Black Poetry : HE SAID: “This stuff smack lions and attract iron like a magnet right my dew rag wet hair growing w


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID: “This stuff smack lions
and attract iron
like a magnet
right my dew rag wet
hair growing wild
while I'm flowing with style
knowing to smile
when I see a chick
but got to be quick
with the right words
and use all type of verbs
distinguish in the town
but have to use English noun
desire vocab phat
in a drier habitat
in the city I'm staying
with a bunch of witty sayings
having lunch on a committee praying
to get some, I soar in a matter
SO LOOK BOO I can get more data
from searching
while some touching
your lips lets do this
give me a true kiss
my style alert
and stack like a pile of dirt
it could be mud or dust
but right now love and lust
for us going to the club is a must
write a sick rhyme
and its thick like grime
need a KOREAN chick that's fine
grab a BIC and write out of my mind
never snort cocaine
stuff gives you a short brain to maintain
now I'm boss tonight
and your body soft and light
like charming tissue
it's an alarming issue
so boo in this view
let me kiss you
now a girl strutted by
and like smutted sky
mind dark uttered pie
I kiss with forces
and like a list of courses
this stuff is offered in college
its pathetic and hard
so I grab my credit card
and drove
to get a new wardrobe
have a crew of quotes
that's true about folks
and some of them do chokes
like peanut butter, spread
on bread stick to mouth fed
to folks jump in the bed misled
about dinner so you KOREAN
for real we can go to a museum
and see your history
it must have been blistery
now girl you in a pink mini-skirt
and I can only think plenty flirt
in my cell phone got a dope battery
after some love talk hope this strategy
get me in bed with you boo what you say huh?
SHE SAID: “NAW PLAYER I got sweet breasts
and like sleep or rest
they relax and max under silk sheet
as my body built unique as milk skeet
this stuff is grade A
not gonna get laid today
for real my name perk
in the framework
of haters online
that can't be creators of rhyme
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
being a leach never reach
the top like that have to bleach
my panties I deal with a puzzle
that is a real struggle
my lips red and gleam
like the gravelly bed of a stream
which is a layer of rock
and you a player in shock
oh a KOREAN GIRL go though a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH panties blue and not
red, you come with funk and rap
I may have to jump off your lap
like a frighten kitty cat
if you come with tighten witty stats
let me make this clear I'm truly wet
you walk across a gully
wearing a boss Scully
don't forget to tie the strap
oh you want pie perhaps


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May 11, 2006
oh you want pie perhaps
remember at Dairy Queen
a boy one of the first on scene
should bring flowers thirst for cream
wet romances
and a set of circumstances
could lead to a state of affairs
I feed cake nothing compares
this must come to a head
while my lips plum red
this is all fame
and played out like a ball game
wreck guys online
being a specified kind
of KOREAN chick that dine
at Dairy Queen boys try find
me, I just lick my cone
be slick on the cell phone


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May 11, 2006
be slick on the cell phone
I remember I was wit this dude
it really got me in a legit mood
laid the foundation
need a paid vacation
now made the reservation
for a hotel room
flow well use perfume
throw on a CD hear the tune
lay in bed start to fear and doom
well me and my boyfriend
in the drop top enjoy the wind
went to GEICO he take delight
in getting cake tonight
oh me I really hate to write
a love letter it hurt my finger
plus I'm alert swinger
went to GEICO to buy a plan
and try understand
the facts of life
which is a sacrifice
comes at the exact price
of a gamble we just had rice
but here comes this camel
JUDY you a beauty what day it is?
Oh maybe on crazy TV hey show biz
then the camel ask guy name mike
and try be hype “hey MIKE what day
it is


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May 11, 2006
and try be hype “hey MIKE what day
it is? He didn't answer he walked away
then the camel came to me hey sweet
heart you street smart what day it is I freaked
said it's hump day the camel yell he looked
at my red lips and yellow skin and wanted some
looked at my sweaty oriental thighs
and knew I have sentimental pies
chopsticks in my purse
a hot chick with a thirst
so boys buy a rose that's aggression
and that pose the question
since I was wet at JARED
are we gonna get married?
Got tremendous breasts
through a continuous process
that involve milk
it is a girl's job to be built
sexy enough to attract a kiss
and let the facts reminisce”
“LOOK BOO a thing that's known
is I got some bling at home
and that's a body of fact
some Bacardi make me act
funny end up a whack dummy
at a party somewhere that's funny
if you asking me I like my eggs sunny
side up


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May 11, 2006
if you asking me I like my eggs sunny
side up, step wild
like a reptile
and that help style
HIPHOP and kept a smile
on my face and will howl
for lace so lets embrace a while
my car is right out there
and no doubt you got that stare
that I'm aware of so lets share
our love, ”NAW PLAYER got pie
to the max and try relax but I
can't my phat hormones at home
boils over oh KOREAN GIRLS go
through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH no
go on the sex
but boys go loco on the text
with words that mess up a girl's
head, it require work
but I have a desire to twerk
and boys admire my flirt
but hey I keep my skirt
down because my cake divine
and you must find a straight line
that's equal in length
to make legal sense
I got a Beagle pup and convince
that you have some dog in you
and travel through the fog and dew
now barking up the wrong tree
oh no you can't go home with me
wow your plan very soft
like cranberry sauce
if in the car you gonna carry me off
oh gosh he grab my waist and kiss
my lips right there in the store this
unusual it's like a musical but brisk
my plot strong
like a pop song
can't stop for long
boo lets go to the car
plenty party plan end
anybody can win
let the game begin
you rapping to me
but there happen to be
panties at stake
and you want my phat cake
exciting today
and vitamin A
is required for good eyes
now get my tongue wanting pies

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