Black People : Has Racism Been Defeated?

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Has Racism Been Defeated?

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  3. If you liberate your mind it doesn't exist.

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  1. kemetkind

    kemetkind Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Oct 8, 2005
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    I was contemplating this assertion made in another thread and spent some time today honestly trying to evaluate what evidence supports it.

    It was hard for me to find any.

    Even in places like DR Congo, on the surface it appears we're slaughtering ourselves with no white folks in sight, but if you look deeper you see the same evil folks behind the scenes stoking and funding the discontent for their own material gain. I read so much about the Congo last night what I found sickened me...literally...I could not sleep for the mental images.

    The other part of the racism is defeated argument asserts you can simply liberate your own mind and then racism has no bearing on you anymore...i.e. stop thinking that racists have any power and they won't, stop thinking that "concept" of race exists and it won't.

    I was talking to a HIGHLY successfull and brilliant sister about this today (Spelman '95, M.D.), and she expressed incredulity that many sane black folks have this reality, and insisted in her circle, none do.

    But given our Black middle class appears mostly silent on these issues, I'm wondering is her circle really representative of well-off black folks?

    I'm curious how many here think racism has been defeated....or can be defeated merely by changing your individual outlook?

    I've no desire to browbeat those who believe this; I'm just curious as to how many of us are thinking this way.
  2. Blaklioness

    Blaklioness Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Oct 30, 2005
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    Racism exists as long as we allow for its existence by either feigning its nonexistence, failing to recognize all of its forms, and/or having a defeatist mindset. Indeed, it exists but only does so because we are currently not playing the Black side of the chessboard.
  3. NNQueen

    NNQueen going above and beyond PREMIUM MEMBER

    United States
    Feb 9, 2001
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    For what it's worth...

    It's my opinion that there is such a concept called "race", albeit man-made. It's a word that was created for a purpose and given a definition just like all other words in any language. Among other possible reasons, the term "race" was created to distinguish and group people according to their physical appearances. As such, people can choose to identify themselves according to the construct of race or not. It's voluntary. However, the concept does exist and is a part of modern man's reality and at some point, none of us can deny it has had some real impact on us regardless of what we think of it. Racism results in discrimination and prejudice based on race. A racist is someone that believes that one race is superior to others. Racism is practiced between people of different racial groups (interracial) and not within the same racial group (intraracial). To argue that there is no such thing as "race" and that we're all members of the human race, although this might be true, it seems futile at this point in our history. Maybe a better approach is not to argue or deny it's existence but to fight whatever power and affect it has on us in the form of racism.

  4. Keita Kenyatta

    Keita Kenyatta going above and beyond PREMIUM MEMBER

    Feb 7, 2004
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    In as much as race as a definition is man-made, it is also a physical reality. I therefore can not and will not deny that race is "actually man-made" per se. The very idea that there are genetic, biological and spiritual differences from a scientific and medical reality will not allow me to say that race does not exist.

    Why can't I eat what another race can eat with the same results?
    Why are my biological needs different than another race?
    Why is it that I require a different medical analysis than another race?
    Why is it that my blood is not the same?
    Why is it that I physically function differently than another race?
    Why is it that I psychologically function different than another race?

    To deny race is asking me to dismiss a whole lot of things for the comfort of someone else...I can't do that. In fact, I have reached the point where I should be asking; PROVE TO ME THAT RACE DOES NOT EXIST?

    Racism is a false supposition based upon a false reality by a false people...and they have manifested it in every facet of life. We therefore can not deny a reality that they have made manifest. We therefore can not deny that the destruction of racism...aka white supremacy also means the destruction of them as a people. Why? Because they can not and will not allow themselves to physically exist without this false reality that dictates that they are the supreme of the human race. Therefore destroying one means destroying the other...but as they say; "As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end"...and they [email protected] sure wasn't here !!! So I don't know why we are so hesitant to bring the "end about" by any and every means possible.
  5. Isaiah

    Isaiah Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Jun 8, 2004
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    Brother Kemet, this is a great questions - and it will lead to some serious Atoms crackin' up in here, because it is not nearly as easy to answer this question as it appears...

