Black Poetry : Has the Negro been told he may still be a slave?


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Mar 19, 2001
Blak children stand
in lines/
to pledge ALLegiance
led by
conformed minds
constructed to construct
the destruct button
in the AFrican mind
and the teachers don't even know it
because they/the teachers are products
of their environments
the ED you KKK ation
of America the free
the home
of the brave did anyone
ever tell
the blak/african/they
may still be slaves?

[mind entrapment]
on a voluntary basis]

US history - not taught -
U.S. history fed on a silver platter
with a wooden spoon
but all the children
are thinkin' bling even the wood
sounds good
brainwashed into brachial pulses
that beat because of
or through Oh MISSION
"Oh say can you see...."
not with the wool
pulled over our eyes
by blak hands / sheep
of the culture herders
origins of blank minds
again still keep US
searchin' for the whys?
and forgetting the
rest of the ALPHAbet
not keeping the end in mind
yet living for immediate
of the hood.....
layers upon layers
upon layers of
self hate coats the
eyes of the misguided
which divides us into
US and THEM when we
are all the same hue.............
yet buy various FA BRICKS
of different colors from those
selling our CUL ture to us via
their capitalistic Killture
not giving a da...m...n how their
apparel/shoe/rap record
pressed and distributed by their
company/ is bought / sold / stole
just "get on that corner and
get me my da...m...n money!"

I wonder if the negro
has ever been told they may still
be slaves?

(c)2001 blakverb
dayum, blak...

it be da start of da week, bro-man. yo' **** be deep already.

yeal, dey been told. but dey don't UNDERstand...can't compreHEND what a brutha be saying 'cause dey don't see no ball and chain holding dem down...can't relate to invisible chains in da form of words that cause worries that force EVERY one of us into cages...stalls of woe...NO. dey don't know like you know.



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