Black Poetry : HE SAID: #1 Sprinkle vibes with a twinkle in my eyes and that accentuate // My smile when I convers

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    HE SAID: #1

    Sprinkle vibes with a twinkle in my eyes and that accentuate //
    My smile when I convers ate with style, on the cell phone dominate //
    Make legit calls and avoid pitfalls then hit balls try get a homerun //
    With a baseball and chase all my chances by tagging first base fun //
    To score and like BIG PUN soar with verse, but go to the store first //
    Girls splash fast perfume in the classroom their task grows and burst //
    into blooms like flower with all type of powers boys see that and jest thirst //
    A guy can get it twisted but like the STYLISTICS It’s “Heavy Fallen out” //
    Go find a true bar look the design of my new car accepted no doubt //
    With my hand I stand and rip manuscript jest to give a perfect nation //
    The right interpretation of BLACK HIP HOP facts at the tiptop of situations //
    Accept flowers as gift help the powers to uplift, take showers mind drift //
    Convinced wisdom is like a defense system reduce damage but leave whiffs //
    Of smoke for folks to sniff no joke this BLACK HIP HOP is facts in flip flops //
    Walking the street when talking it speak stalking the freaks minds trips a lot //
    Hot and pay rent but not to the extent of making folks broke all the time //
    Speak with girls and seek worlds of love while they freak wearing divine //
    Candy curls at clubs, now I’m in VIRGINIA BEACH and need a stable //
    Speech to be able to reach a chick from the beach ready to set the table //
    For a wet bagel my aim is her breasts wanna gain access to them it may //
    Take work body cake in a skirt it’s time to rap and trap and perhaps stay //
    And get a kiss, so this is superior quality but inferior policy if I play //
    Around and don’t get a chick and let a thick chance pass me by today //
    She’s from KOREA and fine wanna see her things on my mind and //
    Of course my bling shine she come bold from SEOUL it time to plan //
    My words, she probably let her boyfriend knock the boots, really a hot //
    Cute my plot is brute love, need a chance for success just to look, stop //
    And romance her breast she could enhance my bed rest around the clock //
    We can kiss this boo will stay true even if she from TAEGU, this girl is boss
    And fly with no false alibi wish she toss me some pie she’s in a mini-skirt //
    Plenty alert thighs sweaty pies ready, my eyes steady on her body she flirt //
    A lot body perk hot like coffee all type of softly struts with butt she twerk //
    Thing soaked in juice I hope to loose her red skirt and do some bed work //
    In VIRGINIA BEACH she’s a hot chick carrying chopsticks we can eat rice //
    Soon with a sweet nice tune and throw some kimchi up in it make it twice //
    As good, in the air peace as the hair grease parted my hair then started //
    To repair the roots and now have waves and for vocab crave heavy hearted //
    Smoking and shook then open a book my page confirms in vague terms //
    Love is a bold load an whole episode could be a cold road that burns //
    Success that cause ashes as flaws smashes romance and flashes light //
    Her flirt is revealing and that works on my feelings mini-skirt stealing //
    I’m into bolder raps while other idiots into shoulder taps and kneeling //
    To my rhymes

    LOOK BOO it’s Thanksgiving want some brief turkey along with //
    Beef jerky preferably JACK LINKS have to watch sasquatch, swift //
    Strength is available through hairy means and my plan vary lost //
    after some cranberry sauce never deal with crazy haters it cost //
    To spread gravy on mash potaters is boss so really my mind drift //
    On the plate in New Jersey caressing some turkey dressing a swift //
    Blessing, boo you able to be spoken to, hoping you give me a kiss //
    We can live and reminisce at the crib brisk with collard greens twist //
    Look boo I come from afar and thumbs up on my car off CRAIGSLIST //
    So boo you a Korean chick I get credit and anoint crew from //
    An aesthetic point of view your body create beauty I want some //
    See cake it’s my duty to take a slice and spend the summer in //
    The winds of a hummer then get your cell number and talk, grin //
    And we must discuss stuff love your powder puff be my girlfriend //
    Our world spin we get wine and toast to whatever we close together //
    Like hand and glove I plan to love you when in affairs it’s clever //
    To kiss and i never miss them lips boo so skip to mulu and you //
    Got hips too, HIP HOP is a wordy culture but sturdy structure true //
    No doubt some folks sinking because they spoke without thinking //
    use a dose of powdered art in the most crowded park quotes shook //
    While folks look boo jokes got me hooked like a stream or babbling brook //
    Part of my brain is like MARK TWAIN need to find TOM SAWYER and hire //
    A calm lawyer just to beat this case and be allowed to get sweet lace desire //
    A chick quick up in here for real, read a book and proceed to look for one //
    You a KOREAN GIRL oriental yellow so sentimental and mellow be fun //
    To kiss your lips you walk and twist your hips and as a real fine hon //
    Take brisk sips of lemonade like BEYONCE so be my fiancé boo” “NAW //
    PLAYER I have pie and no doubt smart ready to try out for a part raw //
    In a play, my ballistics perk like artistic work such as films and touch //
    The top of the rim like basketballs it’s drastic yall like STARSKY AND HUTCH //
    Or huggy bear in a muggy affair, my emotions like oceans plenty big but //
    Don’t want to be a guinea pig in all this on tall kiss could start a corrupt //
    Landslide and a boy’s plan is to ride me in his car so really i have to duck //
    Because an affair start with spare parts you need a pair of smart chicks //
    While your heart tick love, my panties get wet hot nonstop as the clock ticks //
    Hot licks from a boy’s tongue make me enjoy some good loving
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    You be banging bro!
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    thanks chuck