Black People : Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich

most of the whites you see walking down the street had their roots set here after slavery....and their parents came her with not much.

Foood for thought.

You need to go review the thread on 'white privilege' and research the author

Slavery never ended<<<<<<

It was just renamed and reorganized. Slavery-Vagrancy laws-Jim Crow/segregation (legalized terrorism) -the war on drugs-mandatory minimum sentencing, defunding of education for the public. These are all forms of slavery and strategic economic warfare against African Americans, and all have contributed to the economic situation of poverty stricken black americans. Not all Blacks live in poverty ftr.

White immigrants were poor , criminals, and gangsters when they came to the US. Because they were white they were given jobs in Law Enforcement (Italians), Fire departments (Irish),and wall street (jews) . This is known as white privilege.


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