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I'm new on tha block and I must say that this is a good thread for young teens like me who have yet to experience the life of college. In the fall I will be attendin Jackson State University Honors College. This thread kinda helps understand the dos and don'ts. I have a lil bit of experience because I live in a college town and my BF is in college. I've seen some of the things that happen in college and I somewhat understand the pressure. For bf graduated wit a 2.4 and couldn't play football his freshman year...but he got it together in college and now he has a scholarship and he made the Dean's list at AAMU! It kinda goes to show that you can have fun in college but just do what you gotta do. It helps alot to see someone you care about handle it in that light because it makes you wanna do tha same. I appreciate that thread ya'll!!!!!!!!!
Wzup Daroc, In a sense I wouldn't say college changed me, but at the same time I am growing into a man (so I guess you can call that change). When I started to go to USC I came there the summer before my freshman year, on this academic program that offered us the UPPERhand in knowing about the campus and also taking a two classes to be ahead of the crowd. So when the school year started, I was pretty laid back and just watched how most of the rest reacted. First semester went by pretty smoothly, met new friends, got into the all girls dorm on the regular, and kept the dean's list. SECOND semester, we had the opportunity to pledge the great PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, ironically I didn't pass my two easiest classes (due to neglect). So after that it really crushed me on the inside, coming from high school with a 4.2 and graduating in the top 10% of my 2002 class. Needless to say I lost my life scholarship. From there it just seemed to be on a very slow decreasing hill. First semester sophomore year, I came out of my shell, and was a bit more open, even managed to pick up a girlfiend, take on a part time job, and be an active fraternity member. Grades were back up par. Once again second semester is always a different story. for the most part I did well, but I found myself sleeping alot more than usual. So now I'm going into my Junior year, and like in high school the last two years hopefully will be the best. College has shined some new light on how people really are, so called friends, love/lust/relationships, and most of all that the high school smarts don't compare to college. So for the incoming freshman, my words of advice is to find a good CONSTANT/ROUTINE study habit, and college might just be alright for you.
ok i need some advise on majors and career stuff

i was pre-med- but the sciences have got the best of me last yr. and over the past months my interst in history- African American Studies(AAS) has grown. so now im debating on changin my major to history and persuing a BA in AAS when i go to main campus(emory university). but....i kinda sorta dont want to end up being a school teacher or a college professor. i kno those arent the only jobs availabvle with a history(AAS) degree- u can be a lawyer, jouurnalist, psychologist, public relations, socialist and more- but im not really sure if i want to be one of those jobs- i kinda want to be more of an activist- but i gots to get money from somewhere. and i have to start somewhere. i love learnin about my culture and history- and even if i dont change my major that is not going to stop- but i dont want to not change it due to me not really knowing what ( type of job) is going to come from it. i dont want to get down the road and hate my job. but i was also thinkin- that i shouldnt really be concentrating on the job aspect yet and just try the major first and see what falls into place....

so if anybody can give me some advice on this stuff - please i need some.
If you are gonna do something like better minor in something else or do double mjor so you can fall back on something. Unless you have rich parents willing to support you thru your 20's, dont expect that you can "try a major and see what happens". I am not in the US so my education is much cheaper and I could never afford that. Maybe you could double major (or have as a minor) with political science or anthropology. Something to add on top of the AAS. You really do need to think about what you want to do NOW so you cn ask people doing those jobs what kind of degree and education is best suited to that job....then d to it a minor or something that you can fall back on if things dont go the way you planned it.


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