Black People : Have you ever heard this???

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    This is a conversation between me and one of my history teacherz...

    My part
    I have read that Christopher Columbus's trip to America was funded by the treasures won during the war between Spain and the African Moors over the city of Andalusia. I understood that he was turned down at first because the efforts to win the city of Andalusia was not going well until a attack on a treaty holiday that both sides agreed upon was broken, and Spain won half the city. Also I had heard the city of Andalusia was the eighth wonder of the world but was removed from most text as a wonder for unknown reasons.

    Teacherz Part

    I've read that Columbus got about half his funding for his first voyage from Italian merchants and bankers and the other half from Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. They were pretty broke at the time owing to the last war against the Moors, and the old story is that Isabella pawned her jewels to finance Columbus' voyage, although the general consensus is that it's more likely that the money came from loot after the fall of Granada in 1491. That was the last Moorish state in Spain, and it's in the present-day region of Andalusia. Spain is not my field, so I don't know about the treaty holiday attack you mention.

    Just something to think about....
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    I lean more towards your teachers explanation , but it goes much deeper. It was his second voyage that was funded by Queen Isabella after he returned from his first and gave his report on WHAT AND WHO HE FOUND ALREADY OCCUPYING THE LAND ON HIS FIRST TRIP.....(so how could he have discovered it?) By the way, where he left some of his mates is now called Haiti!

    Upon his return Cristoforo Columbo said:

    "i swear your majesty that i have never encountered a better nation. They love their neighbors as themselves" here we see we didn't have to wait for someone to put the latter of what columbo said in a book for us to know that because we already knew that and were doing it...

    Columbo still being arrogant said also:

    "These friendly and hospitable people must be made by all means neccessary to be made to adopt our ways". Then he showed her the 10 Ti'ano Indians he had captured.....


    "Afrikans and European Holidays - A mental Genocide" Books 1 & 2
    by Rev. Ishakamusa Barashango (as'e)