Black Poetry : HE SAID “My plan include cake and will elude a fake in the rude hands of fate fare is money for a ride love your hair a honey with pride at that poin


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID “My plan include cake
and will elude a fake
in the rude hands of fate
fare is money for a ride
love your hair a honey with pride
at that point
I knew my stats anoint
see a KOREAN CHICK in a mini-skirt
them fine hemlines above the knee flirt
is what I love to see and a thug be out
of control and no doubt bold about
asking for some, this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH continue to reach the tiptop
a raging ASIAN with chop sticks perhaps
so I'm ready to hop quick and rap
so girl a date would be great
“NAW PLAYER you too late
got a man we travel with chance
to bring about gravel romance
you wanna kiss and pie
and that mystify
me, and twist the sky
in my brain and they fry
like green eggs
and between my legs
be hot enough to burn
a hole in my panties I'm concern
it may blow my mind
and then have go online
to explain what sex do to the brain
oh I'm so hot down there
and juice around everywhere
So what boy wouldn't dare?”
HE SAID “LOOK BOO your lips so nice
make me slip on ice
wow hips soft like rice
want tongue sugar and spice
see your breasts wanna roll the dice
my plan prevail
like a handrail
for ballet dancers
so boo make me your quick boyfriend
and I'll be with you through thick and thin
like wedding vows let the wet love begin
in the bedroom” SHE SAID “NAW PLAYER when
I let one boy get some he lost his mind
be breaking the bed and yelling stuff little time
go by going loco on my pie he wet the bed
by splashing juice smashing the loose threads
on the bed sheets CD in my ears and head
on beat, oh he jest kissed my lips a lot
and suck my tongue couldn't duck none
I was stuck and done, energetic atr a fast pace
kind of pathetic with class and lace
this boy try slow me down
so he can kiss and go down town
KOREAN girls go through a lot around
VIRGINIA BEACH try keep away
but this boy speak and say
stuff to get my wet panties hot
on the spot, this is Black Hip Hop
HE SAID “hey boo we can eat ko sarti
and go to a party better ask somebody
we can fly to Taegu I'll never try play you
we could fly on KAL Airlines and stay true
let our affair climb to the sky boo how
about some fine pie, my plot true chow
like hot stew wow it'll burn your mouth
I'm concern and aroused from the south
SHE SAID: “l'm In Walmart with the right stare and a nightmare
is a bad dream got mad cream and quiet aware
hot and pure but not sure fun flirting but uncertain
about this boy trying to rap up on some its hurting
let me duck my head or get stuck in bed
this is poetry not grocery must clear my head
step back never help the whack but yep gonna
snack on a small meal got a tall deal now wanna
A Hershey bar, lots of strong talk so I took a long
walk which is a hike itch to strike it rich my cell phone
would have a ring tone boyfriend would have bling on
so ding dong is the doorbell have more to tell a boy
walks up oh my panties are wet, he wish to kiss and enjoy
my lips soften and often I be annoyed
HE SAID “boo I'm fighting mad with a writing pad
it's eight and its getting late, hate to hold you up, had
a dream, this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
and you a Brown Soul Sister you could teach
me love boo, SHE SAID: OK I'M brown and I been
around plus wear a crown while the wind
blow up my dress a do-nut best describe this


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