Black People : Hat off to the “other fathers”!!!

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    Often we hear about the dead -beat fathers, rarely about the do – good fathers and even rarer still the adoptive fathers. However I would like to mention and give shine and thanks to the “other fathers” yes the fathers who were not the seed planters per say, you know – the daddy (did it), yet have accepted full responsibility of being the fathers to the daddy’s seeds (children). It is a wise and wonderful man who would have love of life itself no matter if he personally produced said life to willingly take on such responsibilities of parenthood.

    For a man (he who takes control) to accept a pregnant woman and read to the unborn and massage the mother and make sure the mother has everything she needs to bring in a happy and healthy baby (when said baby is not from himself) is worthy of Godhood status no matter what the race or nation of men. God meaning master proves how such a man has mastered his ego and insecurities to give such unconditional love.

    To have a man accept a woman with child/ren whom he was not the daddy of and provide unconditional love and support for is equally as worthy of the Godhood status. To these “other fathers” you are truly more precious and rare than the Earth’s best mineral and I will others join me in giving you your much needed shout outs!

    You are indeed the reason behind the meaning for saying “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”

    Much Love,
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    :hearts4: Happy Father's Day to all fathers: *first off to my man for being a wonderful father to my daughter*; surrogates; Big Brothers; Step-fathers, and Grandfathers:spinstar:

    Your presence is respected and appreciated:love:

    Much Love:grouphug: