Chief Elder Osiris : Has Black People Been Addicted to Failure Rather Than Winning?

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    Has Black People Been Addicted to Failure Rather Than Winning?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In the arena of competition, winning denote Victory, meaning reaching the goal of which generated the competition, not by degree, not in fractional intervals, not half way, but in the action of completion, you enter a race not to just say that you competed and that is all that matter to you, no, you enter an exercise of competition to Win and if not, that mean that you have been conditioned not to take winning to be the higher order of accomplishment and if you buy into such a flawed philosophy of Life that has been forced into a position of competition, then you no doubt must be Black and out of Mental practice to Think. meaning you have placed your life in a situation to be used by those who set the curriculum for your life, the Black life in particular.

    So the question, Has Black People Been Addicted to Failure Rather Than Winning?

    Such a question is a valid one when the target group happen to be Black People, because it has been proven to be the fact of Black people lives involvement, that the life of Black people is of such a condition that it warrant an action to compete against the injustice that is exercising authority over the lives of Black people and now have Black people lives under the control of those that determine whether Justice or injustice will be acted out to Black people and whether Freedom or failure will be a life option for Black People and which will Black people be in pursuit of for their lives.

    Here in America United States as it is known to the world and how it is that Black people came to be considered Black Americans, in and Of The United States, en-mass, to answer that question Truthfully, you will have to address the fact of America involvement in the Enslavement of Black Afrikan People and to have corral them into an institution known as Chattel Slavery.

    So it is That Truth alone, is what activated the action of our Enslaved Ancestors to engage in a competition with those who had Enslaved our Ancestors with the goal being their freedom, nothing more and nothing less and many of our Ancestors pursued their Freedom without compromise.

    Not today does Black people give off the Sense of Mind that express a desire to be Free from America or anywhere else we are on this planet, free and united I make reference to, and over the long period of Five Hundred Years of America United States confinement, there has come to be a Mind replacement in the lives of those Descendants of those Enslaved Ancestors, those of us who now have grown addicted to America way of life injustice, and treat such a spirit of injustice expressed toward us as being acceptable, which is what does not move us to desire to be free.

    So what do we do in America, we celebrate our effort of failure, we get more excitement from failing when ever we attempt to do things that are to promote a Mind need of Unity more than we do when Divine Truth come into our midst informing us how we actually appear in the world by being so content in the present status we are in the world today and that is a status of complacent failure as we attempt to justify the low status of Mind we now have guiding us Black People today.

    In America United States, every custom, every tradition we celebrate is a celebration of our failure of not being free and united in Afrika, in the United States of America and elsewhere Black folks are celebrating our failure instead of Afrika Freedom and the Afrikan Unity of Mind, a Unity Of Mind that will produce a United Black Afrikan Nation.

    Listen Beloved, every Time we make an attempt to glorify our Black selves by attempting to justify our adopted Tribal differences, we verify a act to justify the failure of Black Afrikan People Division and a Divided people are a weak and indecisive people and where there is indecision there is an act of failure to reach a decision about that you are indecisive about and it is such failure that verify our Tribal difference of which we glorify.

    Tell me beloved, is Nature so vain and indecisive to the level it is not qualified to to reveal ourselves as being natural distinctive unified groups, each of a verified distinct phenotype without subdivision into vain unnatural tribal diversities of a natural grouping?

    Tell me, what is it that take precedent over Nature Formula for Ethnic grouping, is it Nature , is it Nature ability to produce the oneness in the likeness of the composition of the group without there being a natural diversity, or is it nature lack of ability to produce internal diverse of shade and features within the natural group phenotype remaining unified oneness, absent of a created Tribal custom and traditional division, which is not of natural cause.

    Beloved, Tribalism, absent of the oneness of freedom such dynamics are the representative of failure among Black People and yet we celebrate and embrace such failure and you wonder why it is that Afrika and the Black Nation is in the state of Mental condition we are in today.

    Such a celebration of our failure is a verification of the lost knowledge we have and now experience, about our Black Afrikan selves, we who no longer know anything about the Divine Nature of our Being, we who are the representative of the Infinite Shade of undetected illuminated Eternal Energy, an energy manifestation we refer to as Night, Darkness, and now Blackness, all implying the power of the Infinite Essence, that which is Divinely Infinite Intelligent, an intelligence that neither trivialize nor tribalize its action when producing that which is physical and nonphysical.

    We have become a confused vain created Tribal Black Afrikan Human Being of a people, a people who know nothing about the life we now have been forced to live, because the life we now live and make claim to believe about, is the life we played no part in creating for our Black Afrikan selves, so what ever we been made to believe about ourselves, is done so with the Mind of the Human Being and not with the Mind of our Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors, they who were not subscribers to the ways of life of a Human Being, they who confess to be born Liars and Deceivers, clothed in the vanity of their profane Ego, Envy, and Jealousy.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved?

    We now celebrate our life failure and despise the thought of winning our Life Freedom and that is why we despise the call for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, Despise The divine truth being shared about ourselves, because when the issue is Reparation, it represent the Ark of our Black Lives Salvation, Liberation, Freedom, Justice and independence enclosed with Justice, for a One Unified Black Divine Nation, so to fight for those principles to be enjoyed by the Black life would mean we would need to fight to win and winning respect and dignity for the Black life is not a part of the present day Black Afrikans agenda, because our failure is what we celebrate today.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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