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Jun 18, 2004
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panafrica said:
Brother Jamesfromphilly this is not completely true! Abantu did attack you, and I addressed that. However sister Fanyamambo extended you a kind offer, did not call you out, and you brushed her off (responded with your I have never met a kind African speech). If this is the position you are determined to take within this thread, then you will be attacked, particularly by the Africans who visit. How do you expect me to protect you from that? It is really no different from the inter-racial couples who post to pro-black forums. If you take a opposing position where ever you are, you are going to be disagreed with! Some who disagree with you may not be tactful in doing so. I am trying to keep the conversation civil, but I can't do much more beyond that!
you are correct, i should have been more cordial toward Fanyamambo's offer.
i was on a roll and didn't really feel open.

if one reads what i write you will see that i am not generalizing.
i don't know all Africans, i only speak of my own personal experience.

i feel that is an important point.

if a member gets dumped on for truthfully speaking what they have experienced, there is something wrong here.
if a person can not speak the truth without being cursed, the forum is diminished.

i speak the truth of my personal experience and i do not generalize.
what basis does anyone have to attack me for that?

despite my poor experience, i am still trying to find an African who i can talk with.
if these people feel that i am the enemy, they are sadly mistaken and there will be no progress.

i'll leave this thread so as not to be a further distraction.


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Nov 17, 2004
Panafrica why are you saying I "attacked" this individual when it's not true. You are confusing being truthful with attacking someone. I was responding to a question asked to me by another poster in this thread, and this antagonistic individual comes here crying about native Africans being nuts and the likes from the start. He's been posting in this message baord for awhile that's why you are siding with him. But be careful we, the conscious native Africains, are not whimps or stupids, and there is no way we are going to let ourselves to be abused by anybody either. There is a tremendous work we all need to do to materialise the utopie of the unity of the Black Race, it's not by being unjust that it will start. I'm learning in this thread this for sure. I am sorry this individual has spoiled the good posts the others members have brought in this thread. I still keep the faith!



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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
You are being incredibly short sighted in dismissing what brother JamesfromPhilly has to bring to Africa sister Abantu (if you have read all his post, and not just the ones on this particular thread, you'd know this). However I can not convince you of this, and I'm am going to stop trying. I will say this, there will be no utopia of the black race if we do not grab every black hand that is reaching out to us!


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Nov 17, 2004
A person must be CONSISTENT if he or she wants credibility don't you think? Too many African Americans despise us because of the criminality, and the efficacity of the Western Media that is a sad fact. Some of them can fool you, but they cannot fool me no matter the ideal they claim to espouse, but as we see, they are not consistent with.. My initial post was a simple question to Black American PAN-AFRICANISTS, and this individual, who is a Nationalist first and foremost, as you correctly precised, responds to me saying that native Africans are no valuable peoples because he had bad experiences with a very few of them. If he had genuine respect for us, he would have not called us backwards, or nuts as his FIRST and MAIN agurmentations. You can say I am "short sighted" if you want because you are entlited to, but I'm just talking from a defending (not attacking) native African point of view. For too long we have been used by the Diaspora, and neglected many many times in dire crisis. In this case the unity of the Black Race is an utopia, so it's about time we speak out.


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