Black Poetry : HE SAID: Do math out of worry and pain And like the path of a hurricane He get blown away He has shown today That his mind is a whirlwind Looking for

Not even in the car yet
You can bet he got wheels
In the parking lot and it feels
Good, from her pies juice flow
Cries of woe produce an echo
Throughout the store but heck no
For sex, so out of the ordinary
No doubt he wanna carry
Her to his car backseat
She’s blind pathetic and wild
With a fine SPANISH poetic style
HE SAID: look he’s like an athlete
HE SAID: look he’s like an athlete.
on a path to try and compete
SHE SAID: she delivers matter.
on a silver platter
and boys shiver and scatter
her love all around town
now she has to duck players and clowns.
they wanna mess around
SHE SAID: her true breasts are hot.
and like a desktop
boys use apps to rap love.
girls get trapped at the club.
girls get trapped at the club.
because boy rap some love
he just stuck his hand under her dress.
have stats no doubt cake.
boys must combat the outbreak.
he hormones at home is jumpy.
and love could be lumpy.
at times after some phat rhymes
his stats climb like acrobat.
at a circus with purpose
under her dress is pink
but she needs a fresh think.


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