Black Poetry : Have facts and questions // but after an attack of indigestion // went to bed early // the hair on my head curly // snoozing too much // and losing to


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May 11, 2006
make me think //
my cake is pink
oh, PUERTO RICAN girls //
go through lot in this world //
and VIRGINIA BEACH is the outlet //
and no doubt under my skirt is wet //
oh, boys in VIRGINIA BEACH try //
for pie and panties my breasts fry //
me and one boy was kissing //
in the backseat we were listening //
to a whack beat he wasn't missing //
my lips at all was moving my thing twisting //


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May 11, 2006
he's having the best luck //
time to jest duck” //
“AW girl you got sweaty //
PUERTO RICAN thighs ready //
to be open as a token //
the backseat will be broken //
oh, my thing gonna be damage quick //
I'm one sandwich short of a picnic //
this boy ready to flick my bic //
he's rubbing and loving the phat //
lips on my thing now a wet stat //
boys love it I get that //

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