Black Poetry : HE SAID : boo you can't hide your lace while in a specified place like in the FOOD LION in // VIRGIN

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    HE SAID :
    boo you can't hide your lace while in a specified place like in the FOOD LION in //
    VIRGINIA BEACH romance is too phat and advanced for that with a chance to win //
    a girlfriend with love talk, the world spin like hub caps on drop top when //
    it's cruising , wanna make progress because you have cake and breasts so lets begin //
    with a kiss, I'm a rapper know Ebonics on chapter show ergonomics make my head //
    spin, boo love is static and like a recovering drug addict its cum a long way in bed //
    girl you plumb fine and cum rain or shine want a date on my plate can't escape my //
    fate, so we here ear to ear and it's clear I must try for date I want some moon pie //
    while listening to a tune that's fly, begin summers driving in Hummer with VIN //
    NUMBERS and State inspections are not great protection against accident trends //
    girlfriend, got weight on my shoulder but need cake and cocola while blowing in the wind //
    even though ride in a Cadillac but don't hide the facts about drop top being hot must spin //
    the wheels and begin to yield the right of way to pedestrians being nice is no sin //
    because i see much and we should be in touch not good to search for a girl so lend //
    me your ear dear wanna make you think clear we can drink a beer and pop bottles //
    and drop throttles on motorcycles, girl you body has aroma like a cup of coffee will //
    rub your butt softly, boo i hate to ask question but cake is my profession a kiss can thrill //
    reminisce and build love, cutes with rump could be roots and stumps to an affair in //
    other words can get butter absurd, I REMEMBER RAPPING to a chick that begin //
    in FARMFRESH right here in Virginia beach, she has hips and lips, brown skin //
    that can make a town spin wanna mess around and then go for a cake date that //
    could land me in bed stripped looking at her red lips in my brain are pink birds //
    must think of some words quick as her beauty play on my mind, turn on curves //
    We say like FREEWAY we "Hot as Ice because our plot is nice and this serve //
    as "Summer Sixteen" like DRAKE want all type of cake need love talk verbs //
    hooked on quotes and took notes gonna need a book of smoke with pages //
    that turn having the right words amazes my concern FARM FRESH blazes //
    I bet she let her boyfriend do stuff to her body, like kiss her lips in the heat //
    of the moment while she sit in his lap with her gown open body brown and sweet //
    and jest smoking breasts token of love, "girl your breasts and body is dressed //
    for a party impressed when i saw you in HARDEE a hamburger that's fresh //
    can do a **** murder on an appetite while I rap tight with my sight on breasts //
    he says boo your thighs so brown now my mind flys around he want real cake //