Black Spirituality Religion : Harmachis is; Sphinx is not

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    Sphinx is the corrupt Greek word and not the symbol or name for this "African" artifact.

    There is a greek stature of a woman with breasts this "is" the sphinx. Greek men thought females were evil. They felt the most perfect love was love of a man. Hence their acceptance of homosexuality [i.e. Alexander the Great].

    She "the fable goes" stood on a cliff and asked everyone who passed a riddle:

    What crawls in the morning on all four; walks in the afternoon on two legs; and then walks on three legs in the evening?

    Wrong answers got a strangle and push over the cliff. The greek word "Sphinx" means to hold/to strangle.

    Odeipus solved the riddle: man as an infant, adult and elder. He then returned to his village--killed his father and married his mother. Sigmund Freud erroneously used this backwards analogy in his Odeipus Complex Theory [i.e. desire of a male for his mother].

    The African Harmachis is the son of God who sits as a lion with a man's head. The concept is on a higher level of consciousness, according to Anthony Browder -- man's ability to control his animal instincts.

    Anthony Browder
    "Browder Files"


    Also, JA Rogers wrote:

    "The oldest and most noted statue in the world bears the face of a Negro. It is the Sphinx of Gizeh, which was worshipped as Hores, or Harmachis, the Sun-God of Light and Life. It was erected about 5,000 B.C.

    "100 Amazing Facts About the Negro with complete proof, Fact #47