Black Muslims : Hawwa [Eve] Created From Adam's Rib

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    It is in Sahih al-Bukhari, Arabic-English translation, vol. VII Hadith No. 113 that woman was created from man's rib.
    The meaning of this is that Allah has created some of humankind without the means of a father, such as `Isa, some without the means of a mother, such as Hawwa, and some without the means of either, such as Adam, upon our Prophet and upon them blessings and peace. And may Allah be glorified Who is the best of creators.
    The general meaning is that the rib is the protection of the heart. I.e. Woman represents the protection of man rather than the reverse, but for such protection to take place then man must protect woman in the first place. This is because if any harm reaches the rib (woman) then the heart (man) is left unprotected.
    The Prophet, upon him peace, said in that very same hadith: "Therefore, treat women kindly."
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