Chief Elder Osiris : Have Black People Written Off Reparation As A Lost Debt ?

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    Have Black People Written Off Reparation As A Lost Debt ? :idea:

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Here is one of the Myriad Problem with Black People, we are in such a hurry to give Respect to others before giving it to ourselves, we are more considerate toward others and is inconsiderate of ourselves, we rather comply with others instructions than to deny that which we have been told about ourselves and all else pertaining to Life Meaning and purpose, we rather Amalgamate than to separate from those that have and still is doing us harm, we rather forget than to remember, we rather pretend captivity is Freedom than to fight for our Freedom and Independence and it seem as if we rather write off a debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors than to Demand payment in their behalf in unity, so I ask, is this the sign of a Thriving and up coming Intelligent Black People in the world today, especially the United States Of america World ?

    Beloved, have you ever stop and wonder why it is that an unquestionable debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, is so unpopular with the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors and the world, and I invite you to observe the way most of us behave in such a way toward that debt, as if we wish it would disappear from the Radar Screen of the Black Minds that advocate Payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Debt?

    Have you ever wonder why it is that there is so many different takes on how we should involve ourselves in pursuing our Enslaved Ancestors Debt of Reparation and how so many of us have transformed ourselves to become the prime victim in the cause for pursuing Reparation and what our motivation is for becoming involved in the call for Reparation, which end up being purely monetary selfish, as we see ourselves with a big fat check to be used as we see fit in america or wherever ?

    So, based on the validity of those questions, then the primary question to you remain, which is, Have Black People Written Off Reparation As A Lost Debt, a debt that do not need to be pursued, and is it that we have a wish that it would just go away, and that we should just let the Past bury the Past, concerning the action of Chattel Slavery, which was imposed upon our African Ancestors in America United States, not to mention the other part of the Planet World, and that those that continue to keep Reparation alive, would just go away as well, meaning what happen to our Enslaved Ancestors is no longer important, and those that continue to keep it alive are now labeled by other so call Black people as being Racist ?

    So tell me beloved, is in the Mind of Black People, it is Racist to point out the evil and injustice we have and now is suffering in the world, and it is Racist and an unjustified Prejudice to be suspicious of those people that have a history of oppressing Black people, and to demand Freedom, Justice, and Independence, for the Black World, is a Racist and Unjustified Prejudice act, coming from Black people in the world today ?

    So I ask, is Reparation a new social demand for Justice coming from a people that have without question been abused by others that are formed into an organized Government, which benefited from the Enslavement of Black so call Afrikan People ?

    Tell me, why is it that Black people have such a compelling compulsion to protect and defend the very source that caused the Condition of Afrika and Black so call Afrikan People you now are in observation of, right now as I write, speaking to you today, yet those very same Black People will argue you down that such is a Normal Behavior coming from them, yet in the field of psychology, there is a clinical Diagnosis that have been associated with such a behavior coming from such victims that have a strong love for their captors and you tell me that Black People are psychological Sound, as we embrace the religion of our oppressors?

    No, No beloved, how can we be Mentally Sound operating under a Mind that is not ours and we refuse to acknowledge such a Divine Truth, because we are incapable of doing so, because Black people are Mentally sick, operating with a Mind that give you no cause to know that you are supposed to be self protecting of our Black selves and not a self abuser, which is what Black people are today and it is all because we now have been made to become a psychotic Black People, hating our Black Selves while loving our oppressors.

    So, again I ask, Have Black People Written Off Reparation As a Lost Debt, you desire to know what I Think in regard to this question, my answer is yes, because we are not Mentally qualified to understand how Sacred Reparation is and is not meant to be abused by those who pursue it for Selfish individual gain, making it to cease from being Reparation, as it Relate to the Enslavement of our Ancestors, meaning we have Written Off Reparation As A Debt that is related to the treatment of our Enslaved Ancestors.

    The biggest stumbling block in the Road of Reparation happen to be those of us that is in pursuit of it unjustly so, meaning we really have written Reparation off as a Lost Debt, because the inaction of Black People as a whole, verify that to be the fact of the matter of Reparation.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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