Black Poetry : He and Him

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Do you feel that one is slightly insane to be in love? It can provoke you to do the abnormal...

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  1. B-Onyx

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    Apr 13, 2013
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    *Bang, Bang, Bang*
    That's Him banging on the bathroom door...
    Why can't they just let me be...let me do this in peace?...
    "You don't have to choose!" He yells to me....
    My back to the bathroom door, I slide down it...things becoming so blurry...
    Thoughts fading...the razor falls to the floor, stained with my life's most sacred substance as red as polish #34 Ruby Red....
    Mascara running down my face looking like a wounded child...
    Eyes as dark as the cold night that I was left by Him....
    Why....why did there have to be a choice?...
    Why can't I just be complete....why?....
    For these are my last thoughts...
    At sunrise I'm with Him and by sunset I'm with He...
    I loved Him but this one could only be my sunrise...and He...​
    Well He could only be my sunset...​
    Why must there have been another involved with Him?....​
    I couldn't be complete because of the missing piece of Him that I could not claim....​
    And He....He was a wonderful distraction...​
    A wonderful distraction from my reality...​
    Loved me like no other, wanted to give me what I could not give myself...​
    Unaware of the string attached to my heart leading back to Him...​
    Oh but this day....this day and everyday before it I have been torn.​
    Do I unmask myself of the shadows of the night to be with He, who is my sunshine?​
    Or do I let my light extinguish and follow the bright star of my dusk to be with Him?
    Breath coming in short I look up to the ceiling all my woes escape me,​
    All of my realities mere memories...​
    *Bang, Bang, Bang*
    "Please open the door...please I beg you..."​
    A different belongs to Him...​
    Both my casualties of this cruel, cruel emotion we call love...​
    Both here to cease the inevitable...​
    "I...I can't live like this anymore!"....I can't....chest heaves as I take deep breaths...​
    They must have read their respective last debt to each...​
    You see I waited too long to slash the torrid skin,​
    Release the bloody pain and rage that lived within me for far too long!​
    But for you see....on yesterday's eve He, found about Him....​
    My sun ceased to rise...and my days were never ending....​
    I remained torn...pulled in 2 directions...​
    Made to make a choice....for this I could not do...without one I was incomplete....​
    For He was my night, my star so bright....​
    But my sun rose because of Him, my reason for taking the days first breath....​
    I cannot live like I shall die because of it....​
    *Bang Bang Bang*
    Love is never painless, for we are at our most vulnerable and linger on the blurred lines of insanity within it. One must be slightly insane to accept the emotion we call love...​
  2. Nahshon

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    Sep 20, 2001
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    Why when I am so vulnerable you gone make me release my tears
    Tears that haven't let fall down for years
    Love has got me twisted in convulsions
    And your poem just stirred me up yet I believe in love
    though I feel like I have a knife in my heart
    it's pounding and paining me something fierce...

    thank you for the tears...
  3. B-Onyx

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    Apr 13, 2013
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    You are quite welcome and aside from my random poem, I absolutely believe in love. It can provoke us to do things we usually wouldn't, but that never stops me from falling! :hearts1: