Chief Elder Osiris : Has Black People Resign To Be The Dunce Of The World?

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    Has Black People Resign To Be The Dunce Of The World?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    It is apparent that something is not natural about Black people today, when you see a people who is dead set on justifying their state of oppression and who patiently and ignorantly intelligent desire to be white rather than to be Black, and we attempt to rationalize our present behavior and living status we Black people occupy in the world, and call it just a natural progression of life and to justify our weird behavior toward each other, we quote Darwin Survival of the fittest doctrine to justify the competitiveness between Black people, and we say all of that we do to ourselves, is the way God intended for it to be.

    Any Black person who can not see the illness in such a reality about the way we are forced to live and behave in the presence of our life living condition, then we are Black people who are incapable to Think, and to Think rational about the quality of spirit that we are displaying before the world today and it has no regrettable effect upon us, none what so ever..

    As a matter of fact you will have some Black people who will attempt to challenge this Divine Truth that I am sharing with you about our abnormal behavior that we are displaying today in the world.

    The type of spirit we are displaying in the world, is that of consent in the presence of danger, the danger being that we have full confidence in a system that has a history of numbing the mind of Black people, so much so, until we have developed a mental immune system of believing that the way Black people are living today is exactly the way life has meant for it to be lived, and we have resolved to submit to such a life style and relate to it as being an exhibition of normalcy.

    How sad and pitiful of a people we Black people have become, in comparison to where we have come from, a distance in the past that hold the Divine Truth about the people we are descendants from, yet we know nothing about them, because to know of that Time, require for Black people to be in possession of our original Divine Mind way of Thinking, which we no longer do, today.

    Here we are today sending out attention on everybody and everything to give off the impression that we Black people are a people full of love and compassion for everybody and is concerned about everybody in the world, and will go out of our living qualification to lend a helping hand to every and anybody.

    The problem with such a love and compassion among Black people for everybody and everything, is that it clearly demonstrate the fact that Black people have resigned to be the world dunce, the world Fool, and we seem to take pleasure in our stupidity in the world.

    Anytime a people have been through as much hardship and abuse, coming from the world, and has shown that we are incapable of showing the same kind of love and compassion toward each other, as we now show concern it clearly indicate what a dunce we have become as we are under the spell of a religion that justify the present behavior Black people express toward each other, which is much, much less of the type of concern we have for such an evil world.

    The fact that Black people mind is not the Mind of our First Way Divine Ancestors, we take delight in the mind we now have, which is a mind that does not compel Black people to get up off of our self sacrificing behind and fight to save the life that should mean more than an evil world to you.

    Such would be the spirit of a people who are in love and is with respect for themselves, but not Black people, we just love to be distracted by any and everything that will take our attention away from the reality of our life living condition and our status in the world today and we have learned relate to such a behavior in such a way that it imply that we are doing God will.

    Woe!, Woe! is unto you who violate the First Law of the Universe, which is to be self protective of the Nature of your life, A life given to you by the Divine Essence, to be revered, respected, and protected by you, the one who is living it today.

    Never have a people been so mentally discharged from protecting themselves than those people running around in the world claiming to be anything the world has told them that they are, and Black people will enter into such dumb debate over the very things that verify our irrationality, when it come to us assessing the state of condition of the lives of Black people in the world today, and we relate to our present status and condition in the world, as being natural, just the way nature intended for it to be, so we say, what a pity and a shame we Black people have become under the weigh of our self ignorance..

    Take for instance the type of issues in the world that attract Black folks attention and the things we say when discussing those issues of today and yesterday, never relating to those issues that we need to give our attention to, in a Divine and Realistic way.

    We respond to those issues affecting our lives as we do, just the way that the oppressors have conditioned our mind to believe about those issues we involve ourselves with today, which 99 per cent of the time has no relevancy to the cause and effect that has the living condition of Black people in the way it is today, as Afrika and the Black Afrikan die each day, away from our need to fight for the Liberation of Afrika and a United Black Afrikan Nation..

    If I have shared it with Black people one time, I have shared it with Black people a thousand times, there is no more important of an issue that demand the attention of Black people than Reparation.

    Reparation when defined correctly and understood how it is to be used by Black people, it is an issue that Black people can not bring themselves to be intelligent enough to see the relevancy of such an issue is to our Liberation.

    Reparation is the solution for us regaining our self respect by pursuing such a sacred and Divine issue as Reparation, which is to Black people, our salvation, but Black people have been made to be a fool without self respect based upon the condition of Afrika and a Divided Black Afrikan Nation, as we refuse to come face to face with the issue of Reparation, an issue if pursued and made to be obtained by Black people, it will be instrumental in directly bringing salvation to our profane Mind today and have such a Mind to Think Divinely about ourselves once again.

    Such Divine Thought coming from our Divine Mind will have Black people to know that Afrika Truly Is For The Afrikan and The Afrikans Must Become a unified Black Nation once again in Afrika and only a Dunce will reject such a Divine History of Black Afrikan People And Reparation is qualified of having it to happen again, Afrikans being in Command of Afrika and knowing the power that Black Unity will bring to a United Black Afrikan Nation.

    A people without self love and respect is a people been made to become mentally dead, zombies walking around pretending to be alive, as we depend upon the very system that is responsible for our zombie life style today.

    In a Divine Mind Thinking, there is nothing more important than protecting that mind life, and you do so not by being guided by the Human Being Mind, a mind that now have Black people justifying our present state of oppression, and indicating that Obama has come to bring about a change, not to the living condition of Black people, but to America, the prison in which Black people reside docilely patiently, waiting for our physical demise, because Mentally, Black people are already dead.

    Any time Black people put up a defense for staying in America and give off the impression that we can not do a better job in protecting and respecting our lives than what we are experiencing in America and by America today, then you have Black people who have resigned to be the dunce in and of this evil world, with a reputation of lying and deceiving Black people about who we are, and the fact that Black people can be comical in the face of our oppression, it become evidence that the Mind of Black people today, is not the Mind left to us by our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors.

    So what does this Divine Truth mean, it mean that Black people will remain as is, and that Afrika and the Black Nation will continue to be the divided and self confused Black people that we are, while we continue to show no shame about what and how we have allowed our Mind to become.

    Black people now justify the present spirit that we today display to the world and we relate to such a spirit as being that which is expressing a sign of intelligence, when in fact, based upon the present mental condition of Black people, the type of intelligence we display today, is ignorant intelligence, an intelligence that now deceive Black people into believing that God is coming to save us, in according to the oppressors religion has taught us to believe today about God and our Black Human Being Selves today..

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    I read all of this and really loved it.

    I believe in REPARATIONS.

    But, I do not understand the last part. I've been through great persecution with this government and it was not the white man that I was facing, rather, it was African Americans in support of this government that I faced.

    Therefore, my belief in 'God' the Creator to deliver me is strong because, I believe that if it had not have been for certian black people in the first place, then it would never have been white supremacy. I beleive white supremacy came from black people and without a higher power to judge those kind of black people in support of such evil, it will never end.