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May 16, 2004
this is for those who are attending and have yet to attend college

yes, and i jus finished my fresh yr. ervy1 goes threw life saying that ur suppose to find urself in high school... i think that instead high school is when u experiment and college is when u test it all(4 some).

through my first yr...i guess i could say i experienced it all. the drama, the party and everythin that goes on there, the nice teacheres, the nasty teachers, the ups and downs of grades, being homesick, loneliness, depression, and the feeling of being tired all the time due to lack of sleep ( o and the fresh 15).

but as my yr came to an end.. i found myself right where i began.Questioning my career( what career- i havent made it yet), my so called frineds, and my goals and aspirations, oh and myself. After everything..all the experiences.I
found that Imay not be the person that I used to be, or the person that I
wanted to become.

So hopefully, if im wise i shouldnt make the same mistakes next yr.(hopefully)

So i ask..has college changed you and if so how..what did u learn, if anyhting,
besides an education?
Hi daroc :wave:

College didn't really change me because I waited until I had matured a bit before I attended. So when I did go, I was focused and had a better sense as to what I wanted to do and wanted to do it fast. Now that I work at a university I've learned that it's not unusual for some young people to be somewhat in the dark as to what they want to do as far as a career goes. If you haven't already, take a career test and see what professions are suitable to your personality. In any event, don't beat up on yourself because you don't know now. Give yourself time, hopefully it will come to you by your junior year.

For most students in their late teens when they attend college, usually it's their first time away from their parents and so the excitement of their newfound independence and freedom does tend to overwhelm them at times. Some students get caught up into things on campus that maybe they otherwise wouldn't if they were still living at home. But again, hopefully you have gotten most of that out of your system during your freshman year and your sophomore year will be different.

Just try to remember why you are there in the first place-- to become more educated. A word of caution though--whatever you do, don't waste your time and money if you're not serious about being in college. College isn't for everyone, definitely not for the weak at heart--but it can definitely be a good means to an end for many. So try not to get distracted with 'drama' if you plan to stay in and apply your energy to your classes.

When you're lonely and depressed....homesick and all, that's a good time to be with a good friend, or simply pick up the phone and call home or write family a letter to let them know how you're doing. I've been told that journal writing (diary) is also helpful because you can look back years later and see how much you've grown--and have a few good laughs. If it gets too bad, hopefully your school has support services where you can go to seek advice and assistance.

Also, one final word of advice--don't develop bad study habits. It's too early in the game for you to be crash studying for exams and depriving yourself of sleep. The average persistence rate for Black students to graduate these days is SIX (6) years!! You'll be a basket case if you're among this population so please learn good study habits. The night before an exam is not the time to pull an all-nighter! You need to be rested for your exams. For every number of credits you take, you should study one hour. So for example, if you are taking a 3 credit course, you should spend a minimum of 3 hours each week studying the class material for that one course. So you see, you don't have a lot of extra time to blow off doing other things that may be less productive.

Many of the things that you will or can learn in college are things that are not taught in the classroom, as you will soon discover. College offers a huge selection of social activities, for sure. But I'm sure your family is looking forward to the day they receive that graduation invitation so they can watch you march across stage to receive that diploma. Give them a big cheesy grin when you do! :D

Peace and here's wishing you all the best! :toast: (glasses of lemonade)

Queenie :spinstar:
My first year of university taught me some lessons. I was 19 at the time and fresh outta highschool where my cumulative average was about 67%. I did not goof off, but was not able to handle certain courses. I had those I did really good in and a couple I failed mostly due to the exams. I was on probation but no one came to me. I went to them half way thru second term to ask what to do to get off probation. They told me I must have "slipped thru the cracks" cause they were supposed to offer guidance. They siad it is too late to change up my courses so I should just "try hard". In the end I got dropped from my course and none of the profs would change marks at all.

In Ontario, if you get booted from a course, you cannot re-enter that course at any school for 2 terms, so I moved to another city and did the same course. They rejected me at first so I did my first year courses as an independent student and got admitted off those marks. Those experiences got me in gear and I taught myself how to overcome some of my problems and be a better student. I matured alot in that first year and a half after graduating from highschool.
I would have to say college didn't change me becasue I didn't let it. I went into college knowing and remembering all those things that my mother taught me at home and I knew that this was my one chance to go away from home and actually show my parents that I can be independent and responsible. But don't get me wrong I had my fun...going out to clubs and parties..hangin with my girls until like 4 in the morning, but I think you can have fun and do your work at the same time. I did. but you always have to remeber why you are there and what comes first. So just don't let college change you and that may be easier said than done, but just definitly stay on top of your grades and find good friends. Oh and I also have to add that when I went to college it really help me find who I was. I think being away from your family allows you to figure out who you really are because they are not there to tell you what to do..your basically on your on. So..all in all my first year went well!


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