    Firstly, as one who does not believe in RACE, then I cannot BELIEVE in the existence of such a thing called RACISM... I may use the terminology, as that is the convention, but I don't believe, as it were, in the existence of racism... I believe that the word racism is too puny, too all-inclusive of all the peoples of the world, and their prejudices and biases, and seems to connote the idea that WHITE SUPREMACY can be engaged in by all...

    There is only one group which benefits from it's prejudices and favoritisms in this world, and that is Whites - they are White... RACISM is a word that connotes that all people can engage in it, and be equally hurtful to one another... WhITE SUPREMACY is the Term which connotes and DENOTES the SUPREME POWER to effect, affect, and impact on social, political, and economic institutions, not racism, which can be engaged in by all - by it's definition...

    That is the problem African people have run into when using that terminology to address WHITE SUPREMACY... It is as if we are afraid to use that terminology when addressing White folks, and their terrible treatment of people of color... It is placing the blame squarely where it belongs, and no one likes that... I found this out in 1991 when as a Union Rep, I used this term to describe the actions of a Department Director where I worked... A year later, this statement was used to terminate me from a position I had held for 10 years - though 18 months later I was re-instated with full back pay and benefits... Even the Personnel Director and his Assistant Personnel Director, both so-called Black Men(?)rallied behind this white boy to fire me, and proceeded to try and lecture me when I returned to my position...

    Again, I believe RACISM should not be used to describe White Supremacy... It takes White Folks off the hook - in my book - in terms of taking full responsibility for their ideology, and makes everything look, as Malcolm X would say, even-steven when it comes to matters of so-called race...

  6. Bisabee

    Bisabee Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Apr 4, 2006
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    Racism, which is a practice, has not been defeated. Racism is based on the FAKE social construct of "race." White people created the construct of race and then created racism. Not believing in one does not negate believing in the other. In other words, white people implemented and are practicing something (racism)that benefits them enormously and it's based on a fake concept that they, not surprisingly, have a vested interest in believing and nurturing.
  7. ShemsiEnTehuti

    ShemsiEnTehuti Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Aug 28, 2006
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    Florida, USA
    It Will Never Be Defeated...

    The only way to defeat racism would be to utterly eradicate all White (and almost White) people from the face of the Earth, and construct a deprogramming and reprogramming for African people in the Diaspora and Continent. Considering how egregious such a feat would be, the most we can do is group together the progressives amongst us to build something better for future generations. Others will follow suit if we become self-sufficient. Some will not, and are simply beyond saving.
  8. Blackbird

    Blackbird Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Jan 31, 2004
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    Professional Hitman
    Da Desert, literally

    That reminds of what one of my elder mentors once said. He said, "We are a perception people; we won't believe unless we see it." That's why I am, along with a few others, constantly working towards developing something tangible for our people. This is what we must do. Be focused on buillding institutions and the process of civilization-building.

    Blackbird (flashing the dark wing across his face and disappearing again)
  9. mrron

    mrron Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Jun 23, 2006
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    The question is "has racism been defeated?" Yes! it has pretty much been defeated. It still exists, and manages to limp around as if it were still big and bad. But for those of us who are mentally strong and know who we are, racism has been defeated, and will continue to be defeated until it is completedly eradicated.
  10. roarin1

    roarin1 Banned MEMBER

    Sep 12, 2005
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    And it never will.

    This is the truth OUR People must accept in an opportunistic society. This society cannot survive without a purposed under-class.

    To eradicate crime itself from this society, would be an immediate death sentence pronounced upon it.

    Their leadership knows it, respects it's 'condition' and makes provisions for criminal activity, because it benefits it's greater good. Always has.

    The only question that remains for US is, do WE accept their assertions or, reject them outright and endeavor OURSELVES to build upon sanity in favor of Love for OUR People.

    There is no 'Love' in accusing 4yr-old children of rape (for example,) that's psychotic.

    Racism is simply a 'tool' of an evil empire and as long as that 'empire' is powerful, why would it deny itself ANY of it's own weapons?

    Hmmm, only the foolish would believe in this society that racism could ever be remedied.