strips requiring some hip movement some slick
    talk is necessary, now we in the car alone and nice and far on in life in a sleazy
    groove and easily moved by a girl's beauty and you hurl cutie hip and they breezy
    like the wind and all type of men try get some so you smoking with endurance and
    open to the influence of love talk and that's why I do what I do from behind a plan
    as my lines land in the ears of girl so you hold my thumb and my goal is to get some
    and you a wet one like baby wipes, I'm from the hood and need a good deed I come
    with flows galore and go ashore like ships on ocean trips and the potion on your lips
    would love to kiss that off I never miss a boss tonguing girl, you wet with drips
    like a great sea wave and I need cake to be brave, and like a large rock you sit
    there while I git to stare at your thighs and want some phat pies, not a nitwit
    because my words peak and like a bird's beak peck cats on the head when
    my stats are read build a nest then chill with the best and you thrill men
    with breasts so I'm here for the taking of a hug girl we gonna be making
    love, don't look for a hiding place I'm gonna be sliding in lace no faking
    wanna try some pie not a dumb guy from a fly neighborhood and your flavor
    is good my behavior could improve after a kiss things could turn major,
    this is all real like a small meal girl a cake date is the deal and love is real
    you go to club with true love sit on low stools boys flow cool wanna steal
    your love, wrapped around you in bold fashion like an old fashion coat want
    hugs and kisses
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    this is a club act here and you can't subtract the beer and the whack fear from this and wish they can write a rhyme so it's night time and have to fight my mind because only the tight kinds of thoughts are here so with brown skin I make the town spin but then again I be cool in school and rock textbooks this knowledge on pages of blackness and not whackness and some girls are actress like HALE BERRY a cat girl with stats over the world wow with stats and a plan I guess I can be BATMAN