Black Spirituality Religion : Hauntings in the Hood

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    My 6 year old son is up at my mothers house for a month in East Orange, NJ and the other night something got knocked over and he saw what knocked it over but vague on what it was a little too frightened still. Before that he was just kind of afraid of being at my moms house at nighttime. He is not to happy about being there at night. So I started to look for any reports of area hauntings for East Orange. Somehow it clicked along the way in all my searching in general I never have really seen any reports on hauntings or anything that were reported or documented in any of the urban(hood) areas in the country. Maybe I missed them but I don't think I have a few others have noticed this as well. I was wondering if anyone has done any investigations or heard any reports from the inner city? I would imagine the amount of activity in general on some parts of various hoods in the country may lend intself to concentrations of negative energy and even some places that would make your blood run cold.
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    Well, it is said that children are more receptive.

    And I can agree with you that "hauntings" in Black neighborhoods are not publicized or discussed amongst us or the media. But, you'd think with our enslaved history in this country, there'd be plenty of African American restless spirits about in rural and urban areas throughout the country. :?:

    Now, often we are aware of such but just don't talk about it. If the spirits are benign, often people have ignored them. If they're malignant, people quickly MOVE! (lol) ----A former co-worker of mine (in her 50s) said she was talking to her mother one day about an old house their family used to live in when she was a child....She and her sisters used to see people walking around the house late at night.----When she asked her mother about those people, her mother told her, "Chile, that house was just loaded with spirits but me and your father didn't want to scare yall. So we didn't tell you the truth."