Black Poetry : Having a It Ruff

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    Having a It Ruff

    My script bring static because it’s diplomatic make cats
    Trip like addicts I’ve had it with the sick politics and stats
    Do a hot write and its not polite for yall not to reply give pats
    On the back sometime even to a dumb rhyme, we live through art
    Like a hardcore musical this is far more than usual it rip apart
    Script and art make me turn somersault I’m in my hummer
    Caught at a service station having a nervous relation a comer
    Of stress tryin to fill gas tank faced with a fast blank in my bill-
    Fold it thrills my soul to try and pump petro in the ghetto it kills
    My spirit four dollars a gallon, my hummer on route thirsts with
    Frequent outburst of engine die behavior so it’s such a major gift
    To feed this thing in order to proceed to cling to the road with a load
    Of luggage, sick of my spouse got kicked out the house that’s the code
    Of the road, hate fakes my girl bake cakes and blend in the nuts, but
    She lay down and play around with other brothers and that’s corrupt
    Force to divorce after a stiff course of disagreements had some bad luck
    Now I’m gone alone from home and the gas prices has elevated and
    So much strife I’ve took my life is like books strangle and commingled
    With sarcasm and sadness phantasm madness like the movie get dingled
    In a spiritual way go dto have my lyrical say ready to Escape to New York
    Like Snake Bliskin like Kurt Russell work my muscles like Ice Cube in that Torque
    Movie got a century of blame messing with Henry James on two wheels
    Try be flagrant like that FBI agent in that black Hummer want in on the deal
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    Ruff Ryder

    Facing another dip when i gave them da slip
    pull my jag from my hip pop a whip on auto
    let da control roll in depth not so wet
    as i bliss cat on a twisted hat like dat
    as i move in da groove showin love
    without nothing to prove all smooth
    like da lyrical hitman bustin sounds
    on a bandstand of soul as it's mold
    need to show mo love a pat and hug
    to da poetic rug and ditch in da mud
    given back like ole Jack in motion
    sometime it's all about devotion
    as i pay da bill and keep it real drop a mill or two
    what i'm gonna do .....just ruff ryding da game.
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    Sometimes the times can be so rough, we feel we can't find our way out of them. That's when we need to flip the script. Enjoyed the flowback from Rich as well.