Black Poetry : He has a bold team but his whole scheme is plunged into darkness need info to spark this he'll dispatch a lot after he hatch a PLOT look boo you got


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May 11, 2006
He has a bold team
but his whole scheme
is plunged into darkness
need info to spark this
he'll dispatch a lot
after he hatch a PLOT
look boo you got a load of hips
on this road trip
skip dinner you flow well and renown
so is there a hotel in town
Not booked tonight?
My mind is shook and right
and boo you look tight
have a boyfriend might
I ask? yes but he not here
and girl you hot it appear
yes this is a concerned night
have to turn on the light
to see stuff
and hope to be enough
girl to walk away and be up to snuff
yeah you wanna kiss me
but I disagree
you see I been there
and done that so I'm aware
of what could happen
after some good rapping
talking to one boy had fun
but had to grab my panties and run
got a merit in his palm
he inherit a farm
some cows with milk
see girls smiles at silk
his rhymes pleasures
with the kind of treasures
founded in a garage
this is a muggy place
and like an ugly vase
it kill flowers
and thrill with the powers
of red blooms
in bedrooms
even fed goons
now she got a phat flirt
at work
got booty stats to flirt
we could end up in bed
“NAW PLAYER you misled
I'm a KOREAN GIRL fled
to ETAEWON and really dread
one love affair one boy drove
to an old complex
wanted bold sex
wearing a gold TIMEX
tick tock on a sick watch
wind it up during a quick march
this is in fact
an affair in a CADILAC
oh he jest kissed her lips
right there in the car
and wanted some bar
time so he can sip wine
and grip these hips of mine
stop! Oh her panties are hot
KOREAN GIRLS go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH this is Black Hip HOP
this boy want cake in potions
ready to make a commotion
and make a strong phone call
which could lead to a stone wall
go ahead sing the song yall
don't wanna play you
but we can go to TAEGU
just to stay true
to the game who
can blame us for that
this boy can make clay into bricks
get wet cake and play with chicks
“let me make my position clear
there's some tradition here
you hot chick
with chop stick
and chop chae
on the table
oh he jest kissed her lips
in the store then grips
her waist and get some tongue
going home is a must
but may have taken the wrong bus
end up hitch hiking thumbs out
so there is some doubt
check the scheduled route
wet and amazed
how her body set ablaze
like a forest fire this plays
into sex, in the house is deft
the room she douse herself
with perfume
so she smell sweet
and boys try excel from the street
awe girl got some pretty eyes
and some yellow thighs
CD has mellow vibes
so we arrives
at this conclusion
she won't take a back seat to anyone
her cake attack the street plenty is done


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May 11, 2006
Complex to reach
VIRGINIA BEACH with text or speech
shoot hoop with nerds
then use a group of words
to explain my dribble birds
fall from the sky
and some believe they can fly
he'll never understand why
his signal is proper
he is the original author
“so boo lets take a serious ride
through the jungle a mysterious glide
girl hip hop devastated my life
with estimated price
this is hot and strange
and like a stock exchange
this is a commodity
let me kiss your body
“NAW PLAYER I'm a hottie
and my panties are wet
eat dinner and remain yet
to entertain sing and recite
her thing is to ignite
booty she is the right cutie
to strut that butt its her duty
there's a legal variety
against the evils of society
Rap great quotes
try and captivate folks
but need a map to locate hope
he wanna start down town
as her heart pound
he order pie
and its like a water supply
its all wet like a lake
so boys get cake
tell the story of wisdom
but like a circulatory system
it flow like blood
they give him no love
the master go to the club
wear a dew rag and equip
see a girl all that and a bag of chips
she's dressed in a mini-skirt
hips do plenty of work
when she walk and flirt
they jest be bouncing around
bouncing around boys really hound
LOOK BOO you a brown Soul Sister
and my whip is outside
and no doubt a ride
awaits us, NAW PLAYER when
it come to boys some win
with no outcome

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