Black Poetry : Have to fix his luck he's mixed up and confused may lose his girl in the drop top cruise he post th


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May 11, 2006
Have to fix his luck
he's mixed up
and confused may lose
his girl in the drop top cruise
he post threads
like growth on bread
turn to mold
and confirm the scroll
drop tons of script
enough to run a ship
he grab cake and hope
to navigate a boat
in states that is joined together
meditate with brains or whatever
his heart easily broken
leave panties sleazy and smoking
commend folks
and then chokes
with rope around throats
and clowns hope
to escape, that's dope
from the HIP HOP standpoint
he plan to anoint
those with episodes
when he step in roads
to the future, need help
with fact took a step back swept
the rug and really slept on love
now see a Black Soul Sista
a mini-skirt she fine whisper
in her ear “girl you fine like
cat hair stats in the air with hype
love her sweaty black thighs
stay ready with attack eyes
boys know you attract with pies”
“NAW PLAYER he want her in the staircase
so he can have an affair with her lace
but no not today her hair out of place
Now this is Black Hip Hop VIRGINIA BEACH
reach for the sky but grab a peach
got vocab to preach, her lips red
today and he wanna make head-
way to the bedroom between
the sheets the cream is deep scheme
loaded with spicy butters
she remember being at
the car wash but no phat
ROSE ROYCE and that's that
this boy wanted some bad
AUTO-ZONE next door he had
a fit looking at her legit breasts
because they poking and her dress
tight, no doubt caught
without fault
a perfect day
interpreted the way
he grip butt
like the lips of a cup
of coffee and rub softly
but oh no this wouldn't be
he kissed her lips she couldn't see
she's sincerely thinking
and it's merely tinkering
with confirmed emotion
which has turned into a ocean
in her panties oh her thing
is so wet, the boy is wearing bling
INDIAN RIVER ROAD passes everyone
in their lane, cake prevail
as she wait to exhale
try proceed
at high speed
but her pie need
to slow down
this boy ready to go downtown
while she move her thing around
Can get a dose of P DIDDY
it can be growth to a city
become a great fan
and make a band
and have global quotes
for local folks
she wanna make a hot escape
but like a crop of grapes
it'll have to be juicy
so lyrical wise
stuff increase in physical size
COULD UTTER a loud cry
he'll be so proud of pie
he slaughter min-skirts
and that turn on plenty waterworks
because a girls thing be wet
mere pride in my rhyme
and cheered from the sideline
so boo lets take a ride sometime
no we may end up in the backseat
once a boy attack he skeet
then a girl get a baby
situation be wet and crazy
and one girl let the gravy
stay in her panties and maybe
that got her pregnant
cheered by her arrival
appear her pie maybe tribal
one boy wanna take her to dinner
willing to wait for a cake a winner
complete vapor
on a sheet of paper
when we talking love letters”
anyway she was on a subway train
and as you know love play games
listening to Hip Hop true tunes
plus she had two spoons
in her purse she drink a coke
then started to think dope
this boy walked up squeezed her hand
had a tease plan
he wanted to explore this female
in more detail
her beauty soar and prevail
when he search for queen
he uses the touch screen
to zoom in
when her perfume spin
his nose and end
up buying a rose
and trying to close
the room door
oh a black Soul Sister
go through a lot blister
a boy's eyes
they wanna toy with pies
“OK BOO we on a choo choo train
but he do maintain a drop top pain
to shine because of the ice cream
paint job so dust stick
he need her pie crust quick
she should break him off chick
is fine
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