Black Education / Schools : Has college changed you?

I found out four things in college:

1. There are too many Black Middle Class and Upper Class folks pretending to be ghetto at these schools.

2. College is full of Black Male homothugz, I took this dude wallet in front of his girlfriend and he did not even do nothing. Straight homo. College dudes sell you out hard when they are with their frat ****, and when they get solo they show their skirts.

3. College is an overrated, coorperate machine, that can devour you, if not approached with the proper direction.

4. College is really a culture shock from people from the streets, you never realize how people portray the hood so badly, until you go to college.
Well I didn't not really think through the decision to go to college nor did I want to. I graduated from high school as a Junior and started taking summer classes in college because I was in Upward Bound. 5 1/2 yrs later I'm still not done, have student loans that'd make a law student cry, and found that a lot of what I thought was me was not actually me, but someone else definition of success. So I am here and almost completely unaware of the real me. Yay me.


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