Black People : Hard Work or Hardly Working? How White People Got So Rich Part I

Very good and lets not forget that blacks in harlem during the 1920's had self sustaining communities especially with the numbers racket and the irish mobs and italian mobs took over the racket with dutch schultz and lucky luciano. Simply put the italians and irish simply became white and was awarded privileges over blacks and they harassed the black community as blacks were regulated to the jim crow laws.

Interesting, you say that because 'the numbers' racket took place among black folk in cincinnati back in the day. Cops and the lottery shut that down.
Slavery didn't really end after the civil war. It was just called a different name: "indentured servitude/laborer".

More like sharecropping and incarceration.
Slavery is a form of servitude, the most base form of servitude.

Employment is a form of servitude as is an oath, corvee, and many other forms.
So, how did all those white immigrants like Italians and Irishmen rise up? It certainly wasn't by owning slaves since the time they started arriving was long after slavery had ended. And it also wasn't because of their white skin since their Catholic faith put them at the bottom of the ladder in our oh so Protestant America. So, how do you explain that?

gov subsidies...provided by the labor of our people.


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