Black Poetry : HE SAID ears take a local pounding from my social surrounding, join a thing to another and wear blin


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May 11, 2006

ears take a local pounding from my social surrounding, join a thing to another and wear bling that clutter a eyesight want pie tonight so I try write a love letter, add milk to my coffee see mad silk killing me softly like L BOOGIE AND WYCLEF bad and boojee like FUGEE AND MIGOS, a beast in the club try increase the love can find peace in a hug, wrote rhyme and leading, devote time in reading, crave for bling to get my name engraved on a ring a GILLETTE shave among other things, saw a girl in this raw world of dream she hurl cream her necklace pearl green her candy curl seem so wet, she's shook in laces and like bookcases she has pages to turn in phrases we can learn love now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH, in order to get lace and butter may have to move from one place to the other, get all sorts of play and that's a short way to the bedroom wanna lay and sniff perfume a gift soon to come may seem like a goon sometime but my bold attitude is like soul food it has flavor, get strange affection but can't change directions, now this girl got pie and cake make sure my tie is straight if I lie I'm fake, so this girl got body curves and I' using party words this hottie is absurd with beauty and booty, my luck is bright and upright but may need a truck tonight in order to hall this affair off this girl hair is soft, made sure that my serenade was pure with a guitar and a legit car have a fit at the bar if I don't get a kiss I bet her thing wet and brisk the wet sweat drip down her hips so round wanna make a trip down town, lost my nerves at the bar had to swerve my car around a corner while the top was dropped went a mile had to stop and try get some, "SO LOOK BOO I'm here with force about to veer off course like a Mack truck with a flat tire but have a phat desire to date you boo and get wet cake too, your mini-skirt swung about your thighs while I was sprung for pies and the CD sung vibes, deliver love to your door make a river soar in your bedroom and spread perfume onto sheets, my bold quotes are like patrol boats they protect and secure flow correct and pure my dialect cure the whack "NAW PLAYER I'VE come to the place that maybe some lace could do you good and maybe I should give it up on the spot I be home a lot thinking take place boys winking eyes wanting cake to taste, butt naked is how my luck break it down these boys hound and wanna toy around and enjoy my pound cake awake and my panties off, so a brown girl have to walk on thin ice some boys been nice really alert when I flirt, you're a dynamic try guy I went bought panoramic Wi-Fi from COX CABLE thought it couldn't reach I'm a pudding on VIRGINIA BEACH now this is BLACK HIPHOP my lace brisk love case dismissed panties are black sparkling lace there maybe a lack of parking space here at FOOD LION FARRELL PARKWAY swish by this could be a fish fry as boys wish and try get this so I'm here and yoo-hoo out of the clear blue this boy walks up I have sweaty brown thighs a winner with brain ready to entertain getting me to dinner is his aim he wanna go loco on my coco but oh no not gonna happen although he's gonna be rapping in my ear and trapping me here at the VIRGINIA BEACH FOOD LION my mini-skirt pulled down I jest flirt around twirk a pound of butt on top of that a hot stat" SAID BOO "BEEN CHECKING you wrecking crew while collecting a few boyfriends here and there I fear they everywhere need a date hate to plead for cake


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