Black Authors : Has anyone ever made money from their poetry?


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Apr 4, 2002

I havent made any money off any of my poetry yet, but i have received an email from this publishing company and they were willing to publish me. I havent made my decision yet as to whether or not i want to go along with them, until i find out more about the company. The website is, if u wanna check it out.

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Jan 12, 2006
Thank you! I appreciate it.
I love your avatar!
I know that most companies don't take too kindly of poetry.
alot of them ask for money upfront and a publishing company should never ask for any money.
They shouldn't get paid until you get paid.
What pisses me off is this one poetry publisher local here in chicago , the ceo and me were suppose to meet several times before her company blew up!
She kept standing me up .Now I can see if she saw my work and didn't like it but she hasn't! Now that the company is doing well all of sudden she's informal and has another poet that I use to support at their powetry spot as the co editor or whatever. She sent me this informal email like she don't even know who she's addressing.
I use to blow they spot up when I went!Which was just about every week!
Chicago I love you but there is no support here well here there is:kiss1: but up close and personal brother or sister get a little recognition and their nose goes up in the air.
That's one of reasons I stopped performing,paying my money to give entertainment that's free.Now don't get me wrong I'll spit for free anytime and support but don't play me! Trust if I ever make it I'll remind you of it!
Thanks again girl and good luck:kiss1: :kiss1:


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Mar 21, 2001
There are a few here who have publish their work and making ends meet
i am in the works to do it also with AuthorHouse or maybe someone else
i too have been contacted from a few would be best to self publish
anyway to get better returns , there is a few of us here working on a project
of collabs of poetry to publish together .

That's true once they get the feel of you then here they come
poetry is a never ending spin yet so many turn from poet's
without ever seeing our work .......

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