Chief Elder Osiris : Hate Can Be Vitreous

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    Hate Can Be Vitreous

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Here is one of Black Folks major problem, and we have such problems because we have been conditioned to look at life through religious eyes, those eyes being those of Black folks oppressors, so what Black Folks (some of us) look at and believe, is not what it appear to be, and is not what it is, to looking eyes.

    To vilify Hate, is to deceive the Body Life, and it require for you to present a lying spirit, so to quench such emotional expression is to verify the vanity in your behavior, so Hate become a part of the necessary expression of life, because it reveal a heighten emotion of acceptance of things that are not promoting the Greater Good for Life enjoyment, not for individual selfishness, and not for the collective all of life self.

    What is success, well there is collective success, which succeed in promoting the Greater Good for the collective all, and there is individual success, which promote the individual wants, the former is Divine and the latter is individual egoistical vanity.

    There is no Divine virtue in individual success, because it is all about getting what you want, in order to satisfy the vanity of your ego, and you will do anything to appear to be individual successful in the eyes of God, which is the eyes of a vain and deceiving world, a world that thrive on being conspicuous, giving off the worldly accepted appearance of success.

    Success is as beauty, it is in the eyes of the beholder, which depend Divinely on which eyes you are using, in order to be able to observe what is in your view, certainly not God eyes, because only the religious God is given to have eyes, in order to be able to look at how you are living your life, and it is the religious God that has been created by the acts of Lucifer.

    So the emotion of Hate and the appearance of Success can mean different things to different people, it all depend on what level you are qualified to See beyond looking, because on the carnal level of life, you look through the eyes that can deceive you in what you perceive to be the truth of that which is real to you, and such is vain perception and not Divine conception.

    Not to Hate in our fallen state of being, is not to have a Divine concept of life, the lack of having the use of the ability to Hate, now that we have been given justified cause to do so, it now put no restraints upon what is to be receive as being acceptable in life and permit you to have no restraints in what you accept as being in the Divine interest of life collective living, because one individual life has an effect upon the other life, because we are all blinded in this revolving action of life, making what effect you, to affect me.

    So to Hate is to imply that you look beyond the superficial appearance of success and see the action of your spirit that caused that appearance of success, because it is your spirit that reveal who you are, and since your spirit does reveal the quality of your mind, then it is the quality of spirit you express, that is need to be observed, and not the physical appearance of your claimed success, and you do so, in order to make a Divine decision about the quality of spirit used to gain that success which you are projecting in the world.

    So if the use of your success does not work for the benefit of the collective all, then such a success work to the detriment of the collective all, and it is that low quality of spirit that come from such vain success that is entitle to be Hated, making Hating Evil, to be a virtue to be practice by the life of the Divine Thinkers, you who are in this evil world but is not of this evil world.

    So success is not about what you have individually accomplished and materially accumulated in life, it is what you have caused to be collectively accomplished in the hall of Justice, for the benefit of the collective all, and not for the vanity of the individual egotistical self.

    It is religion that cloud the mind and blind the eye that is capable of seeing that which is True and Real, religion deal with the perception of life, as has been so defined by Lucifer, and not God, meaning that Lucifer is religion God, and that is why you make such reference to the religious God to be looking at you and to be approving of you, and to be disapproving of things you do in life.

    We tell so many lies about the Divine Essence, as we reduce that Divine Intelligent Energy to the level of a religious God, telling lies about God being the helper and reason for your vain success and using such a success to mean that God is in approval of what you had to do in order to give off the appearance of Success.

    So in believing that, then you can conclude that God also is in approval of the hardship of life that you experience, since you imply that God only help those that help themselves in order to do what is necessary to obtain the appearance of vain success, making the religious God to be a selfish vain God that has favor among you who are in the religious world of lies and deception.

    Hating Evil is a basic principle of requirement to loving Divine Acceptance, (righteousness) it is a conflict in Spiritual expression to make claim that you do not Hate Evil but love righteousness, such a claim only bear witness to you being selfishly dishonest and is a practitioner of lies and is performing acts of deception in the world, making you to be a part of the lying evil world as well.

    When you are revolving on the mental level of your Mind Divinity, you harbor no thoughts for material possession for purpose to project the vain and profane appearance of success.

    Divine Success is a way of life, a way of life that display a Divine quality of Mind, which reveal a Divine spirit that cause you to work for the life Goodness for the collective all and such a Spiritual expression is not to be made manifest in the Religion of your selfish vain egoistical spirituality, which love to be judged by the ability to reveal your conspicuous consumption of material and outward appearance and to be praised by a carnal religious world.

    Such a spirit of action need to be hated for the false appearance it project before a dying, hungry, diseased, deceived, and oppressed Black World, no Greater Good can come from such a false appearance of life individual success, approved by the God of Religion.

    The Divine Essence is not in need of being consulted in order to plea for vain success, and most certainly the Divine Essence does not consult you for anything, because we have nothing that the Divine Essence is in need of, therefore the Divine Essence does not interfere in the life that you have caused to be for yourself.

    It is the Body temple in which your life reside and it is the Divine Essence which has given to you to have, and not the life that is acted out from that Body Temple.

    So whatever you do with your life , is what you and not the Divine Essence cause your life to do, but the Body Temple remain Divine, through all of either the Greater Good that your Life Represent or through all of the Greater Evil that your life perform, all having nothing to do with the Divine Essence interference in your life decided decisions.

    So to Hate Evil is a vitreous act in defense of your Life, to love evil or to do nothing against evil, make you to be Good For Nothing But for your Deceiving Religious God, the God of vengeance against those that violate "HIS" Commandment.

    Life is not about accumulating conspicuous success, it is about living Divinely, which represent the Divine Reality of collective acceptance of the All, each being in succession to the other in a Divine Environment that is absent of Naive Reality, which promote individual success based upon material possession and religious persuasion.

    To depend upon the vain persuasion of Lucifer moral equation, concerning the required spiritual expression, which is so deemed to be the Law and violation of Law for your life, which has so been established by Lucifer, using his religious doctrine to condition and deceive the Mind of Black People, about what is deemed to constitute success and Hate.

    Such reveal the level that our Divinity has been reduced to be, which is on the Human Being level, full of vain glory and the arrogance of vain success, such being the level that Lucifer is in authority of and most certainly control today.

    Lucifer having you to believe as he will have you to believe about God and Life, and what is required of you, regarding such action and what he have you now believing to be a moral responsibility not to hate evil, as Lucifer has so defined hate to be, in a religious world, a world based on lies and deception, a world you have been conditioned not to Hate, for fear of your religious God retaliation against you.

    How Low Has The Mind Of Black People Gone To Be, No Longer Qualified To Think Anymore, Just To Believe About That You Do Not Know.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
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