Egypt : Have You Already Read "The Book of the Dead?"


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Mar 3, 2014
I am very interested in this. I have read only portions of the Book of the Dead, and quite some time ago. It was a library book about the Book of the Dead, as I best recall, with quoted portions. And from what I could discern at the time, it seemed mis-titled. In other words, more a book about life, not death...about living life seeking to be connected with all of existence, the universal spirit. For sure, I could use a refresher on this subject.


Dec 22, 2015
I'd like to express my gratitude and apprectiation for all things Destee, but especially for this section of the forum.

In all of these past months searching for somehwere and someone to go to in order to discuss Medu Neteru, after finding the Denver Ausar Auset society to be inactive, I have at long last alighted to a place and people with which to share.

Words fail to convey the great irony that accompanies this discovery. It is the discovery of Self, and the resurrection of Ausar, embodied joy, soaring.

That I would follow this truth to this place, among the people to which it was discovered, cultivated, and to whom it belongs is a marvelous thing to me, given that I am white.

There is so much to convey, again words fail me. It is a mass of childhood struggles lived alongside your people in poverty. Decades of searching my soul, and the world over for this elusive truth, for the Way. That I would find it here amongst your people with whom I have sacrificed for, and with whom I have witnessed the travesty that is racist genocide and oppression, a lifetime series of events that has resulted in such profound fighting spirit in myself, seeing that resolute strength in you. A beautiful irony that perhaps I can only appreciate, failing in words to convey this supersynchronicity of meaning.

I have read Vol. I twice, and am starting on my second reading of Vol. II. I read the Pert Em Heru, but am at just the beginning, for I found it here for the fist time just yesterday alongside this section of the forum.

I am on the cusp of beginning level 1 initiation of the sorrows of Auset. I have been searching for so long with someone to discuss this discovery of Self with, this history of your people. Needless to say, with other whites it is impossible. And with black folk I know here in Colorado, they are unfamiliar with it. This must change the world over. The dissemination of truth is of utmost importance, not just for the world, but for your people and amongst them first.

For me, a lifetime of learning science, various branches thereof and numerous schools of thought, Medu Neteru is the Master List of sorts. The Master Scroll, the skeleton key to unlock the true meaning behind all. Neteru! Wondrous!

May you all dwell in the Order of the Divine, in humility I extend my gratitude, it is my hope that Spirit convey this, as words cannot contain nor convey the depth and intensity of my appreciation for truth, and those who come bearing it.



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