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    Has It Not Occurred To Us That What We Have Been Doing Is Not In The Best Interest To Protect Our Black Body Life?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    I do not need advice from a fool when I am on a journey to embrace the Wisdom of our Ancient First Way Ancestors, and the operable word here is, FIRST.

    I share Divine information with you, not as a hard salesman, but with the ease of a floating feather, and I let you determine the value of its worth, seeking nothing from you but a return by you to our Divine Mind, and all else is folly to a vain egoistical, envious and jealous mind.

    Such a profane mind being in use by Lucifer the Human Being and his devilish satanic angels, we who do not know who we Divinely are, and fight the Divine Truth for no reason to be Divinely enlightening.

    It is such Profane Vanity of Mind that move through life serving as your executioner, having nothing to share with you but that which you have already been inoculated with, which is a profane Mind that is incapable of knowing the Divine Truth, and it is only the Divine Truth that is qualified to free the Divine Mind and let it operate freely to be the Guide of your Black Body Life.

    Such is what I share with you, the Divine Truth, knowing that maybe, just maybe there is somebody Black out there who will be able to recognize such a Humble Truth, that which does not force its way into being the information needed to bring Harmony, Order, and Balance to your Black Body Life.

    Beloved, it take a wise Divine Mind to be a Divine Guide, and all else not of such a status, you are to protect yourself from, because they are disguised assassins, out to maintain the present status of the Black Body life, by shooting you with the same profane information that has prove to be the sustaining viral infection, that which have our Mind full with the disease of lies and acts of deception, as they say, giving to you to profanely feed upon, the “SAME OLD SOUP, JUST WARMED OVER”, never been proven to be nourish able, to our Black Body Life.

    Listen Beloved, come, no really come and take a journey with me on the road of Divine Reason.

    Beloved, here we are today not knowing what Time it really is in comparison to the Life stay of our Black Body Life on this planet Earth, which can not be argued Divinely other wise.

    So,and if we do not know the correct Time of our Black Body Life experience upon this planet earth, then in no way do we know the Time for us to stop being a fool for those who have taken our Divine Mind away from us Black people.

    Because, without our Divine Mind, the only information we have about all of this we now been conditioned to look at, is from Lucifer the Human Being, and such a Divine Truth can not be Divinely refuted.

    So, if, and when we do not now know the Divine Truth about our Black Body Life, then how in hell can we be the dispenser of that which is Divinely True.

    Only the Divine Truth is capable of lifting us up back to the status we came to this planet as Divine Beings.

    Divine Beings we are, and now been made to believe to be Human Beings, and as I have shared with you, the Human Being brain is wired differently than a Divine Being Brain, and it is that organ the brain, out from, there arise the method of Thinking, and Thought is the Mind, beloved, and how we Think, it mean everything to our Black Body life.

    So, if our Thinking been reduced to believing, which is an indication that somebody other than your self is doing the Thinking for your Black Body life, then the information you now are getting from a mind that only believe, is information that is coming from Lucifer the Human Being, and the Human Being Brain is not wired to be a producer of Divine information, and it is Lucifer the Human Being he who caused our fall from our Divine status in the world.

    So today, most Black Body Life is now operating under the authority of a profane Mind, and it is the profane Mind that has been trained and calibrated to be enemy to the Divine Truth, and such a profane Mind is out to maintain the confusion that is produced by Lucifer the Human Being Mind, having you to believe that a lie is the truth and that acting deceivingly is normal.

    Beloved, here we Black people are, in this day and Time, being fed the same information over and over, each Time a new window of Time come, it is with the same deceiving information to be given to your Mind, and the mind that we now wear is not our Divine mind, so you rebel not.

    So, we like robots, eat without complaining, because we do not now know the difference in living Divinely and living profanely, we are told to believe that one status of Mind is not attainable and the other in our possession is normal, the other meaning the profane Mind.

    So, when someone come along claiming to be so concerned about your Black Body life condition, and is feeding to you nothing that you have not already been fed, and that food is what keep your Mind to be of the mind of Lucifer the Human Being, believing only that which is redundant information, then you are a victim of lies and deception, being led politically, socially, and religiously by angels of Lucifer confessing to be Black Folks leaders.

    Leading us where, most certainly not to our Divine mind, so that we can see what it mean to be free and joyful in life, without pretending to be happy.

    Because you must be able to see, our Black Body life today is in pain and misery, and has been so for a long, long Time, being sustained by giving to us the same information over and over again, it not being of the quality to change Divinely our Body life living condition .

    So, it is that redundant information that has been proven not being with a goal to intelligently remind us of the Divine information that we now carry and is being held in suppression by profane information, and it is that profane information that keep the Black Body Life from rising back to the level of Divine Thinking.

    Not any more, because Divine Information has come, and now is available to all who desire to know, and not believe, concerning the Divine Essence, the Universe, and about our Black Body Life self.

    Divine Thought is Knowing and not believing, and only Divine information is in company with divinely knowing, beloved.

    Experience is our Master Teacher, and experience has taught us that for the last Five Hundred Years, Black people in America Diaspora, have been fed information that is tainted with a virus capable of developing cancerous belief, that which will and does maintain the Mental sickness most Black people now suffer.

    Therefore, it is Lucifer Mind that give to you nothing new to feed upon that will cause your Mental recovery and will allow you to see and not just look at what is all around your life.

    You must be able to see the difference in a Divine Truth and Reality and a Lie and deceiving illusion, which is lies and deception that now is the path that our mind now believe upon.

    So no beloved, do not allow those who have nothing new and is of the ordinary, influence you into making believing choices any more, because you now are in a new window of Time and the Time is for Divine Enlightenment, and not continued profane stagnation.

    So, if I am not mentally equipped to share with you information that is Divine, which you have forgotten, then what use am I to the cause of Freedom for our Blackbody Life?

    It is freedom, independence, Sovereignty, Justice, and Joy for our Black Body Life that we desire for, is it not?

    Then beloved, stop eating the same poison information that come from the Time of our Fall from our Divine mind.

    Such diseased information we now feed upon, and go ahead and look all around you and at you, and attempt to see all that has and still is happening to your Black Body life, and tell me that you see a well nourished Black Body Life standing starring back at you, from the mirror of life, no you can not, because your diet mentally, has not changed in Ten Thousand Years and more.

    Yes today, the Divine Truth has come, and you have many made to be fools among us, attempting to get us not to go back to the Mental diet that you came here with, a diet of Divine information with a Divine Mind, beloved

    Black Woman And Man, Reclaim Your Divine Mind!!!

    I Come And I Share That Which Is Divine Information, You Either Recognize Or Remain Confused, You Decide.

    Be Kind To Yourself, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    no, it hasn't occurred to me....

    when ur intention is to purify the soul

    the responsibility of the body is left to GOD

    GOD can have the body, cause little me don't know the way, only GOD does

    when u don't have a "best interest" it's easy to let go and let GOD

    a fool is as a fool does, and a real fool thinks they are above the true mayor of the universe

    mercy is when u let them think what they want to think

    and furthermore (well actually moore can't get no further, but that's besides the point)

    a best interest would indicate the collective goal of a political party and again the desire to be politically correct to fit into a collective group and still submitting to being an object, the subject of a collective objective goal, and this is clearly not of the divine essence, it just shows the misuse of the subject, and the inability to be subjective