Black People : Have you ever died before? Flatline that is.

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    If you did, what did you experience? Was is it the same as sleeping? Did any holy book bring you back? Did any God or Goddess bring you back? Was you in a state of peace like dormat? Was it like purgatory? Can anyone relate beside quoting words from books? Is there anyone I can relate to? Does anybody know anything about God, the Universe or the otherside besides quoting words? Or do you feel like a projection from above like outer space or something? I have went flatline and that's real...just looking for like-minded folks who are like past all the past stuff and on their journey. I'm returning back to explore the other kingdoms cause human nature is done. The only part of human nature that was interesting to study was the woman and that's it for me. I'm on the path of shamanism and sage getting my own land so i am shifting back to where i came from originally of what i believe. I will scribe more of the other kingdoms trying to master these levels and in between but love to speak to like-minded folks. I done read those holy texts and stuff and guess what yo?? I'm back and been back so what's next. Just saying. The government is old news always and they are shameless about putting stuff out here that is old and rearranged as if it is new. Information technology is of course rigged. The real information is from within...just keeping it real.

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